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  1. We did Sunrise to Bermuda and loved it. Great ship. We did a beach day and it was beautiful. The pink beach is amazing. You can take bus right from pier area for cheap. Busses back and forth all day. As for phone calls - with the top two internet plans you can do WIFi calling if your phone/plan supports. I’ve been doing it for a few years now and very cost effective.
  2. In all but one cruise I thought the Guy’s burgers were excellent. Totally agree on the fries. That said, keep Guys around. Much better than regular grill and way better than all the other lines.
  3. Cruising on the Disney Dream Jan 10, 2020. Decided last minute (yesterday) to book this 3 night and take my grandkids (ages 6&7). What on earth was I thinking. Trying to figure out which night the Pirate deck party will be? Any experienced Disney cruisers know? TIA
  4. We saw this too on the Freedom last month. It’s only the Royal that has the smaller payouts and only for less than the max 10 coin bet. We used to sometimes play 5 coin 50 cent which is the same as 10 coin 25 cent. Not anymore with the change. You have to really watch those payout tables. Other games including table games have had the odds reduced as well. Ultimate Texas Hold ‘em no longer allows the 4x bet pre-flop and Roulette has added a 3rd zero/green number and payouts stayed the same. I realize it’s a captive audience but casino games already have a house advantage that
  5. I have searched NCL site but cant find it. What is the fee now for daily gratuities? I know they changed the name of it but I can't locate it?
  6. We have carried off our luggage and made a 9:30 and 9:50 flight out of FLL. You should be fine.
  7. Im not totally sure but check with www insure my trip . Since you haven't "booked anything" yet I think they will. You just have to insure it the day you book.
  8. Just a thought. Why don't you book a cruise for a date that you might possibly be able to go. Then get an outside independent insurance cancel for any reason policy. Then if you can't go, cancel and recoup money through the insurance?
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