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  1. 46 minutes ago, teknoge3k said:

    Boarding order is B2B, Weddings, Diamond, Platinum, Suites then FTTF, (then zone 1, zone 2, zone 3, etc)


    FTTF guests can go straight to their cabins. Suite guests must wait until 1:30 like everyone else. They do not have the cabin ready nor do they have the priority line at guest services.


    We always purchase FTTF with our suites until our next voyage when we turn platinum.

    This is all correct  

  2. 5 hours ago, LightCruiser210 said:

    I was wondering if anybody deliberately shows up a little late for the safety drill.  We usually show up right when called, and then end up crammed behind three rows of people on a hot corridor waiting 20-40 minutes for stragglers.  On our last cruise, my Mother in Law (who is claustrophobic) passed out after 30 mins in these conditions, along with two other people in our section.  The “stragglers” showed up 35 mins late and got put right up front and basically spent less time in those miserable conditions than the “good” people who came right away.  I am thinking of waiting just inside the doors for 20 mins or so, so that we don’t get crammed in the back and wait forever for the drill to start.  I have never seen one start before this time anyway.  Has anyone else ever tried this?  I don’t want to be the last people that everyone has to wait on, but I also don’t want to subject myself to that experience again.  

    Does not happen on the newer ships  Dream ,Magic ,Breeze ,Vista ,Horizon ,, We sit in A/C in the theater ,FR  ect , 1 reason we won't sail on the older ,small ships  

  3. 31 minutes ago, rvsullivan said:

    And also suites and FFTF in the same place at the same time!

    Last time on The Breeze and Vista ,, Once in DR Diamonds and Plats were lined up on 1 side , FTTF and  suites on the other side , Ones ok to leave ,Diamonds and Plats went 1st followed by  FttF and suites 

  4. 48 minutes ago, Kudos2Fly said:

    We will be on Liberty for the 4 day. Our Sea Day is our first full day and only Sea Day. So I'll get on as early as possible.  

    Depends on your check in time , on your paperwork

  5. 18 hours ago, SRQbeachgirl said:

    For Dream class ships, Spa balcony cabin because of the thermal suite.


    On any other ship, or if we can't get a Spa balcony on Dream class, then a Lido deck balcony. We love the convenience to the pool and dining options.


    We're making an exception with our next cruise with an aft balcony. It's for Alaska, so we want to spend a lot of time on the balcony with the ability to retreat quickly and often into a warm cabin, plus we don't want to be limited to only seeing what's on one side of the ship.

    I agree with this Sap  Cabins on the The Dream ,Magic and Breeze can't be beat  

  6. We are late 50's ,Tried them once  ,Funeral home at sea ,, Boring , stuffy crowd compared to Carnival ,,Love Boat was shown everyday on the big screen for several hours at a time ,9:30 to 10 PM  No one in sight in main public areas I got pictures of the lobby  , 3 floors no one in the pictures at all , I joked to my wife  , Time for the crew to roll up the carpets for the night ,, and announce bed time for everyone ,,   They do offer milk and warm  cookies every afternoon 

  7. 18 hours ago, farmer92 said:

    Just curious, can’t you “walk off” carrying all your luggage with you as soon as debarkation is allowed?

    After Diamonds ,Platinum's Faster to the Fun and Early flights , They will call by floor number when self assist come down 


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