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  1. Funny. Same term two different reps used in my conversations.
  2. Don't worry, you'll be fine to check your email. Always a good reminder to make sure any site you're visiting over public internet is using HTTPS, especially if any of the information is potentially sensitive.
  3. OP was concerned about security, and the VPN recommendations were appropriate. Although some VPNs won't work, SSL VPNs will, and they are a good option if available to you. You brought up traffic shaping, which wasn't relevant to the OP's question.
  4. I don't think anyone is suggesting the average person try setting up their own VPN ahead of time. But a lot of folks, especially on their work devices, already have it. In those cases there's no harm in trying.
  5. VPNs can obfuscate everything, including DNS, which is not done when relying on individual connections via HTTPS. When you have low confidence in the provider, a VPN is always superior. That said, risk is still low without it, but there's no harm in trying.
  6. Awesome. Of all the great photos this one just captures a really nice moment and sentiment.
  7. Have to ask.. have you noticed the sewage odor some have mentioned?
  8. I did call back after being told that by AA and a supervisor was able to remove it. They confirmed I didn't have to mail the letter. I got a receipt and it shows the plan being declined. Now the amount paid is greater than the total charge, so I will be watching my credit card for the refund.
  9. It is past final payment. I spoke to Aon Affinity today and they require that I mail a letter to them within 10 days of the policy being purchased in order to cancel. It's been three days since the error, so I'll need to get that in the mail soon. A bit irritating that I have to write a letter to another company to fix a mistake of theirs.
  10. I called to upgrade my cabin a couple of days ago and just noticed the $89 charge for the Travel Protection Plan. After 20 minutes on the phone, I was told that they cannot remove it for me and I would have to contact Aon Affinity myself. According to the rep, they are having an issue where it's added automatically when changes are made to the reservation, and the person processing the request didn't catch it. Be on the lookout if you make any changes.
  11. It’s a DNS problem, and a DNS solution is the simplest fix. I’m sure others would appreciate knowing their options.
  12. That’s possible too. I don’t know if they restrict DNS traffic to only their servers, but I'd be surprised with the prevalence of enterprise devices with DNS restrictions (e.g. Cisco Umbrella/OpenDNS). I’ll confirm in the coming weeks.
  13. Your call. But your opinion shouldn’t dissuade others when it’s a reasonable (and no cost) option to overcome the specific issue that was presented.
  14. First Google result shows how to do it in six taps on an iPhone. Not an attack, just an alternative.
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