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  1. We took wipes & used them all around our cabin-especially the TV remote & telephone-but both of us still got awful coughs/respiratory infections-& they lasted ages! I think using the stairs/handrails doesn’t help, when you see so many people coughing/sneezing then holding on to the rails? You can’t really wipe these down yourself each time! Yeeuk -a good reason to take the elevators??( but get someone else to press the button!!)
  2. I agree totally! Maja from Serbia was on Davina last Xmas & was a great hairdresser. I was hoping to see her on my Meraviglia t/a in Sept but heard she’s now on Seaside. But her friend Georgi was fantastic also! 2 very talented hairdressers. If I won Lotto I would buy them their own salon- near me!!!!
  3. The hairdresser (Georgi? from Serbia I think) is one of the best around! I had a great cut, colour & finish-better than I get at home
  4. This story of whales is bizarre! We spent ages hopefully looking for a whisker of one! Only saw a flying fish. I feel the whole fishy story was made up-it would have been so much better just to have told us the truth-the real reason-whether it was stormy seas, the need to get back earlier to NYC or whatever. It was the total lack of info that annoyed me & many others on the NYC-Canada cruise.
  5. Didn’t really know where the water came from-window washing or pool -but it was a real p—-in the a— to walk out into a puddle in the mornings! Guest services were pretty poor when we reported it for the second & third times. Our cabin guy cleared it as well as he could but it came back & he was soooo busy with other cabins( lots of very full family cabins as Xmas cruise!) so we didn’t like to keep bothering him! Thus we paddled or avoided using the balcony. Shame really.
  6. We did have a problem with water on the balcony too-we called housekeeping a few times but they were slow in responding so we gave up in the end!
  7. We had an aft balcony on deck 12 over Xmas on Divina. I’d wanted an aft for ages but was rather disappointed. There wasn’t any extra balcony room really. Lower decks seemed to have more space-but Beware!-the balconies on the deck above us were awfully small-hardly large enough for a chair! There was often an oily smell from the funnels ( also noticeable at the aft adult pool) & we noticed more movement than we had experienced in a more mid cabin. It was nice to watch the wake & we could use the “secret” staircase leading upto the buffet restaurant (if we wanted to go there!) but I think that box is now ticked.
  8. Why would we want to book again with RCC.? There are so many other cruise companies out there to choose from. We only booked this cruise because of the itinerary, not the company. The offer of 25% FCC does not really interest us. It expires quite quickly & we have 3 other cruises( not with RCC!!) booked already for the next 12 months.
  9. The broken stabiliser issue from the previous week has not been fixed to be fully operational, therefore it can only compound the issues of bad weather in the Atlantic. Hence we are skulking in the English Channel/ around the industrial port of Le Havre until Thursday. Certainly NOT what we had booked for. Safety is paramount but I feel RCCL are hiding mechanical issues behind using the weather issues as an excuse.
  10. Irrespective of which side of The Pond you live there is surely no comparision whatsoever between the ports we are missing( Boston & NYC) & the ports we are now visiting( industrial areas of Zeebrugge in Belgium & le Havre in N France) If Valencia or Lisbon had been offered to us I would not feel so aggrieved but sadly they are nowhere near our departure port of Southampton, so have never been part of the discussion for Navigators changed t/a itinerary. RCCLs paltry offer of 100$ obc ( or less depending on cabin grade) is actually somewhat insulting. I would like their written reassurance they are being totally open & honest with us & that the failed stabiliser issue from last weeks sailing is not affecting our itinerary, coupled with the storms. Safety is paramount, but honesty & integrity are also a requirement from RCCL to their customers.
  11. You jest! Done well!!!!?? Exchanged Boston & NYC for Zeebrugge & Le Havre!!??? Plus a paltry 100$ pp or less OBC!!!???? I will exchange Jewel for Navigator & chuck in a RCCL pen as well if you like as further compo! 😡
  12. If you see no difference between having booked a cruise to visit Boston & NYC & instead having a changed itinerary to visit 2 industrial wasteland ports just over the English Channel- then I wish I had your rose tinted specs on. I will exchange Navigator for Jewel if you like! You can even have my paltry OBC of 100$ 😡 I fully understand adverse weather conditions can alter ports visited, but after all the mechanical issues with the stabiliser Navigator had last week I am left feeling that RCC are not being totally honest & open about the need to stay in the English Channel from 5th Nov until Thursday 8th (including staying in Le Havre overnight) Hopefully someone from RCC reads these posts & will realise that customers need open & honest dialogue in events such as these. If there is still a problem with the stabiliser that could compound the rough sea conditions then for goodness sake be honest about it please. Safety is paramount, but so is honesty!!!
  13. Celebrity Eclipse cancelled similar Northern T/A route 3 or 4 yrs ago & went via south via Caribbean. Lots of disappointed folk then too. We were on the same ship & taking the same N Atlantic route exactly 1 year later & it was like a Millpond-warm & sunny in Boston & NYC even in November. It’s a chance you take. Other ships are changing their T/A itineraries also for this weekend & next week. Who wants to risk dangerous storms mid Atlantic? Not me!!!
  14. Yep, the ghastly industrial port of Le Havre is no compensation for Boston or NYC. Understand safety issues, but really, an overnight stay in Le Havre!? Surely there could be somewhere better than that to go to. Please do not think it is near Paris as some folk believe, it's 3.5 hrs away on a coach. Zeebrugge isn't a brilliant port either, but at least it's near Bruges.
  15. Check the navigational weather charts/storm forecast again! Looks pretty bad to me...35ft waves, no thank you! Dont want to spend any time in Le H but ratger that than be in those conditions. Jewel & Silhouette have also changed their transatlantic itineraries, so there must be some dangerous conditions coming.
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