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  1. Looking forward to reading reports about your voyage.
  2. Princess will not provide any "free" seasickness medicine. You can try ginger ale and/or green apples to settle your stomach a bit. Otherwise Bonine works great and takes up virtually no room in your, pocket, or luggage. It may also be available for purchase on the ship but I'd rather bring my own so as not to chance the ship not having any available.
  3. No guarantee which deck you will get off on. It all depends on the tides. We've been on a ship and gotten of on one deck and later in the day the gangway was switched to board on a different deck. Tides in Alaska can shift quite dramatically over the course of a day.
  4. Personally we like the Caribe deck the best, mid to aft section.
  5. As they should be. If they were to allow one person to bring a guest they would have to allow everyone to do so and that would defeat the whole purpose of Club Class dining.
  6. I certainly don't like the new changes. But the implementation of them and the additional charges will not impact the number of cruises I can take. It does however leave a very sour taste knowing that Princess does not seem to care about those of us that have been loyal passengers. We may look at other cruise lines. This is no different than how I feel about other businesses. IF I were to go into a bank and the tellers were constantly rude would I continue to do business with that bank or would I look otherwise. Most cruise lines, just like banks, provide a very similar service so we do
  7. Astro Flyer - Not shooting the messenger here. But how can they possibly think that pissing off a whole bunch of elites is worth the effort of 1 internet manager on the ship needing to correct the problem? Now with Princess Plus and unlimited internet folks will never log off and this will create a different bandwith problem.
  8. How can Princess possibly think there is a "commitment to earning your loyalty" when they are taking away our hard and expensively earned perks? Most of us got to elite status the hard way by completing at least 150 days at sea. Yeah there were some that got it by 15 very short cruises, but they were in limited parts of the country and certainly in the minority.
  9. Just got the e-mail on the elite benefits changing and saw they're also taking away the loyalty credits based upon number of cruises taken. Do they really want to try that hard to alienate loyal customers? Certainly makes one want to consider other cruise lines. The laundry perk is of no value to me based upon their ability to lose, destroy and shrink items. And certainly not interested in spa, shore excursion and photo 10% discounts. What's next - eliminate the mini bar setup for elites?
  10. While many newer and younger cruisers might like the unlimited internet minutes cause they don't know how to disconnect from it, many of us older cruises take a cruise vacation to relax and don't need to be on the internet all the time. I use maybe 5-10 minutes per day just to check if there are any e-mails from my kids. Everything else is either not important or can wait till I get back home. As mentioned earlier all my onboard credits cover both gratuities and most of my drinks. Getting the elite bar set-up helps. My wife doesn't drink at all so the Princess Plus does not p
  11. I certainly don't want or need to spend an extra $40 per person per day for Princess Plus fares. We always have have onboard credit from our Future Cruises deposits, credits for being a shareholder, and credits from our TA which more than cover our gratuities and drinks.. Personally I think taking away the free internet minutes for elites sucks. It was nice to have but we never used them all and I certainly don't want to pay 50% for a MedalionNet internet package.
  12. I know on most ships the suite breakfast is in Sabatini's. We will be in a suite on the Ruby Princess which per the deck plans does not have Sabatini's. Where is the breakfast held? Thank you in advance.
  13. It will totally depend upon the itinerary. It will never be the first night of the cruise nor the last night. Formal nights are typically on sea days or sometimes a port day when the ship departs before say 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon.
  14. Is it possible to do a plus fare for one person and the regular fare for the other cabin occupant? My wife doesn't drink at all so no advantage for a plus fare for her.
  15. Whether in a suite or a regular room that had a free specialty dining included as part of our booking, we were able to change it to the specialty restaurant, day and time of our choice even though Princess had pre-scheduled it for us. We just call the dine line when we got to our cabin and it was never a problem.
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