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  1. And who is supposed to pay for all these Covid tests in advance of departing from home for a cruise? Some will say that if you can afford to cruise you can afford the test. Others will say medical insurance will pay for it. But who pays for the dedical insurance and this "abuse" of insurance will do nothing but cause medical insurance rates to rise. Cruising with the restrictions proposed, particularly wearing a mask, is not the way I want to spend a vacation so even though we have 25+ cruises under our belt we will be foregoing this type of vacation until the restrictions are eliminated.
  2. Several years ago we did the 10 day Mexico cruise out of San Francisco 3 out of 4 years. We live about an hour east of San Francisco so it is very easy for us to get to and from the port. We did it mainly for the cruising experience and not specifically for the ports. We've been to the Mexican ports more times than we can count although we do enjoy each of the visits and usually just wander around the towns and enjoy the local food/beer. Definitely will do it again but not until all the new cruising restrictions are removed.
  3. Hopefully the type of restrictions proposed when cruising resumes will only be temporary, be it 6 months or 1 or 2 years. No way I will cruise again with having to wear a mask onboard or only allowed to get off the ship in a ship-sponsored excursion. We may just be looking at road trips here in the United States and see parts of our own beautiful country.
  4. Everyone is hoping it will happen but at this point it would be just speculation. No one knows what will be allowed or when.
  5. I just watched the replay of this. Jan's mouth has to be killing her holding that smile for an hour. As Thrak noted, nothing about this worked. The audio part of the presentation was an absolute disaster. One would think that they would fully vet their capability of putting this together before it was presented to their loyal customers. And get rid of the silly games. Just tell us what is going on and what life will be like on a cruise ship when Princess does begin sailing again.
  6. The last time we did this cruise we were on Celebrity departing Bayonne, NJ I believe on October 6th. We flew into Boston a week early and spent that time driving around New England before boarding the ship. We got lucky and saw some spectacular colors, particularly when driving across the Kancamagus Highway in Hew Hampshire. When on the ship the colors sailing down the St. Lawrence River were amazing. But every year is different, although I would definitely do it again in early-mid October rather than September. I looked at your itinerary and the following would be the favorite things we have done in each port: Newport is a great place that you can wander around on your own. There are beautiful colonial churches and many houses to view that are on the National Historic Registry. The White Horse Tavern is the oldest bar in America and a great place for lunch. Others like to tour the mansions but we've not had any interest in doing so. Boston- There are a myriad of things to do. But if you are at all a history buff I would suggest walking the entire Freedom Trail. Or while I do not normally do a ship's tour, I have done one that goes to Concord and Lexington and could include Harvard that was very interesting. Bar Harbor can be iffy as it is a tender port. You can always just wander around town. Also Ollie's Trolley offers excellent tours of Acadia National Park which I would highly recommend. St. John - Probably my least favorite port as it was a Sunday and everything was closed. But I've heard the Bay of Fundy experience is great. Halifax This is a great port. We're rented a car a couple of times and driven to Peggy's Cove, Lunnenberg, and Mahone Bay. If you do this get off the ship early as it allows you to beat all the ship's tour buses and crowds. Sydney - We've only been there once and rented a car and drove to the Fortress of Louisberg. It was interesting but many of the exhibits there close in early October so check in advance if that is what you want to do. Charlottetown - We really didn't find much there of interest but that's just my opinion. Quebec - This is truly the highlight of the entire trip. The old city is absolutely anazing and you can easily spend an entire day just wandering around. Montmorency Falls is also a nice side trip. Be sure to be either out on deck or at a window on the starboard side as you sail down the St. Lawrence River approaching Quebec. All in all this is one of our favorite cruises and we will definitely do it again, either on Princess or Celebrity which offered a 14 day round trip from Bayonne, NJ in the past. And we will definitely go in a week or so early and drive around other parts of New England.
  7. I extended mine once. I just called the Princess 800 number, asked for it to be extended,and the rep took care of it. This was probably 4-5 years ago but the process should still be in place.
  8. We've done this cruise 3 times, always in early - mid October. No concerns or actual activity related to hurricanes. Our last cruise departed on October 7th, 2018 and we had spectacular fall colors.
  9. We toured the British Isles last year. You will not be able to do a half day tour to the Normandy D-day beaches. LeHarve is about a 90 minute drive each way from the beaches. You might consider either adding a day or two to your trip or departing Paris a day early. You can get a tour from Paris but it will be a very long day as the beaches are close to 3 hours away. I would suggest you leave Paris early and rent a car to drive to Bayeaux a day or 2 early. Spend the night there. It is a very charming town. You can do an all day tour with a couple of companies to the Normandy beaches. We did it last year with Overlord Tours and it was the best part of my whole trip. You can spend the night again and drive to LeHarve and return the rental car.
  10. When we did our British Isles cruise last year there was an option to board in either Southampton, Dublin, or LeHarve. The prices for boarding in Southamptom were a few hundred dollars cheaper than boarding in the other 2 cities. We stayed a few days pre-cruise in London and disembarked a day early when docked in LeHarve and spent a few days in Normandy before driving to Paris for a few days there. All in all a great trip.
  11. There will be shows but I don't think anyone can respond at this point as to the specific shows that will be on your sailing.
  12. Twice I requested refunds of FCDs I had paid for last August. The first request for $600 took 80+ days. My 2nd request for a $200 refund was placed on May 18th and I received the credit back to my credit card today. Much improved service from Princess.
  13. Definitely an error. There are no Princess ships going to Alaska this year.
  14. Who are you hearing that from and what is their reasoning? Why Monday?
  15. Hallelujah - I requested a refund of FCCs on March 18th. While it was only for a total of $600, it was money better in my pocket than lost if CCL potentially were to declare bankruptcy. It finally showed up as a credit back to my credit card today. I've got another $200 owed to me that I requested a couple of weeks ago. I guess I won't see that till maybe August.
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