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  1. I would recommend the alcohol free minted lemonade. A sweet-tart cocktail with bruised mint. Very festive.
  2. When I think of the words "Ketchikan" and "seafood" I immediately think of Annabelles Keg and Chowder House. They are located in downtown Ketchikan, and even feature three different types of seafood chowder. Several years ago we were in Ketchikan during the open dungeness crab season and enjoyed an incredible bucket of fresh dunegeness. Google is your friend. Take a look at the menu. Located downtown.
  3. There are a surprising number of visitors on independent land trips in Alaska currently. Few rental cars are available and the hotels which are open (not all are this summer) are experiencing strong bookings. No masks are required in the state. As far as I know none of the ports are going to require any special requirements for cruise visitors.
  4. Celebrity has offered both motor coach and Alaska Railroad transfers. The ARR transfers are a cruising chartered train. The ARR also offers non-cruise line chartered service to Seward. The drive from Anchorage to Seward takes about two hours (assuming no delays for road construction) and the ARR trip takes about four hours. The highway and ARR diverge south of the road into Whittier. While opinions on scenery are subjective, folks find the scenery along the road lovely, but it is generally agreed that the scenery on the rail trip is superior. Go to the Alaska C
  5. The Celebrity M-class ships are not "big boys" compared to some others, such as even the Celebrity S-class ships, which are smaller than a number of new builds. And while I remember the disembarkation line for cabs at Pier 66 to be rather long, we had a private car waiting for us. But for folks going out of Smith Cove there is a mess for private car pick up service and a walk to the Uber/Lyft pick up lot. Not much better.
  6. Now I am trying to remember if two ships can be docked at Bell Street (aka Pier 66). Seems to me that on a port call at Bell Street we may have had another ship docked behind (bow to stern). Hopefully "Heidi 13" can comment as my memory is fuzzy on that point.
  7. If you actually look at the Port of Seattle terminal schedule you will find that (at least for the shortened Alaska cruise season this year) Celebrity is sailing from Pier 66. While Celebrity used Bell Street in the past more recently they were assigned to Smith Cove.
  8. We are B2B on the Millennium out of Seattle in September. I was pleased to find that the Millennium will be using the Bell Street pier instead of Smith Cove. We have both embarked and disembarked at both, but for B2B passengers I prefer a turnaround day at Bell Street over Smith Cove.
  9. Returning to the OP's question, since both B2B passengers and Zenith members of the Captain's Club can also attend the embarkation day Concierge Class luncheon, I suspect that if they ask politely their two kids will be allowed to attend.
  10. Actually, I find that August, particularly by mid-August, that the mosquito population is on the decline.
  11. Goggle the Port of Seattle Port Valet. The most up-to-date info is generally on the Port of Seattle website.
  12. So well stated. There was an interesting article in the Washington Post several days ago regarding the current problems airlines are experiencing. The issues range from bad weather events, to labor shortages to capacity problems. And the news article on CNN on June 21st regarding American Airlines cancelling hundreds of flights through mid-July should give us some pause for thought; does anyone think that American Airlines will solve all of their problems by mid-July or will some of those problems continue forward.
  13. My husband and I never fly into an embarkation port on embarkation day. We don't have to travel on a meager travel budget, and find cities such as London, Rome, Copenhagen and Lisbon so interesting. We have visited all four on land trips as well as cruise stops. But I wonder if this poster ever traveled extensively by air on business. For a number of years my husband was a "road warrior" with extensive air travel for business, and his (and my) experience was that "travel happens." I don't understand the statement that you "expect airlines to do their jobs well enough -- as th
  14. I am not sure that Celebrity views laundry services as being much of a revenue stream. They seem to use it as a loyalty perk. Since our loyalty level offers us unlimited free laundry we use it frequently. In contrast to the above poster we have had good experiences with their laundry, but do send out items which are not "fussy."
  15. I am sorry Dearest Jim -- but "about 12 cruises" cancelled? Only 12? We took some credits as FCC and others we had reimbursed. When the global suspension started we were already past the final payment date for several cruises. My scientist husband developed a spread sheet given what we have had canceled since March 2020 when we left the Solstice on what would have been a B2B2B2B. Give my best to Iain. Gerry (& Charles)
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