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  1. 4 months is close to cruise time ,more than likely all ready sold out , Some sell out 6 months in advance
  2. We just use cash at check in ,, for on board purchases , Close the account night before debarking , They give unspent cash back
  3. The Prime Rib best thing on the ship
  4. All the newer ships , Dream ,Magic , Breeze ,Vista , Horizon are held inside ,The older ships are outside
  5. Those responding you take the luggage straight to your room , If you are not Diamond , Platinum , FTTF , Keys are now not in the mail box till 1:30 what do you do with your bags till then ? We are Platinum , but still check our bags , take the carry on to the room
  6. 7-8 day cruises ,we use 1 bag each ,,and 1 small carry on ,,Take half of what you think you need ,, 1 st cruise we toof 2 bags each ,Never used every thing we carried
  7. a line forms on deck 0 for the tender boats ,, Diamonds ,Platinum's and FTTF will be escorted by Carnival personal to the front of the line when they want to get off ship ,, Early to deck 0 ...early off
  8. Worst cruise we ever took ,there was a baby in the cabin next door ,, Cried day and night , Security was called several times ,by us and other cruisers around their cabin , Carnival did give us 25 % off pour next cruise ,, still it was a miserable week .So think of others around you who are on vacation .
  9. 10 cruises never been turned away while in jeans ,, Lot of others wear them to
  10. Jeans and polo is as elegant as I get ,, on elegant night , after 13 cruises , Dress up is a thing of the past
  11. Carnival used two different designers ,1 for each ship ,Their old designer Farcus , did the Magic in the (old) Carnival style ,Las Vegas gaudy ,, The new designers uses tropical colors , pastels , The Breeze has a beach feel to it , Vs the Gaudy Magic
  12. Been on both ships ,Breeze is the best of Carnival ,,Been on the newer ships , and It's still the Breeze ,, The Best !!
  13. Key West wants the cruise ships gone before sunset , So the locals and visitors in Key West can see the sunset , Not worried about the people on the ship seeing it ...The ships block the views of locals
  14. Got twice a day last month on The Vista without asking
  15. We were on The Vista last month twice a day room service without asking ,,No one made me eat at Guys , it about choice's ,
  16. Just off The Vista last month , I was surprised at the width of the hallways on The Vista , They are 10 to 14 inches NARROWER than other ships we have been on , I don't believe a cart , could pass a scooter parked in the hall , 2 normal size people can not walk side by side down the halls ,
  17. Vista is a lot nicer ,with more to do than The Dream Been on both
  18. Shorts are fine in MDR , no one will say anything and you will see others in them
  19. Just off the Vista last week , We had channel 34 , Ocean Trek ,was a good channel , Travel to different port's ports world wide ,showing excursions ect Never saw the same one twice
  20. Last week on The Vista we got the blankets
  21. Think it will be shown Monday night on the big screen ? I board the Vista next Sunday
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