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  1. Gosh. What a quick and comprehensive reply!
  2. I see that NCL have a "free bar" offer at the moment. I am sure I have seen somewhere that drinks packages are not available on POA. If so, does that mean that the free bar offer does not extend to Pride?
  3. I see a bar. Drinks are free?
  4. My wife can get a Cosmopolitan on the Classic package, right?
  5. The term concierge lunch is new to me. We are in a Sky suite this time and I think we take lunch in Luminae. For future reference: who gets it and where is it (on Silhouette, eg)?
  6. I am familiar with this trick. I didn't have to worry about it last time I sailed with Celeb because everything was priced in USD.
  7. Sorry to come to this topic late. I have a U.K. booking and have been complaining to myself about the way Celebrity now do the on board accounting. I find it completely awful. To be told that (eg) a speciality restaurant will cost £39 when I know it will be $50 (rounding the numbers) confuses rather than clarifies. Same for the on board credit and shore excisions. I usually have excursions booked before we sail, but I am not going near this one. Why do they do this? Just sailed with Cunard. Almost everyone on board was British, but no one complained about the fact that all the pricing is in Dollars. I sailed with Celebrity about three years ago and everything was in dollars. Until a few days ago, I did not focus on it; now I have started to do the check in stuff. When I did the online check in the system asked me about the currency to be charged to my card. I want to pay with a card issued by a US bank. I fear that I will find that the on board (dollar) account will be converted into pounds and then converted back into dollars by my bank. All this muddle just so Celebrity can twist a few dollars out the currency exchange. How cheap can you get?
  8. I know that this has been covered here a thousand times, but can you guys remind me how many chics we may expect on a 14 cruise?
  9. Thanks. Did you buy the multinight package at the restaurant or through the front desk?
  10. Having enjoyed the Speciality Restaurants on the Silhouette in the past, we thought we would return several times on our upcoming cruise on the ship. We figured that we would go for the deal offered on the first night and have booked that successfully. However, when I try to make a further reservation for 3 night package, the system requires me to make a booking on the for the first night under that reservation, too. This seems a bit nuts. Are we required to make, in effect, duplicate bookings which we will have to unscramble once we board? The first day on the ship is usually a busy time anyway, without having this unnecessary thing to contend with. I am confident that I am not the first person to encounter this and that my Cruise Critic friends will quickly put me straight.
  11. And I assume that I can get better quality wine in the Retreat Lounge than both the Classic package and the Elite happy hour??
  12. Hurrah! The idea of using Firefox was a good one. I had to go round three times between the new and old login pages but eventually ended up on the VP page. One benefit of all this is that I now have the booking reference etched in my memory. I never need to look it up now having entered it so many times!
  13. Just had another go. Still having issues with this. The "new" page takes me to the old one, which takes me back to the new version. I have not managed to get into the voyage planner for over a week. I would like to have access before I sail in January!!
  14. Bit surprised there is info about some late 2020 sailings, but nothing for January, which is when we are on the Victoria.
  15. Here we are in November. Still no Insight details?
  16. Thanks for your comments. I knew I could rely on you guys. I was pretty sure that things would be flexible, but just wanted to avoid any nasty surprises!
  17. The last time we sailed on Silhouette, we were entitled to dine in any of the restaurants without charge. We enjoyed this privilege, but much preferred a couple of venues to the others. As we do not have that luxury next time, I am looking to you Celebrity Experts to help me on a couple of points of detail? If I buy package, I am told I get a saving (26% for 5 nts, for example) and I will have a "courtesy" reservation on the first night. It seems I will be able to change that reservation once on board. My simple questions for those with experience of these things. 1. Can I influence the restaurant selected for the courtesy reservation before I board or do we have to take what we are offered? 2. If I decide that we do not like the restaurant chosen by the line and the venue we prefer is full that evening, can we dine in a free restaurant that evening? 3. Since the cover charges seem to vary from place to place, will I be restricted in the number of times we can visit any venue? In other words, suppose, having purchased a 14 night package, I want to eat in Murano every night of the cruise,. would they let me do so - assuming there is space and I don't die of liver failure? Thanks, guys.
  18. Thank you for explaining things. I am now less mystified. I now see that I can get a glass of wine in the Retreat Lounge if I am in a suite, but I may have a bit of a wait. Can you guys take me a little further on my voyage of discovery and explain what is on offer? Are we talking (a) Classic Drinks Package? Or (b) the range of drinks available to Elite members between 5pm and 7pm? Or (c) the Premium Package? Or (d) some other range of beverages? As a point of reference, my wife loves champagne. I know that champagne is not offered under (a) or (b) but is available under (c).
  19. This is a bit mystifying. I am not a regular on Celebrity, but have been trying to keep up with all the changes, including the package of suite perks. Michael’s Club has become the Retreat Lounge, with new furniture. It got that. But I thought the whole idea of the lounge was that, if I am in a suite, I can get a drink, irrespective of whether I am Elite or have a drinks package. Have I missed something?
  20. The references to France, South Africa and Croatia that I quoted in one of my posts came from the communication I received from Star Clippers agents in U.K. when they offered to settle my claim. It was explained that the warnings had been received from their lawyers on the eve of the cruise and that, in respect of Croatia, it was a “possibility”. From this, I would deduce that they will by now have reviewed this advice carefully and had time to warn passengers of any future changes due to this “seizure” concern. I guess all those sailing later in the year will find itineraries unchanged or, if there are changes, those alterations will be properly handled and warned of well in advance. Good luck, guys
  21. Thought I should give a last update. I was pleased to accept a settlement offer from the company which was made quickly and graciously, restoring my faith in the fairness of the cruise industry as a whole. In commenting upon the matter, I was told that the lawyers are trying to settle the dispute concerning Flying Clipper but that in the meantime the threat of arrest only applies to France, South Africa and Croatia. Make of that what you can. This thread has been pretty much all me and I promise that this is the last one! Cross my heart etc etc ...
  22. The sun is hot? Who knew? Clearly not the refit designer.
  23. I see that I did not actually quote the exact wording in the letter from Kraft. He said "we can not entirely exclude that they (presumably Brodosplit) will try to arrest Royal Clipper in a French port or hinder its passage in some way". Like something out of an adventure story from my youth! I have submitted a complaint to the company. Perhaps the response will contain more details of the issue - and whether it is likely to be resolved soon. If so, I will add some comments here.
  24. I have now the time to add more facts to my earlier posting. We selected this cruise because the itinerary was just seven days and offered a number of ports that we had not visited before. After Cannes, this cruise was to take us to ports in Italy, Elba, Sardinia, Corsica (where the ship would make four stops) and Monaco, most of which we had not previously visited. There would be eight stops in all before returning to Cannes for disembarkation. Further, travel from UK would be relatively easy: short flights to and from Nice with 40 minute transfers to and from Cannes port. Attractive cruise package; straight forward journeys to start and finish. Lovely. In reality, the ship was not in port when we arrived in Cannes at 2.00pm on 3 August. We were given a brief explanation that we would be need to take a 3 hour bus journey to Savona in Italy and that we were to find that the itinerary had been changed. There had been no advance notice of these changes and, when I enquired later, I found that our cruise agent had had no warning either. Four ports were retained from the scheduled itinerary: Lerici, Elba, Monaco and Alghero. These were excellent destination. In each case, there were excursions available and the locations were in themselves interesting to visit. It was easy to see why a cruise planner would select these and we were very happy to visit them. Instead of four ports in Corsica, we were taken to two new ports in Sardinia. These fell very short of the mark. Although the first offered an excursion, the second did not. Neither were interesting places to visit, the second being particularly poor. It appeared that these destinations had been selected merely for their geographical location rather than for their tourist appeal. The port of Savona was a very unsatisfactory substitute for the port of Cannes both as a location and scenically. Taken as a whole, the new itinerary was substantially less attractive than the itinerary that we had booked and paid for. Each and every change had a negative impact: the only parts that were enjoyable were those that were unaltered. The embarkation day was really uncomfortable. After the shock at the port of Cannes, we took a three hour bus trip to Savona, Italy (passing Nice Airport en route). The ship arrived an hour or so after we did, but we were lucky to be one of the first few aboard at 8.00 pm - others were much later. Our meal was interrupted by the lengthy safety drill. We finished our dinner at about 11.00 pm. Disembarkation was a muddle. The initial version of the new itinerary planned to disembark us in Monaco. This was not going to matter too much as the journey time from this port to Nice airport is about the same as from Cannes. So, of all the changes we were to sustain, this one would matter the least. However, after I had rearranged our taxi pick up to Monaco, Star Clippers changed the plan again. We would now be disembarked back in our old friend Savona! Two and a hour hours away from Nice. The poor old cruise director worked really hard to deal with the new unsatisfactory plan. However, he clearly had no authority to sweeten the bitter pill beyond a single free glass of house wine one evening. I concede that the free bus from Savona to Nice saved me a few euros, but this could not make up for the exhaustion of the first and last days and all the other changes. The attitude of Start Clippers to date has been lamentable. The information concerning these changes included a very brief note from Michael Kraft. It contained not a hint of an apology. Instead, we were told that the contract dispute concerning Flying Clipper had reached such a pitch that it was no longer safe for the company to sail in French waters. My cruise agent has received a comment from the company which says, in effect, “since you sailed with us after hearing of these changes you have waived your rights”. The apparent lack of concern of Star Clippers management is as annoying as the changes they imposed on us.
  25. Internet too slow for much more at this time. The loss of of all our Corsican ports is a big blow. Today we are in Golfo Aranci in Sardinia all day, where there are no excursions and the place offers very little worth seeing. And it is V hot! Judging by the comments my cruise agent has received from the line, I can expect no redress for this. I will post more when I am home.
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