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  1. My advice to solo travelers concerning dining is request a large table a 10 topper is best in my opinion. This way the odds of meeting friendly and fun people are greater. Sometimes solos get sat alone ask for a change in tables, on ships or dining times that don't have assigned seating and times ask for a sharing table
  2. Ladies - It has been my experience whether it is a crew member or guest that acts inappropriate the cruise line is quick to deal with the matter. There are cameras all over the public areas and crew members who will get security if needed. You should feel very safe onboard. On shore could be another story even if alone on shore stay in areas that have a lot of people
  3. As the cruise industry prepares to reopen, has anybody heard what the new normal might be. Particulary on what onboard life will be like. Well we be wearing mask? How will dining be handled? How about social gatherings i.e. Trivia, dance classes, etc. be handled. Will conditions on board be so restrictive that we would be happier staying at home? What ate everyone's thought? Russ
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