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  1. We are all still on unpaid furlough and no one has been called back yet.
  2. Other than getting over Covid19, being out of work for nearly a year, all is well especially on YCC.
  3. Port Tampa Bay has incredible embarkation and Port Announcer too! 🛳
  4. There really isn’t anything to figure out. What is your concern with YOUR Carnival Sensation?
  5. Hi Everyone - I’m not aware of and modifications preventing or allowing either the Fantasy Class and Spirit Class ships from coming in under the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.
  6. Hello - I haven’t logged on here in a very long time however my name was mentioned here saying I said something on a political level. Well I don’t know how that could be but nevertheless I can be found daily on “YOUR Carnival Captain” (FB).
  7. It was my pleasure to see you aboard from the Captains Lounge!
  8. We open the terminal doors at 10:30 and generally speaking boarding begins around 11:15 with FTTF around 10-15 after that.
  9. We open the doors to Terminal 3 at 10:30 and you may enter then. I’ll see you here in the Captains Lounge.
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