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  1. I am late to this discussion, but have stayed at both the Auberge and the Pan Pacific. The Auberge was fine, but we prefer the Pan Pacific. Ms Jo UK's instinct was correct -- at least in my opinion!
  2. There are actually two tender dock locations in Bar Harbor, and both are within a very quick stroll to the Olli's Trolley trolley loading location. In 2017 we were on a B2B2B series, and the first two cruises stopped at Bar Harbor. We used different tender docks on the first and second port call. One actually was what many of us would describe as being "right" at the tender dock. The other is a very short walk. We have done the 2.5 hour trip, and were extremely pleased with our experience.
  3. Missm: I have the impression that the vast majority of folks who know about the B2B discount have learned about it from Cruise Critic -- I certainly did. And I also find it interesting that so many folks have reported that when they learned about the discount on CC and then call their TA the TA tells them they didn't know about it either. Seems to be somewhat of a secret unless you read CC.
  4. Celebrity does offer a small B2B discount which is based on the length of the legs. The maximum amount if $100. But either you or your travel agent will have to request it.
  5. Most of our cruises are B2B, B2B2B or B2B2B2B series as we fly to cruise ports. With a few exceptions air fare is generally the same whether we are gone 14 nights or 42. There are no downsides -- at least for us. The productions shows will be the same as they aren't changed for years. The evening guest entertainers who do the 7 and 9 pm shows may or may not be repeats, but since so many of those guest entertainers do the Celebrity circuit a number of them we have seen before. Menus repeat on a 14 night rotation, but again that hasn't been an issue with us. If there is a particularly unappealing evening menu then we either go to the salad bar in the Ocean View or dine at Sushi on 5.
  6. Since you are headed to Denali just be aware that we are having serious rain in Interior Alaska. The rains started in late July, and we here in the Interior really wish we could share some rain with those in Southcentral Alaska as we have more than enough. The rains have impacted the road into Denali National Park. Late last week a rock/mud slide blocked several hundred folks (my memory is about 300) in the park for several hours. Then last weekend the road was closed at mile 30 (Tetlanika rest stop) due to multiple mid/rock slides. My understanding, from reporting in our local newspaper, is that the park road opened for the full length yesterday, but with more rain forecast in the Interior starting tomorrow who knows what will happened. Be prepared to be flexible.
  7. Each evening, when the stateroom attendant does the turn-down service of the cabin, a "Celebrity Today" planner will be delivered. It will list the activities for the next day, brief description of the evening guest performance in the theater (shows generally at 7 PM and repeat at 9 PM), the various music venues in the bars around the ship and so forth.
  8. I am not "davekathy" but almost all of our cruises are B2B, B2B2B or B2B2B2B series. We spend 60 to 90 nights a year on Celebrity ships. If you suspect that we are Zenith members of the loyalty program you would be correct. If you have two different staterooms, the move process is very simple. Celebrity will ask you to pack your clothes in the drawers (they will give you plastic bags if you wish) and your toiletries. Items hanging in the closet on hangers will remain. Your stateroom attendant will put your luggage on a hotel bellman type of trolley, and your items on the hangers will be moved onto the trolley. The stateroom attendant will move them to your new stateroom. You will be responsible for moving the items in your stateroom suite. Let your stateroom attendant know that you will be shifting staterooms, and the stateroom attendants for the first and second legs will coordinate the move. If you decide to leave the ship for the day it is most likely that the stateroom attendants will be able to get you into the second leg stateroom to deposit your items in the safe before you leave the ship. The stateroom attendants do this routinely. B2B guests will receive a detailed succinct instruction letter about the turnaround day procedures, and the process will be outlined.
  9. We also did a long day tour to Alhambra with Spain Day Tours and were extremely pleased. We were driven to the site on a motor coach with a driver and tour guide. The tour guide provided some commentary and information along the drive. Once we arrived the tour guide divided our large group into much smaller groups of about ten folks. Alhambra guides were waiting for us. Once we had our headphones on and volume adjusted we were off to tour the site with live commentary provided by our Alhambra tour guides.
  10. Not quite. The MDR embarkation lunch is open for Concierge class, the B2B passengers and Zenith Captain's Club members. Elite+ Captain's Club members are not included.
  11. For me the major difference is that Aqua staterooms have access to Blu, which is essentially the MDR for Aqua. Blu is a much smaller dinning room, and is open for breakfast and dinner. I don't find Blu quite as nice as Luminae (the dining room for suites) but is much preferable for us over the MDR. Just a much quieter experience. And I actually prefer the design of Blu on the M-class ships over the design on the S-class ships.
  12. We left the Eclipse on April 17th after a B2B2B series. I thought the ship was in great shape.
  13. That is how I understand their situation too. Since points are assigned at the end of a cruise they will make Elite at the conclusion of the second cruise.
  14. When I read the phrases "avid amateur photographer" and "love to view spectacular sites" I immediately thought of Independence Mine State Historical Park and Hatcher Pass. Just goggle the mine name to find some photos of the old mine structures and the views from the pass. The other thought I had was the drive along Turnagain Arm and the views from the top of the Alyeska tramway.
  15. In 2017 we did a B2B2B series which included two Canada/New England itineraries. The first (of two) overnight stop in Quebec we were out in the hinterlands (ie - industrial port area with several other ships). As already noted the shuttles ran continuously, and the ride into a stop in Lower Town was less than 20 minutes. I am thinking the transit times was closer to 15 minutes.
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