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  1. If it was me, I’d cancel to get my card refunded & book onboard using my TA’s gift. That’s less hassle than having to deal with attempting to get it straightened out. I’ve never had any issues with specialty dining reservations when on the ship.
  2. I agree but as I wrote they should test a few vaccinated passengers who have proof that they were tested & did not receive their results before embarkation. I think that’s a better way to treat a few vaccinated & tested passengers than denying boarding to get their cruise fare in FCC. For my cruise next month some who were flying to the ship canceled their cruise but would have kept it if there was a backup testing option like they provide for unvaccinated passengers. Those tests did not require a mobile testing facility but were provided by Princess. NCL is providing free rapid testing at the port for all passengers but not for Princess or other CCL lines for a few passengers whose test results are delayed.
  3. I think they should have testing available at the port for anyone whose 2-day test results are not received before embarkation. They can provide paid testing for a few unvaccinated passengers & think they should do the same thing for vaccinated passengers whose test results have been delayed.
  4. https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/plan/impacted-and-cancelled-cruises/cancelled-select-cruises-australia-through-april-2022.pdf
  5. I received a free lifetime pass to visit the Midway…it only cost me a couple of years of hooking up aircraft to the starboard catapult. ☺️ I always appreciate your helpful information & thanks for starting this thread. We board Majestic on 10/23 on the same day the Grand is embarking passengers in SP. Your boarding process might be different for you at the larger B93 terminal than for me at the smaller B92 terminal but would appreciate reading about your boarding experiences. And to know if it’ll be similar to your Seattle boarding experience where I’ve read they weren’t enforcing Arrival Group times. We have the early group A at 1130 and are eager to cruise again after a 2 year hiatus. Thankfully we’re in the Green Lane with all tasks completed until the day before boarding to answer the Health Questionnaire.
  6. Carnival Corporation has built a new terminal in Barcelona (opened in 2018) which they’ll operate including for their cruise lines LNG ships and MSC is doing the same thing.
  7. Unfortunately you had another uninformed rep who provided bad information. I’ve got it applied as far out as 2 years in advance & many other times long before 90 days. Years ago there was a 90 day limit but not since Princess began requiring payment for advanced tour reservations. Allowing us to apply long before a cruise provides SOBC to use for advanced tour reservations.
  8. Thanks Joe…think the bottomline line is if there’s a will, there’s a way. Cruise lines are attempting to do the best thing possible to fulfill the CDC’s mandates but think some are doing it better than CCL lines. I prefer the more reliable PCR test results for passengers & if results aren’t received before embarkation to have rapid tests at the few US ports should be an option. They can provide paid tests at the port for the few unvaccinated passengers & think they could do the same thing for the few passengers whose test results are delayed. That’s better than denying boarding particularly for those flying to a cruise. Some on our roll call for next month’s cruise have already canceled because they’re flying & don’t want to risk being denied boarding. I can drive back home if that happens but that’s not an option for those flying.
  9. I don’t know if the aft pools are for adults only. I found photos showing Regal & Sky Lido deck pools and as you’ll see the Plunge Pool is uncovered. Another difference is Regal has the dancing waters between pools which were replaced with hot tubs on Sky.
  10. None that I’ve heard about either & sure they’d update their FAQs & would promote that option. I wasn’t aware of Carnival Cruise line giving up due to the cost. Sad because NCL has been providing free tests for all passengers at the port & Carnival cannot even provide paid tests for passengers whose test results aren’t received before embarkation. Instead Princess had a partnership with Quest for 2 day tests but have so few participating locations it’s useless for many of us.
  11. One of the main differences with Regal is that Princess Live is the enclosed TV studio area & not like the open lounge on Sky. Not on Regal: French bistro A solid Sea Walk floor with glass viewing ports Staggered aft end like on Sky & most other variations of Grand-Class ships Two larger Lido deck pools & instead Regal has 1 large plus a small round Plunge Pool Both buffets are the same & the Regal has a small library near Crown Grill. We haven’t sailed on Regal since MedallionClass began. I did prefer Sky’s lighter colored wood in cabins & around the ship. None of these would affect my decision on which one to sail but instead it would be based on itinerary, price & date.
  12. We enjoyed 2 weeks in E436 on the Royal Princess which is in the same location only on the other side of the ship. There was an unobstructed view looking outward and if standing at the railing by looking downward the obstruction is the open Promenade deck & if looking aft lifeboats. None of this obstructed our view from inside the cabin nor when seated on the balcony. On the Royal our cabin was over Crooners bar but never heard any noise; on Enchanted E437 is near the aft portion of Gigi’s Pizzeria. We would gladly sail in these cabins again with a slightly larger balcony. Another thing we liked was due to the shape of the balcony it was more wind protected when the sailing. I tried many times to correct the inverted photo which the CC website did to my lifeboat view when looking aft but it won’t return to normal.
  13. The balconies are larger in the curved midship cabins & despite some being categorized as “obstructed” that’s only when looking straight down onto the open Promenade deck. Also some aft facing & forward side cabins (obstructed by solid metal railing) on a couple of decks are larger. Check the deck plans to you see the sizes to locate a balcony that’s larger than the standard 9’x4’ balconies.
  14. While that’s the way it’s being done in Seattle, I would expect they’ll eventually follow there stated policy of not allowing passengers to enter the terminal until it’s their Arrival Group’s time. Last night we got an Early Group A boarding time (1130-1200) from LA for our late October cruise. 👍😊 What if I arrive at the terminal before my assigned time? If you come to the terminal before your arrival time, you will be asked to wait away from the terminal until you are permitted to enter during your specified arrival time.
  15. What I was told by Princess is that technically there is still Priority Boarding however it’s different than previously. It’s no longer to arrive when desired to board first but is now PB within Arrival Group. If only later Mid & Late groups are available we’d get PB within that group. Thus a first time Princess passenger who became aware of assignments being available to book could be first to board & loyal passengers who got an assignment later could be in the last Late group. That’s not the definition of Priority Boarding to me.
  16. I was able to make a reservation for my wife & me being signed in to my MC app account. I have been able to do everything for both of us that way to get in the Green Lane & get a QR Code.
  17. My apologies…I should have refreshed my memory before posting. ☺️ We’re scheduled a month after you…enjoy you other half’s milestone birthday. 🎂
  18. The most recent update I’ve read was on 7/21/21 announcing the senior officers and that Discovery would be sailing from LA on Mexican Riviera and CA Coast cruises in less than 200 days in Spring 2022 which would indicate that the inaugural cruise will sail as scheduled on 3/5/22 SANTA CLARITA, Calif., (July 21, 2021) – In fewer than 200 days, the newest Princess Cruises ship – Discovery Princess– will debut at the Port of Los Angeles in spring 2022, for an inaugural season of Mexican Riviera and California Coast cruises. https://www.princess.com/news/news_releases/2021/07/princess-cruises-announces-discovery-princess-senior-officers.html
  19. Between flights to Maui & pre-procedure tests, I’ve had many KP tests in the San Fernando Valley & had similar experiences as you including recently taking 22 hours. Their local processing lab in Chino Hills has provided quick results & hoping to have the same pre-cruise experience in October. 🤞 Hopefully Princess will have testing available near SP for anyone who hasn’t received their results prior to arriving at the port.
  20. https://www.princess.com/plan/cruise-with-confidence/cruise-health/frequently-asked-questions/us-cruises/
  21. From the 9/7 CruiseHealth webpage. Health Protocols for Cruises through 2021 For cruises through December 31, 2021, guests must have the following: Received their final dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days prior to the beginning of the cruise Proof of vaccination Have proof of a negative viral COVID-19 test (PCR or antigen) taken within 2 days of their embarkation Be required to wear a face mask in certain areas
  22. This website shows obstructed view cabins but doesn’t have a photo of E407 but it does show E403 which is 2 cabins forward. I’ve had cabins in this area and the only obstruction was when looking straight down you could see open Promenade deck. https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/ov.php?ship=Discovery-Princess&cabins=E401-E445
  23. You’re welcome & glad that the extension will give you more opportunities to consider…good luck. 🤞😊
  24. That’s crazy…I didn’t have your terrible experiences & my FCC for canceled cruises beginning as early as May 2020 have book & sail by dates of 12/31/22.
  25. From their CruiseHealth webpage: Will I need to complete a health questionnaire before boarding? Yes, you should receive a notification to complete your health questionnaire from 72 hours before you embark the ship, using the MedallionClass app. You’ll be asked to complete the questionnaire before leaving home to begin traveling on your vacation, and then reconfirm your answers when arriving at the port.
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