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  1. Oasis Portside BBQ is great. We were allowed to sit in the AC when they were closed and read our kindles while we recovered. Nice people and very good BBQ. The MDR is just fine for us on Oasis class ships. Chops for Lunch is a bargain.
  2. Here is my own summation of the current situation given what has become known in the last few minutes. Please don't attack me, I am trying to help. You know who you are. Since the President has tested positive (and reportedly has at least SOME symptoms) then VP Pence will be/is very, very busy with all kinds of briefings to bring him up to date and prepare him for a possible transfer of power (temporary or God forbid, otherwise). These folks do not play around and will be (must be!) ready for any possible scenario however remote, The WH/Cruise meeting (cancelled in
  3. We have 60 or so nights on Oasis Class ships. They are easy to get around on. Customer service has preprinted maps that they hand out on request. There are plenty of elevators on Allure (an Oasis class ship) and next to the elevators is a map of the deck you are on and then a list of the decks above and below your deck. Near the elevators is a 'ship model' that reminds you which way to walk to get to the bow or stern. Too much? Nope, just take as big or small bites as you want, it's all good. Enjoy your cruise.
  4. Miami Port is a 3 hour plane ride from home and I am much more concerned with my exposure during the pre-post cruise travel and boarding/deboarding than I am of the exposure on the ship itself. We rarely get off the ship for very long and enjoy just being on board for a couple of weeks whenever we do manage to sail. That said, We will sail when we sail and not a day before. I can hardly wait and am quite interested to see how they handle all the social distancing, food handling, seating at the MDR and shows. How happy will happy hour be without the crowds and will the trivia prizes
  5. That is good news. Please keep washing your hands. Masks are optional IMO, but washing hands is not. Stay safe and we'll see you onboard.
  6. I agree, AND it is healthy if you work for a living. If you are a couch potato or a desk jockey, then you need to eat snowflake chow. Unfortunately, I am not active enough anymore to eat a farmers breakfast except on rare occasion. Heavy Sigh.
  7. Who knows? Would people be offended if the venue became a SONIC in the future?
  8. We usually use the Freestyle machines but have never been turned down If we asked for an unopened can to take back to our cabin. Your cabin attendant may be able to provide some cans it you have the proper drink package. ASK and tip well....
  9. Apparently lot of folks have bookings on file. I do have a few brains left and I take exception to the thoughtless post that started this thread. I wish I could afford 21 of them. The best part is the pretentious 'people' who are 'too smart' to be on those cruises with us!! It's like free upgrade! See you onboard!
  10. And you have been asked to provide a link to where 'YOU HEARD IT'. It's a logical request. Thanks
  11. How did we get 2 identical questions by the same person? Anyway, I don't consider Disney to be a leader in the cruise industry (quite the opposite, in fact) and I certainly hope RCCI can find a way to open up ASAP.
  12. Been on Oasis/Oasis Class many times and the ride is absolutely wonderful. If it gets really rough outside, you will be rocked to sleep, not tossed or bothered. You will sail around any bad storms. Enjoy!!! No Worries!
  13. Karena1, Thank you for an informative post. The naysayers can all go hang and have been put on ignore. Keep up the good work!!
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