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  1. Just want to update an earlier comment I made about FCC. Our $200 that was withheld from our refund from our cancelled cruise last October was found and applied to our booking for October 2022. No problem with length of time or anything else.
  2. FYI, Regent is not forthcoming on the FCC. We cancelled our October 2020 cruise well in advance of final pay. The $200 was withheld as usual. We booked a 2022 cruise on Feb. 10 and Regent still hasn’t “found “ the withheld $200. Not a big deal but fair is fair.
  3. Our refund finally appeared at Am. Ex on June 11 for our cancelled April 29, 2020 cruise. We are waiting for the arrival of the check from Am Ex. We had cancelled the card in the beginning of May to avoid the hefty credit card fee as we are not currently traveling. Am Ex was very helpful in helping me monitor the refund. i do believe Regent did not need to drag out the refund process as long as they did since they cancelled our cruise on March 14 and we immediately requested the refund. Thank you Susie Q for this wonderful spread sheet. It was an immense help.
  4. I just looked at my Regent account and see that it doesn’t show any of my past sailings. My recent recent sailing was December 2019. Am wondering if anyone else besides Pappy had this happen? Also concerning as we are still waiting for our refund from our cancelled April cruise.
  5. I’ve tried the travel agent route. No success. I even spoke to a very helpful Regent agent who got her supervisor to contact accounting. The agent was aware Regent would lose the October booking from a very Loyal Regent customer. Bottom line. It is what it is. Accounting is going in order of the cancelled sailing date which was April 29. Nothing is going to change their process. (At least nothing I have access to.). Just wish the credit card renewal hadn’t come up when it did because it is currently cancelled. This makes calling to check on the credit a bit of a
  6. We still have not received the refund submitted March 15 th for our fully paidApril 29th Cruise. Because of that we will likely cancel our lovelyOctober cruise before penalties start in June. Am sad to see it go
  7. Thanks Susie Qft if you see this. I didn't realize how close we were to the penalty period of the cruise. I was only focused on final pay. Since Regent owes us tens of thousands of dollars from the cancelled April cruise I certainly not about to trust them with more of our money.
  8. We are booked on LA to LA in October currently scheduled to go to Mexico. In my happy dreams it becomes a US West Coast cruise and takes place because it is all US. With no air travel for us. Everyone needs a fantasy in these challenging times.
  9. Sail date: April 29, 2020 Regent cancelled March 13, 2020 We cancelled March 13, 2020 Nothing received to date: May 11, 2020: We are paid in full for a significant sum. (as are many others) Many thanks for doing this
  10. Thanks Pcardad for the reassurance. I am dropping the worry for now,
  11. Thanks TC. I had given up looking at that thread. I will look now for encouragement.
  12. I did call am ex. They said that if a refund came back they would send us a check. What made me uncertain was Pcardad saying Regent would receive an invalid notification for the account. I haven’t seen where anyone has received their refund from a Regent cancelled cruise. Silly me I still daydream about taking the October cruise we have booked.
  13. Thanks TC for the reassurance. It is ironic about the platinum card. I just couldn’t see investing $550 in it at this point. Maybe that was a mistake.
  14. Thanks Pcardad. I didn’t realize anyone had gotten a full refund for a Regent cancelled cruise. We were to depart April 29 and Regent cancelled cruise March 13. Am Ex reassured me they would send me a check if funds came in. I didn’t realize the card would show up as invalid. Our renewal came up at a bad time.
  15. But on a simple level what are the chances we will receive the thousands of dollars for the cruise we missed? ?? On top of that we had the monies refunded for the travel insurance we had on the cancelled cruise. Never dreamed we might not get the money back from our much loved Regent cruise line. And one week ago we cancelled the Platinum card we used to purchase the cruise.
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