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  1. Yes I would love to know what the actual thinking is here. I can only speculate and any ideas that I come up with really makes no sence.of course some will continue to pay I mean play but my guess is that far more will not. I know I will not...
  2. When does the Panorama actually leave it’s berth and head west?
  3. I too am an early riser, I found the slots on Carnival(west coast) open at 7 am not open all night... has this changed? Princess casino slots are available all night
  4. I was on a princess Alaskan cruise a year ago my wife and arrived about 10 minutes early to the evening show, the venue was already near capacity and the entire lower and middle levels were batting around 20 or so balloons. What fun! Never seen that before in my many cruises.
  5. I fully enjoy waking up that first morning knowing that the entire cruise is ahead of me.
  6. Appreciate the input
  7. If I purchase say $500 worth of cruise cash well before the sailing date, do I then need to post a credit/debit card or additional cash to open my cruise account? thanks for any info john
  8. In the past when I sailed the Inspiration/Imagination the ship left port at 5:30 give or take.. muster drill was 4:45ish...Now that the ship departs at 6:30,right in the middle of early dinner, when is the muster drill now held? thanks
  9. Does any one know if the Splendor is doing its usual route this week or has there been some modification?
  10. Love the Fantasy class, I have been on larger ships (not the super mega ones) and I have a real affinity for the Fantasy class... there is no better set up, for my money, than sitting in a comfortable chair on the promenade with a latte watching the passengers flow by
  11. No yogurt no bagel and cream cheese?!?!!
  12. I too just received an offer invite as part of the invitation it talks about participating in a prize of 30k in free play does anyone have details on this or past experience johj
  13. Can one get a latte at the atrium bar? if not what is the closest location to the atrium where a latte can be purchased oh and how early does the atrium bar open?
  14. Where is the best place to have a latte and people watch
  15. Thank you for the review 2? How was the internet re speed and reliability and the cost? also did you make it into the casino curious about the variety of machines and the video poker and video keno
  16. JGB

    Grand san fran

    Appreciate the data, may arrive around 10:00 10:30
  17. Due to circumstances beyond my control I may be arriving at the pier very early...I realize boarding will not happen till nearly noon but what is the earliest that I can actually check in? Are porters taking luggage at that time? And once checked in can I pop out for breakfast or must I remain in the facility? thank you
  18. Thank you for your review most appreciated. I will be on the Grand in 2 weeks....Appreciate the heads up on "any time" dinning. Any tips for when there is the least traffic...other than 9 at :evilsmile::evilsmile:night:evilsmile:.:evilsmile:
  19. Request for info.... I would imagine any outdoor Alaska excursion during a rainy day would be quite uncomfortable but I would like to get the perspective of someone who has actually experienced this... thanks JGB
  20. JGB


    thank you all for your feedback I have changed spa appts...no worries now
  21. JGB


    Princess is telling me that we are in fact tendering....no mention docking at 2 pm but that would be nice.24 Aug R/T San Fran John
  22. I noticed in a couple of reviews that the Grand tendered in Ketchican and that there was a problem with timely return tenders. Specifically that there was a significant gap in time between tender return. My question is this..does any one know if this was a one time event or does this happen on a routine basis. I ask because my tour ends at 1:30 and I have a spa appt for 3..if I cannot get back to the ship I not only miss my appt but also get charged for it. John
  23. I am sorry if I am asking a Q that has already been covered...apologies... My wife and I each have purchased a coffee "card"..It is my hat to get up in the am and go get us lattes I hope I can use her card and sign for her as well as use my card. John
  24. If the ship is at a "tender" port I always book through the cruise line...I will pay a premium not to hassle crowds and or waiting in a tender line. A cruise tour automatically goes to the front of the line. For me that is worth any possible extra cost but that is purely a personal decision. John
  25. Curious is room service available right out of the gate on embarkation or is there a delay? John
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