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  1. Thanks everyone! I did book Larry's Limo... I just phoned and Raphael answered all of my questions and I thought the price was very reasonable. Thank you!!!
  2. Thanks CruiserBruce. Yes, I had searched Florida Departures and that's the name/company that seemed to have the most recommendations. Just wanted to make sure before I contacted them that I was on the right track and wasn't overlooking someone. 🙂
  3. Is Larry's Limo the best car service to pick us up and stay with us for a few hours in Fort Lauderdale? Normally I would take a cab or Uber, but need to make a few stops with an hour (or more) at one of the stops and want to feel safe leaving our luggage in the car. Thanks so much for any recommendations!
  4. OK, so I know that there have been posts to the contrary, but the FLL airport testing center evidently DOES allow incoming passengers to be tested. I've spoken to two different people, and had an online "chat" with someone, and each confirmed that arriving passengers are allowed to use the airport covid test facility. I took a screen shot of our conversation but when I tried to paste it here, it didn't work. On my "chat" I pointed out to him that the on-line form only allows FLL as the originating airport and he said "I know". I then asked if I should just not fill that part out and he said "yes", so that's what I did on my form. I still put my flight information and then for the arriving flight info, I still filled out FLL (even thought the departure line also shows FLL). I have a printed out confirmation with date, time and QR code, an e-mail confirmation, and a text confirmation. Also, if you look at the FLL airport facility on the NOMI Health website, there is a box that states "the site is open to consumers that can provide proof of travel plans to or from FLL on any airline, e.g. valid airline ticket, boarding pass or confirmed (paid) flight itinerary. There is a fee for testing at this site: $106 for PCR test; $74 for a rapid antigen test." SO, I hope this helps anyone who, like me, has been obsessing about this testing!
  5. I don't think anyone has asked this, but if so, I apologize for the duplicate question. My husband is in his late 70's and should qualify to get the booster shot mid-late October (fingers crossed). We plan to get our rapid antigen test (if it is still required) on October 26 prior to flying to FLL for our October 29 Equinox sailing. Does anyone know if the booster vaccine will affect the reading of the rapid antigen test? HAHA, I googled this but the information that I found was trying to reassure that if you get a positive result not to worry... Thanks iin advance for any info you can provide. Joanne
  6. Thank you! We are on October 29/November 7 b2b and we can "check in" tomorrow for the November cruise and I was wondering (haha, obsessing) about what to put down for check-in time because I was trying to figure out if we would need to somehow get off and get a test...even though it made more sense for Celebrity to do it onboard for a b2b. Honestly, these days, I just never know. Anyway, your post allayed my fears. Again, thank you! Joanne
  7. On our transatlantic, our bed was near the bathroom, and I did feel the room was larger...the space just flowed right out to the Infinite Verandah, which we really loved. I know that people either love the IV or hate it, but I think maybe because the condo we live in has a balcony that has glass at the bottom and has brick walls on both sides, that is what we're used to and we like being "sheltered" from bad weather. It's the same with the IV. If the weather is bad you can put the top part of the glass up part way and still get the ocean breeze...or even just crack the top a couple of inches. Your entire room is larger...as I said, we loved it. 😎
  8. We've always asked for bottled water and it was always in our cabin when we arrived. Who knows now?
  9. This thread has made me feel so much better about the Vax card my husband has. Mine is the regular CDC white card, but he got his first shot in January before our city/county merged their distribution system with the State of Virginia program, so his card is red/white/blue and says Alexandria.Gov on it, with the stickers showing the lot #'s and dates of his vaccinations. I was worried that it had to be the CDC white card, but knowing how many different versions are out there, I won't worry about it anymore! 😄
  10. Thanks, Irish13. If they told you "up to 30 days" then I won't panic if I don't get an e-mail in the next day or so. 🙂
  11. hursttx, I called 888-305-4626 and the call was answered almost immediately. I had 15,000 points redeemed for my April 4th cruise. They will not reinstate your points, but I already have a cruise booked for March 2021 and they said they would move my redeemed points ($150 OBC) to that cruise. They said I should receive an e-mail in 48 hours...haven't seen that yet, but I think I only rang them on Monday (haha, time is all running together now so I'm losing track). Good luck!
  12. Thank you Underwatr, BklynBoy8 and 57eric, I appreciate all of the info and you taking the time to write! Joanne
  13. Thanks, 57eric, but none in our group is willing/able to drive from VA to Newark. HAHA, sometimes we even go the day before to BALTIMORE and that's only an hour away! 😄 That's another question, although very unlikely, if we were to fly, would Newark be the closest airport to the ship?
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