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  1. Thank you Wes, Labonevie, Portolan, DaveFr and Lew. I am very grateful for the info. I knew I could count on my fellow CC people. I will investigate further. Lew, your experience is a little discouraging. We too use Travel insured but at our stage of life it almost costs as much as the cruise. Ann
  2. Awhile back several people posted extensive Information about travel insurance from credit cards. I was saving the Chase information in anticipation of getting the card. It included a wealth of info from the supplier of the insurance. Obviously I didn’t do a good job of saving it as my daughter managed to trash it while “helping” me with something else on my IPad . Is there any chance someone can steer me to the info? Chase is no help as I spent an hour trying to get a live person at Chase to help. We are about to book another cruise and would like to be able to use the card. I tried a search on CC but nothing came up. With high hopes I shall keep checking back.
  3. Our many thanks Forgap for your brilliant advice about the passport renewal. Ours were returned in two weeks. We were amazed. Now we need somewhere to go.
  4. We have purchased insurance for the amount of the deposit which gives us everything but the full cancellation price should be decide to not buy the full cancellation policy upon final payment. We will review the credit card possibilities at that time. We will then decide wether to rely on a credit card or buy full insurance. This way we have the pre existing condition waiver coverage. We have had occasion to use the cancellation portion in the past. My husband is more of a risk taker than I am and suggested self insuring.😧
  5. Thank you one and all for the additional info. It is greatly appreciated. Forgap, for some reason the Chase info does not show up in your post. I will try sending you a message. Ann
  6. Thanks Forgap and Lady’s Mom for the additional info. Steve suggested IMG for us. Our deposit is about $1,500 so that should cover necessary insurance. I will purchase tomorrow. Deposit was June 18 so we are still within waiver time period. I will also look into Chases’ $ 95 card. Am done chasing points at this stage of life. I appreciate the timely help. We, too, love Steve.
  7. Thanks, Ronrick. If it comes up again, I will remember that.
  8. That is an interesting strategy Forgap. Maybe we should consider the Chase card. Do you know if the whole trip needs to be on Chase? Also do you mind my asking which insurance company?
  9. No need to reply. Steve just found me from my unanswered call to him. He is amazing. He told me to let everyone know he is alive. He is traveling and will email me my quotes. I can relax now as I know I am in good hands. There are a few travel insurance companies that have a 21 day look back waiver for pre existing conditions. Hopefully they are not the most expensive ones.
  10. I recently booked a cruise and want to purchase insurance in the period allowing for a waiver of pre-existing conditions. We always purchase from Steve at Trip Insurance Store but the phone just rings. I assume they are still in business as he was just on Cruise Critic last month but are unreachable. Does anyone have any other suggestions if I am not breaking any rules with this question . We are at day 15 from purchase so I may be already too late. Thanks for any help
  11. Thanks 2012. I am not sure where I got that impression . Our son and family just moved to Tucson.
  12. We would be glad to sponsor you but I think we need to be on the same cruise. We have never done this before. Can you check into it with Regent?
  13. I have complete trust in what we will experience onboard the ship at sea. I am sorry to have alarmed you. We love being onboard Regent and are looking forward to the two cruises we have booked. I poorly expressed myself. The way Regent of today handles the business end of things could use some finesse . We go way back to when it was a small company and things were handled differently. Fortunately for all of us being on a Regent ship is the happiest place to be for many of us. please forgive me. I tend to have strong reactions🤭
  14. We have been on several Artful Traveler cruises. They are a wonderful addition. They add an enrichment to the daily program. We have taken advantage of lunches with the presenters and smaller gatherings in the lounges which can be very popular. Just ask your travel agent to add it to your booking. That way you will feel more a part of the group and have info sent to the suite. They have a desk set up near the front office. You can stop off there and get additional info. One of ours had to do with Broadway entertainers. The performers were outstanding. Another focused on political forecasting. A third focused on Cold War country experiences.
  15. I am sorry to hear that Regent treated you in the manner that they did. It disappoints me in my thinking of Regent. I would not like them treating us like that. I do not find it surprising with the company Regent is today. Given their high end client they would be wise to rethink their current customer service approach.
  16. Just want to update an earlier comment I made about FCC. Our $200 that was withheld from our refund from our cancelled cruise last October was found and applied to our booking for October 2022. No problem with length of time or anything else.
  17. FYI, Regent is not forthcoming on the FCC. We cancelled our October 2020 cruise well in advance of final pay. The $200 was withheld as usual. We booked a 2022 cruise on Feb. 10 and Regent still hasn’t “found “ the withheld $200. Not a big deal but fair is fair.
  18. Our refund finally appeared at Am. Ex on June 11 for our cancelled April 29, 2020 cruise. We are waiting for the arrival of the check from Am Ex. We had cancelled the card in the beginning of May to avoid the hefty credit card fee as we are not currently traveling. Am Ex was very helpful in helping me monitor the refund. i do believe Regent did not need to drag out the refund process as long as they did since they cancelled our cruise on March 14 and we immediately requested the refund. Thank you Susie Q for this wonderful spread sheet. It was an immense help. Now we start waiting for the deposit refund from an October cruise we cancelled a couple of weeks ago.
  19. I just looked at my Regent account and see that it doesn’t show any of my past sailings. My recent recent sailing was December 2019. Am wondering if anyone else besides Pappy had this happen? Also concerning as we are still waiting for our refund from our cancelled April cruise.
  20. I’ve tried the travel agent route. No success. I even spoke to a very helpful Regent agent who got her supervisor to contact accounting. The agent was aware Regent would lose the October booking from a very Loyal Regent customer. Bottom line. It is what it is. Accounting is going in order of the cancelled sailing date which was April 29. Nothing is going to change their process. (At least nothing I have access to.). Just wish the credit card renewal hadn’t come up when it did because it is currently cancelled. This makes calling to check on the credit a bit of a burden.
  21. We still have not received the refund submitted March 15 th for our fully paidApril 29th Cruise. Because of that we will likely cancel our lovelyOctober cruise before penalties start in June. Am sad to see it go
  22. Thanks Susie Qft if you see this. I didn't realize how close we were to the penalty period of the cruise. I was only focused on final pay. Since Regent owes us tens of thousands of dollars from the cancelled April cruise I certainly not about to trust them with more of our money.
  23. We are booked on LA to LA in October currently scheduled to go to Mexico. In my happy dreams it becomes a US West Coast cruise and takes place because it is all US. With no air travel for us. Everyone needs a fantasy in these challenging times.
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