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    Confiscated Power Strip

    It’s apparent that the shoreside independent security screeners misinterpreted the rules which allows your non-surge protected power strip. As recommended in the future put it in your checked bag & if needing to show it to onboard security they should know that it’s allowed.
  2. Astro Flyer

    Your First Princess Cruise

    Happy to share what works best for my wife which she confirmed with her doctor that it was safe for her to take. Even OTC meds can interact with our health but for her the antihistamine meclizine is a safe & effective treatment without the side affects of the prescription patches. Bonine (meclizine) was sold in the onboard gift shop so Princess believes it’s a safe & effective way treat Mal de Mer!
  3. Astro Flyer

    Your First Princess Cruise

    She takes a 12.5 mg tablet twice daily while at sea; once daily when in port. It’s also available in scored 25 mg tablets which can be split.
  4. Astro Flyer

    EZair reserved seats

    Yes...First, Business, Premium Economy or Economy
  5. Astro Flyer

    Lahaina Luau, Maui

    Google Maps shows it’s 1.2 miles (24 minute walk) between Lahaina Harbor & OLL. On Princess the All Aboard time is 30 minutes before sailing & as I recall the last tender could be sooner than that time. It’s been my experience that Lahaina sailaway is often delayed to get everyone onboard & to stow the tenders. I certainly wouldn’t depend upon it & would figure I’d need to be on a tender before 9:30 or whenever it’s close to the cutoff time. I don’t know if it’s possible to schedule a reliable taxi pickup that would get you to the harbor on time which is another factor I’d consider. You could leave the performance earlier but don’t know your comfort level about when you want to be back onboard. A closer option to the harbor is the Feast at Lele Polynesian performance & food by the same people who produce the OLL. It’s 0.3 miles/7 minute walk from the harbor & is slightly more expensive. However for that extra cost it’s table service with better food & drinks at a beachside location that has separate performances & food depicting Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti & Maori (NZ). https://www.feastatlele.com/ Menu: https://www.feastatlele.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Website-Lele-Menu-2019.pdf Both are very popular & thus discounts are not offered like at some of the large hotel luaus & being popular they can sellout several weeks before their events.
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    Chairs removed to make more room?

    In Royal-Class ships the Deluxe Balcony cabins have a loveseat size (2 cushions) couch. That worked great for us whenever the weather wasn’t conducive to spending time on the balcony...a comfortable view of the scenery.
  7. Astro Flyer

    Sabatini's Italian Tattoria on Coral

    I know that taste is very subjective but it’s nice to read a good review about their new menu. If this statement is accurate it won’t be on our Royal cruises but it’s listed in the Sky’s list of specialty restaurants where we’ll try the new menu & experience the new decor. ”Experience the new restaurant design and elevated menu on board Caribbean Princess and Grand Princess. The newly refreshed Sabatini’s menu is also available on Regal Princess, Coral Princess and Star Princess”. The new decor we’ll have on the Sky is much different than previously:
  8. Astro Flyer

    Sabatini's Italian Tattoria on Coral

    Every specialty restaurant menu shown on the Princess website has been the same as onboard the ship so the Sabatini’s Trattoria menu on the Coral should be the same. Here are links to information on Sabatini’s Trattoria & the menu. https://www.princess.com/ships-and-experience/food-and-dining/specialty-restaurants/sabatinis-italian-trattoria/ https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/ships-and-experience/food-and-dining/sabatinis-trattoria/sabatinis-trattoria-main-menu.pdf
  9. Astro Flyer

    EZAir - For the Win

    I’m even more obsessive about checking prices much more often after booking about 330 days in advance. Once that resulted in a 60% lower airfare with better flights by quickly checking daily. As it gets closer in the months prior to departure airfares increased for our routings. For me there’s no reason to not quickly book Flexible EZair flights & hope for better airfare/flights which has happened each time for us. My experiences have been that any way of booking roundtrip flights they’re not available until 330 days before the return flight.
  10. Astro Flyer

    Ultimate Balcony Dinner with .pdf menu

    We like to have the UBD whenever we have a balcony...it’s not much more expensive than a specialty restaurant dinner & includes nearly $100 of extras. Like the Winemakers Dinner on Royal-Class ships for $40/pp in their Wine Cellar the service & food are superb. Although maybe we should keep both of them a secret to not have too much competition for having them. ☺️ I’ve also had some great conversations with the staff who seem to be more relaxed by having more time to socialize. I don’t want to take up too much of their time but they seem happy to talk about their lives which I enjoy learning about. The only problem for us is by the time the great dessert is delivered we’re so full that sometimes we’ll store it in the fridge for the next day. 😉
  11. Astro Flyer

    EZAir - For the Win

    You’re welcome...we usually pay for an advance seat assignment particularly on long flights. I don’t know the AC policy but on other airlines I’ve flown the fees were non-refundable. As I recall each Flexible EZair airfare reduction was a cancellation & rebooking so the fee would be lost. For that reason I wait until deciding that I have the best flight & airfare combination before paying for a seat assignment. Airlines I’ve flown allow me to check seat options after signing into my reservation & based on availability my experiences have been that not many pay for seats long in advance.
  12. Astro Flyer

    EZAir - For the Win

    Checking the Air Canada website their are fees for advance seat assignments prior to check-in for Economy seats. https://www.aircanada.com/us/en/aco/home/fly/onboard/preferred-seats/online-advance-seat-selection.html
  13. Astro Flyer

    Chairs removed to make more room?

    Thanks for the CG image although those are too often inaccurate (as are the diagrams) & don’t think the Royal’s balconies will now have a wooden plank floor such as in that image.
  14. Astro Flyer

    EZAir - For the Win

    It’s paid at final payment but some passengers report paying earlier depending upon their airlines policy for advance seat assignments. I book in Economy & have always been able to immediately make an advance seat assignment on actual US air carriers flights (not a codeshare on a non-US airline). Most of the non-US airlines I’ve flown charge a seat assignment fee prior to check-in although Air New Zealand didn’t charge a fee. My experience has been that our flights in Economy issued a ticket number when booking long before final payment. Others have different experiences & pay EZair prior to final payment to request seat assignments. There are many variables in airline policies so experiences can vary.
  15. Astro Flyer

    Ultimate Balcony Dinner with .pdf menu

    We’ve greatly enjoyed the UBD several times during sailaway & in port which has resulted in better conditions than at sea. Once when sailing from Santorini in early December we moved it inside due to inclement weather & still enjoyed it looking through the glass balcony door. Enjoyed each UBD in various balcony sizes from Royal-Class 9’x4’ to Caribe 9’x9’ on other Princess ships. My experiences are they can have two UBDs per night at the same time...about 6:00 & 8:00 and they have some flexibility with those times. Room service supervisors have told me it’s rare to sell all four UBDs each evening. We’ve never had a problem booking our preferred time onboard so we can use OBC to pay for it. I’ve read more posts saying that nothing has changed with the included benefits (cocktail, flowers, photo, half bottle of champagne which each time we’ve exchanged for a similar priced full bottle of red wine). Here are images XBGuy previously posted of their UBD menu & if you’re unaware they can make some changes when the RS supervisor either meets or calls you.
  16. Astro Flyer

    Embarkation MDR Lunch Crown Princess

    Thanks for sharing the menu...it’s nice to have more options but our favorites (salmon & beef tenderloin) have been eliminated. 😟
  17. Astro Flyer

    Coffee Card

    That’s the new procedure implemented last June however this discussion is about using the old paper coffee cards punches which are still usable for a specialty or brewed coffee until 8/31/19 for cards without an expiration date.
  18. Astro Flyer

    Your First Princess Cruise

    Meclizine is an antihistamine which can create some drowsiness in some people but not for her. She enjoys wine with dinner & still doesn’t feel drowsy. It’s best to use before any motion sickness symptoms are felt...best to prevent it. She takes it at night so if there’s any drowsiness that’s not a bad thing for her at bedtime. ☺️ 😴 Being a generic it costs pennies per tablet but onboard as Bonine it’s about $1 each. It’s also the same ingredient as in Dramamine Less Drowsy.
  19. Astro Flyer

    Your First Princess Cruise

    These links show the Island before & after the changes and the Coral is still the before & why I enjoy it much more. Post 119: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2046655-what-will-island-princess-look-like-after-may-2015/?page=5&tab=comments#comment-44175560 Post 133: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2046655-what-will-island-princess-look-like-after-may-2015/?page=6&tab=comments#comment-44184567 Another option for motion sickness is OTC generic Bonine...meclizine. My wife gets all types of motion sickness (as a kid she got it on swingset) & with meclizine has enjoyed about 50 cruises in all types of conditions. Just another option that you could explore...the patch is by prescription & it gave her side affects which has never happened with meclizine.
  20. Astro Flyer

    Hawaii in January

    Not sure where you got those average temperatures but our highly regarded local weather forecaster shows these averages for here on Maui. January averages for different locations on Maui Lahaina 82-64 F. (27.8C-17.8C) 3.49" precipitation Hana 79-64 F. (26.1C-17.8C) 9.45" precipitation. Kahului 80-64 F. (26.7C-17.8C) 4.14" precipitation. Kahului % of possible daytime sunshine: 69% October averages for different locations on Maui Lahaina 88-69 F. (31.7C-20.6C) 1.09" of precipitation Hana 83-70 F. (28.9C-21.1C) 7.02" of precipitation Kahului 87-69 F. (30.6C-20.6C) 1.23" of precipitation Kahului % of possible daytime sunshine: 60% https://www.hawaiiweathertoday.com/trip-planning-weather/#jan
  21. Astro Flyer

    $1 deposits - February 14

    Checked our Spring 2020 cruise booked with 3 for Free and with this $1 deposit promotion the net price is a third more expensive than what we’re paying. Checking other cruises we’d consider those prices were also more expensive than before this offer.
  22. Astro Flyer

    Sky Princess Captain

    We’re on the Sky’s inaugural TA from Barcelona & a person on our roll call who recently sailed with Capt Tuvo was told by him that he would board in Lisbon to take the helm during the crossing to Port Everglades & for the Caribbean season. I haven’t had the pleasure of sailing with him but have read many posts about his charming Italian personality & connection to his passengers.
  23. Astro Flyer

    Passport for Canada at embakation

    I also decided to not risk requesting a passport renewal due to the uncertainty about delays in getting a new passport. I have B2B cruises to Mexico & also ending in Vancouver & checked the US Department of State website and based on the information available my passport only needs to be valid for my cruises...and it is valid. It’s possible to check for the requirements for any country when traveling with a US passport. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/International-Travel-Country-Information-Pages/Canada.html Here’s the information for Canada which is the same to Mexico...”Valid at time of entry”. Although I agree with Colo Cruiser & each person needs to fully research their situation because reading it on CC doesn’t mean it’s correct. For me, based on my research on the State Department website I’m confident that I only need a valid passport to Mexico & Canada.
  24. Astro Flyer

    Internet Rant/Vent...

    Thanks Keith for once again refreshing my memory. 👍
  25. Astro Flyer

    Your First Princess Cruise

    Our first Princess cruise was in summer 1988 on Sitmar’s Fairwind (Fairsea’s twin) & six months later on the same ship renamed Dawn Princess after the merger. Sadly their wonderful pizzeria with freshly made pizza & calzone was removed after becoming the Dawn Princess as was the white glove service from their amazing Italian & Portuguese crew. It wasn’t the 1950s converted oceanliner that was built for Cunard that made it so special but it was the amazing onboard service & food. Our Dawn Princess cruise was still enjoyable...does anyone know whether Princess had the nightly pasta course prior to merging with Sitmar?