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  1. And then NEXT week, she will pick up ME! So excited. All you folks on this week's sailing, dont mess her up! Lol. Have fun
  2. I'm for it, where do I sign up? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. Is this on all cruise lines or just rcl? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Why have they stopped. I'd kind of like to know the capt is really on the ship & knows where we are going Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. I'm with you, bigque! I never found announcements annoying. Actually kind of like the reminders Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. Well, maybe we will catch you next fall on your cruise. I would love to have you with us so you could help me remember what we did ( can't decide whether it is "old-timers" or something they serve on those ships..lol). Thanks again for the great review! Roni
  7. so when will you cruise next? we are cruising the week of Thanksgiving...I think you & Andrew should go with us! What an absolutely great review! I probably enjoyed your cruise almost as much as you did. So, you live in W. Ashley? My son lives there too. Do you & Andrew ever go to The Mill or the Tatooed Moose?
  8. Great review & picx. Can't wait to get home from work & see more! We are going on FANTASY the week of THanksgiving. This is adding to the excitement.
  9. mona, just saw you on this board. didn't we cruise together on the Victory in 06. I definitely remember your name, but I can't remember which group...was this the one that we had the T-shirts made. glad to see you are still cruising. we are getting ready to go out of NOLA on 4/17. Hope all is well with you. Roni
  10. anniversary, you are so right about meeting folks on the board. We have so many friendships that have lasted over years. Sometimes we even get to cruise with them again. It would be a shame to miss out on great friends you have not met yet but that share a common interest.
  11. Yours is the most interesting & informative review I have ever read! You must truly be an organized guy. I KNOW you are...how could you put all of your clothes into a carry-on. I have to pack a trunk! Really wish you & your dw were going with us...it would help me remember what I did. thanks again. Roni
  12. what is a pack n go gty cabin? Have never heard of it. I am loving your review. we are going on 4/17....
  13. Do you book this through Carnival or is this "own your own". If it is not through Carnival, any worries about not getting back to the ship on time? Thanks!
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