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  1. We were in rm 2349 PERFECT LOCATION! Especially if you have ATD. No noise no movement. If you stay around this location you will be find. A/C worked! No smell! We saw all types of wildlife. Would not book any other balcony on this class of ship. Enjoy!:D
  2. It's 24hrs before you arrive at the port. You should get a full refund. Less than 24hrs it's up to Guest Relations onboard.
  3. What's this? Never heard of it. What's in it?:confused:
  4. Thank you all for the well wishes. Ya have given me some great ideas! I'm jotting them all down. After 10 years of marriage hubby and I thought we would have to adopt. Although we still might. Too many kids out there need great homes and love. So this was a wonderful surprise.:D Shakybeef: thanks for the mocktails idea. Never thought to google that! It seems the Virgin Miami Vice keeps coming up. I didn't know that came in a non-alcoholic version. I guess I could still enjoy the Alchemy experience by writing down how I feel and explain no alcohol.;)
  5. Looks like my bar tab is going to be cheeeeeaap! Forgot about this menu. Thanks
  6. Thanks all....just trying to see what other specialty drinks are out there. I do love a mean strawberry daiquiri :p
  7. So excited to be going on another cruise. Excited to be going on a 2.0 upgraded ship, the Liberty! Was so excited to try the much talked about Alchemy Bar. Then Lord and Behold I just found out we will be taking a stowaway on this cruise!:D Our first and definitely much talked about Blessing. Now I'm of course rethinking my whole plan of attack....ie. Try as many specialty Alchemy drinks as possible.:p So my question is:What's your favorite non-alcoholic drink that I should try on my Liberty vacation?
  8. Most mass market cruiselines have Southern Routes. Royal, Carnival, and Celebrity are ones that immediately come to mind. Some go to Aruba, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Antigua. .etc... Some leave from ports San Juan, Ft. LAUDERDALE, Port Caneveral, and Miami.
  9. It's a 4K cabin....it's located at the front of the ship. They used to be ocean views waaaay back in the day but there is a somewhat "obstructed" view. There is in essence a public balcony outside your window. People complained and they re-caterogized them as insides. Thus an inside with a window!:p
  10. Had the cove on the Dream. We had anytime dining. We were in room 2349! Loved the location was extremely quiet...easy to get to elevators and only 1 flight to dining room. Definitely recommend. Also no ac concerns. Just perfect!:D
  11. Depending on the online TA you used there could be penalties incurred. That withstanding if final payment date has not passed and you are feeling lucky then try it. Look at the deck plans and see where is the worse balcony room on the ship. If you are okay if you get it then by jeans switch. :)
  12. No... She can be added at whatever rate it costs at the time for a third person....could be the same or could be higher. Just wanted you not to be surprised if it's more. If it was me I would just book the room now for all three and just take the $50 hit if she cancels. You ARE going on another Carnival cruise:p so the money wouldn't necessary be a waste. That way you don't have to worry about if there will be enough space for her. Is it worth $50? Peace of mind is worth that to me:)
  13. Back when I used to work for Carnival this is what I would have suggested... Book a room that could hold 3 for two now. If you do this early enough the ship may not have restrictions. Sometimes if a ship is popular(no matter how far out) or close to sail date this is not allowed. Now the thing is daughter needs to make up her mind ASAP. See the thing is if though a cabin can hold 3 people you may not be able to add her on later. Think of it like this.....example a restaurant can really hold 100 people but the fire Marshall says only 80. Even though you have 20 empty seats. Now apply this to a ship...you have cabins that hold up to 4 and 5 well this takes up space for a potential 3 or 4 person cabin space. Carnival counts souls not beds. So although booking a room that holds 3 for 2 sounds like a great idea be careful. You could be caught not able to add her. Now when you add her the ES terms are the same BUT your daughter comes in at the new rate. For example, when you and S.O. booked your cruise fare might have been $250/pp with you 3rd fare at the time of reservation would have been $150. Well if the rate went up by time of you adding daughter then she comes in at the new rate which could be something like $300 for the third person. Does that make since? Basically, tell daughter to make up her mind and stick with it OR book her now and she has to finalize everything by your final payment date and at the worse you'll be out $50 nonrefundable and a $200 future cruise credit (assuming a 7 day cruise). And no you can't apply the $200 to your current reservation even though you've paid for it and it's in your name :p Beat you to that one!:D Regardless, enjoy your family vacay. Krystal:)
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