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  1. Northern Aurora

    Hiking in Skagway

    My favorite area of the "greater Skagway" area is actually the old ghost town of Dyea. The Klondike National Park Skagway unit website (www.nps.gov/klgo) has some nice ideas for Chilkoot Day Hikes. Look for them under the "Plan Your Visit" tab. Great for history buffs.
  2. Northern Aurora

    Question for Zenith Memers

    We were on both the Japan Explorer and the trans-Pacific. The MC John had told us that someone was crossing over into Z-land during the next cruise -- so that was you! I am not surprised that our experiences were different. For example, we never received a CC rep call, but after a more than suitable amount of time I contacted them. As I already mentioned on this thread, we applied the credit amount for reaching Zenith to an already booked cruise, and we also were pleasantly surprised with the offer. The credit amount was higher than we had expected.
  3. Northern Aurora

    July -Aug Cruise - Must have clothing/essentials

    amisup: Through the years folks have posted their packing lists on this forum. If you use the search function you should be able to find them. Also, skimming through the trip reports (posted at the top of this page and organized by year) will be very helpful as a number of posters include photos -- just look at what they are wearing. But in general, go with layers and a water-proof (not water resistant) outer layer.
  4. Northern Aurora

    Question for Zenith Memers

    In our case the pin was in the same package as the luggage tags. Each of us received a box with two luggage tags and one pin, in addition to another box with one more luggage tag and a passport holder, for a grand total of two pins, five luggage tags and the one passport holder. No great loss if you didn't receive the pin -- we've only once encountered someone wearing one, and they were new Zeniths. And I also recognize you! Weren't you on the Millennium trans-Pacific followed by the Japan Explorer cruise (the memorable cruise impacted by two typhoons)?
  5. Northern Aurora

    Blue Diamond vs Anderson's?

    We have not used Anderson's, but used Blue Diamond and were very happy with Blue Diamond.
  6. Northern Aurora

    Need help-new to Celebrity Millinneum

    No Celebrity ship currently on the Celebrity fleet has a self-service laundry, and I am not aware of any former Celebrity ship ever having a self-service laundry either. On some sailings there will be a "stuff a bag laundry" challenge for a flat price for a bag, but this offer isn't offered on all sailings.
  7. Northern Aurora

    Buying Next Cruise Onboard

    Our OP is going on his first cruise. I realized that no one has mentioned that the Future Cruise staff generally has a presentation on deployment schedules of the Celebrity fleet, promotional offers and so forth. Either drop by the Future Cruise Sales office and ask about the date, time and location, or pay close attention to the Celebrity Today schedule on sea days.
  8. Northern Aurora

    Looking for Seattle hotel recommendations

    When we stay downtown in Seattle we book the Mayflower Park. We prefer the larger rooms over the standard ones. When we want to be near SEA-TAC we now book the Cedarbrook Lodge. While we have stayed at the Seatac Hilton, we much prefer the Cedarbrook, both for the location (doesn't feel like it is an "airport" hotel), amenities, and included breakfast buffet. And the Cedarbrook restaurant is wonderful in the evenings.
  9. Northern Aurora

    Bar Harbor Port Date Discrepancy

    olemissreb: Are you the first person who realized this discrepancy? What are others on the roll call reporting? What a curious situation. While we have never cruised on RC we cruise frequently on their sister line Celebrity. We have had non-weather related itinerary changes before (ie, stopping in Sitka versus Dutch Harbor on a TP and not stopping in Callao on a South American cruise) but received e-mails from Celebrity as soon as the itinerary change was made. keep us posted.
  10. Back to the original question -- the toiletries in Suites are the Bulgari brand. I was just in an Aqua class stateroom last fall, and my memory is that the toiletries were from Gilchrist and Soames. I am a woman with medium texture hair, and, whether we are in a Suite or Aqua stateroom, don't bring my own shampoo or conditioner. I do have dry skin and find the hand lotion to be rather light, and do bring a more substantial hand lotion (ie Curel or Lubriderm). And to the question about seasickness meds -- I was the kid who frequently experienced motion sickness when in early elementary school when in a car, but never in an airplane. It stopped by the time I was in fourth or fifth grade. On our first cruise I was surprised about the amount of motion, and did experience some motion sickness. We now pack Bonine and I also have a set of seabands in my toiletry kit. But folks really need to consult their medical practitioner for better advice. And we were one time in a major storm (yes -- I had taken Bonine) and were talking to a maitre 'd who told us that he believed that given the right conditions any one could experience sea sickness. He told us he had even seen ship captains experience motion sickness.
  11. In 2015 we did an Antarctic cruise as the first of a B2B2B series on the Infinity. We had both a naturalist and MickeyLive (who has now left Celebrity) onboard. Both did special presentations and narration at certain points. We actually had snow on the decks when in Antarctica. I dressed as if we were in Norway or Alaska -- water resistant outer layer, layers, long underwear under jeans, gloves and warm hat.
  12. Northern Aurora

    Buying Next Cruise Onboard

    We frequently book onboard, but we also almost always know which ship and itinerary is of interest. We will be boarding the Eclipse in less than a month, and I am now researching plans for the fall of 2020 as we already have plans for the fall of 2019 and spring of 2020. Since we book so far in advance I always double check to ensure that the deposit is either refundable or amendable (ie, I can transfer the reservation number to a different sailing date).
  13. Northern Aurora

    Breakfast in Luminae

    We frequently share the Luminae fruit plate as it is rather large. At times there will be berries and other times not. Celebrity ships re-provision not just at embarkation ports, and I also suspect the availability of fresh berries is related to when the ship was restocked.
  14. Northern Aurora

    Question for Zenith Memers

    We also were just grateful for what we received!
  15. Northern Aurora

    Question for Zenith Memers

    I've turned off the signature feature, so you may have a list of your prior cruises. But I wonder if we met on the Summit in 2017. We you on the last Canada/New England cruise of the season followed by the re-positioning down to San Juan? We had just turned Zenith and met a couple who were going to cross over early in 2019. Was that you? Whether it was or not, welcome to the "club."