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  1. Our steward said he has been with royal 23 years. And had no problem giving us the white tubes
  2. we got the white tubes and not in a js...we had a nice cabin steward 🙂
  3. Host Star

    Is Specialty Dining Goin' Beggin'???

    we did the bogo (wonderland and 150 cp) the first 2 nites.. we agreed that if the dining room food was not good we would do the rest of the week specialty dining.. however we found the dining room food and menu improved since 2 years ago.. highlights were rack of lamb, lamb shank, salmon, beet salad, onion soup and escargot..even the strip steak was tender and cooked to order.... among others... there was no need to spend the extra money for specialty dining as far as we were concerned and we had an excellent waiter ... did mtd.. at 7 every nite.. with reservation, no wait for a table .. maybe this is why the specialty restaurants are not as crowded..
  4. wish they had used Harmony as a trial 🙂
  5. Host Star


    Techs are still working on a lot of things. That is one of them.
  6. Host Star


    I'm not a tech person but if you email Jennifer@cruisecritic.com she can help out with these issues
  7. Host Star


    some signatures are taking up more than half a page
  8. agree too light and too small
  9. Rick, does that mean you are on December 9?? doing the math.. for 62 days;);););)
  10. Host Star

    NCL food prepared on Shore and microwaved??

    During a galley tour. Of an Rci ship the subject of microwaves was brought up as we did not see any. We were taken to a small pantry type room and there was one lone microwave which we were told is used only for heating baby food. I’m not sure if this is the same for ncl
  11. fabulous tomato soup and the veal chop
  12. this thread is being closed It has gone totally off topic
  13. Host Star

    Another Stupid Newbie Question!

    Thread is closed