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  1. In our experience the taxes have always been included in the stated price. We book through a US TA who is very generous to us while still collecting Regent’s required fare. I know other cruise lines quote the price without govt taxes but I have never seen Regent do that. I am sure others will chime in. Good luck.
  2. Good for you. Hope you enjoy as much as we are.
  3. We get off on Monday. If you are boarding the Mariner you are in for a treat. Great crew onboard. Have a wonderful time whatever Regent ship you are boarding.
  4. We are on the Mariner and it is a great ship. Spacious and enjoyable. Crew is outstanding but we find that to be true on all Regent ships. We like the all inclusive as the decision to spend has already been made and I don’t get frugal about choices. if your budget can swing it the Penthouse category is well worth it. It is very bright and roomy.
  5. We currently are on a repositioning cruise on the Mariner. It is not part of a Grand Voyage or world cruise. The energy onboard is the same as other cruises we have taken. The crew seems happy to not be doing Seven day cruises and not having swarms of children onboard... The service is excellent. The mood is relaxed. We love it. For us you can’t beat Regent.
  6. They are currently still using plastic bottles of water as one leaves for excursions on Mariner.
  7. One of the things I like best about Regent is they have always as far back as Song of Flowers which I know wasn’t Regent made sure passengers took water off the ship with them. I felt taken care of, like there were concerned about my wellbeing and that I stay hydrated. I guess I’m just a simple soul. We have two empty plastic bottles with us which we will take on the ship.
  8. We spent our time in Israel as Hot Root did. It worked out very well as we didn’t waste a great deal of time going back to the ship. It also allowed us time in the evening enjoying Jerusalem eating the food, wandering around and seeing some of the sites lit up at night. Well worth it.
  9. Thanks everyone for the info. We appreciate it. We will let people know what occurs on the Mariner.
  10. Thanks RJ and TC. Am hoping for plastic bottles. Maybe we will bring 2 empty plastic bottles from home.
  11. We were wondering about the containers used for taking water off the ship for use during excursions. We have heard they have a new water system onboard that eliminates the use of plastic bottles.
  12. Jackie I am following your every word. Thanks for taking all the time to do this. You are doing a great job! Tell Dennis hello and wishing a fast healing.
  13. When we have booked a cruise with Regent with our TA within a few months of departure we have been told they could not accommodate air travel. This has happened more than once. The cruise that prompted this thread fell into that category. We have no problem doing our own air.
  14. This was offered without air at the time we booked it. Perhaps that is why the price we paid almost matched the current offer. However it all feels a little hazy just not worth pondering over it. Must be the heat. I usually go after every last cent.😉
  15. Update on price reduction on cruise. Before calling TA I decided to do some arithmetic on my own. I pulled out my invoice and compared the savings price to the price I had paid. Turns out it was about the same! No need to call TA. She had managed to get that price for me when I booked 2 months back. Maybe that special existed then and I didn’t know it. Just proves once again it it is always wise to work with a good TA. I should have checked numbers before reacting on Cruise Critic. Thanks for all the help! .
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