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  1. Booked a 7 day on The Mardi Gras Knew nothing about this offer ,Our PVP asked if we wanted it , $140 for 2 people for the 7 days , We took it ,, Booked a 10th fl balcony room , taxes , grauitys and cheers pack just a little over $2400 for a total cost , We never get cheers , ,soda sticker sometimes , 3 -7 drinks the entire week on average , We are Platinum ,and this is the 1 st offer we have ever gotten
  2. If you are buying the stock (100) shares just for the obc ,,Do what I did ,I bought 200 shares at 22.25 , Once it reaches 45-50 a share again I will sell 100 shares ,get all my $$ back that I invested today ,and Keep the remaining 100 shares ,free for OBC for life
  3. I look for them to sell off the smaller ships ,before long ,,,
  4. Does not happen on the newer ships Dream ,Magic ,Breeze ,Vista ,Horizon ,, We sit in A/C in the theater ,FR ect , 1 reason we won't sail on the older ,small ships
  5. Last time on The Breeze and Vista ,, Once in DR Diamonds and Plats were lined up on 1 side , FTTF and suites on the other side , Ones ok to leave ,Diamonds and Plats went 1st followed by FttF and suites
  6. This is correct , Diamonds and Plats meet in the dining room on deck 3 You have to show your room card to enter
  7. Depends on your check in time , on your paperwork
  8. I believe the no smoking ship wide for the Panorama during fueling in port , is due to it is fueled with LPG instead of bunker oil ,, I could be wrong but I think I read that on here somewhere
  9. Have to be paid in full 45 days before the cruise sailing date
  10. They are about the same , same designer did both ,,The Breeze in the same class is different , It had a different designer , It is very nice ,,, 14 cruises , even on the newer ships , Breeze is the best of Carnival
  11. If you were on the Magic ,It was held inside ,Only the older Carnival ships still have muster outside , The Dream ,Magic , Breeze ,Vista ,Horizon , Panorama are all held inside
  12. Spa cabins are a lot quieter , Less traffic in the halls , The Dream Class ships , Breeze ,Magic and Dream have the best spas,,
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