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  1. We have carried off our luggage and made a 9:30 and 9:50 flight out of FLL. You should be fine.
  2. Im not totally sure but check with www insure my trip . Since you haven't "booked anything" yet I think they will. You just have to insure it the day you book.
  3. Just a thought. Why don't you book a cruise for a date that you might possibly be able to go. Then get an outside independent insurance cancel for any reason policy. Then if you can't go, cancel and recoup money through the insurance?
  4. Completely agree. Just off Epic last week and Filetto De Manzo was the best meal I had all week. Although filet at Tepenaki was close second. Both better than anything at Merderno which I love. And BTW, was not excited about Italian after previous cruises but so glad we went.
  5. Which Facebook group. I would love to see those pictures.
  6. Does anyone know which night on he Epic is this party?
  7. Keep us posted if possible on how she's running. Have a great cruise.
  8. Wow that seems like a fair deal to me. Enjoy your cruise
  9. We are set to sail on her on the 23rd. Im so bummed we weren't on this one. I would have loved 7 days at SEA no ports. Thats my dream cruise. Im sorry tho to anyone who is dissapointed from not getting the cruise they thought. But I think NCL is being very generous with 100% either refund or future. I think its important to remember these are huge floating Hotels with massive amounts of working parts. Going to have some bumps along the way, but SAIL on I say. Been on the Epic twice, going again on 23rd and wouldn't hesitate to book her again.
  10. What a bummer. We are supposed to depart Februray 23rd. Keep us posted
  11. We've caught a FLL 9:05am flight before sailing from Miami. 1220 not too early.
  12. Yep. Delayed to tomorrow. We are just staying another night in Biloxi. The Harrahs has tons of rooms. $50.
  13. Just received notification that the fantasy is delayed coming back to Mobile due to adverse weather. We are supposed to sail tomorrow. Hope she makes it back safe and sound. Anyone on board currently, what are you being told?
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