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  1. I love going down by coach, the ease of giving them the case & not seeing it again until it's at your cabin makes it a stress free transition. Last couple of times we've gone by coach we've even had time for a stop off in Winchester en-route because traffic's been that smooth, only ever had one trip where traffic's been bad & then we'd got peace of mind the cruise ship wasn't going to leave without us.
  2. I've been on two Fjords cruises so far & the weather on the one in May was a lot better than the one in August. I'm looking at the 12 night Norway cruises for October 2022 but not sure which would be best. First one is on Arcadia at the beginning of October and calls at Andalsnes sails through Romsdalsfjord up to Tromso then to Narvik for an overnight & last call is Stavanger before going back to Southampton. 2nd one is on Aurora at the end of October and is the same itinerary as above but substitutes in an Alta overnight for Narvik. I'm
  3. I've booked for a Baltic cruise in May on Britannia, will be my first one over that way, think the the only port I've actually called at before is possibly Stockholm (though on the same cruise it called at Copenhagen & I completely missed that port due to being confined to my cabin)
  4. October19 from Venice via Montenegro upto the Greek Islands and back to Venice. Only just over 12 months but seems so long ago, really hope my cruise in April isn't cancelled I'm missing it so much.
  5. I always book direct personally, not had any issues when booking direct. Only ever booked once through a travel agent & the 1 time I did they ballsed up a transfer, we were supposed to be picked up from hotel and taken to the Cruise port & it never turned up, had to make lots of stressful phone calls to sort a transfer to the port about 4 hours before the ship was due to sail.
  6. Makes sense to me, it's not like they'd even get any cash they can hold as part of their bank balance & without commission because it's a rebooking they aren't earning anything from the transaction & have still got the costs associated with managing a booking etc.
  7. Haven't tried Celebrity or Norwegian but I have been on a Carnival cruise to Hawaii. I found Carnival better for entertainment as they had more things happening (though that may have been because there was 4 consecutive sea days each way from LA to Hawaii and back so they had to put more on to keep a full ship entertained) I did think the food was a bit lacking on the Carnival ship though.
  8. Be nice to have a ship up north for a change. Come on P&O do the right thing.
  9. Norway numbers are looking promising, might be a fjords cruise first on the agenda. Sounds like they've already got some Ports back open.
  10. It all depends on what you want from a cruise, I've been on both Royal Caribbean & P&O and they are different experiences but both enjoyable in their own right. P&O I tend to go for when I want to relax and unwind as it's more sedate with less hustle & bustle. Royal Caribbean cruises I went on were a lot livelier with more activities to join in with etc & seem busier with a lot of activity centred around the promenade which.
  11. New itineraries, they tend to repeat the same/very similar routes year in year out. Worth changing up routes and getting new ports of call in there. (Obviously in reality they'll be limited to the few ports that will actually accept cruise dockings)
  12. I mainly cruise for the experience of waking up somewhere new virtually every day but I'd potentially be tempted by a cruise around the sea if they released the daily horizon sheet in advance to show what is going off on board. I'd want full confidence that there's a busy entertainment schedule where there's always something happening before booking for one with no ports of call. Including the drinks in the price wouldn't go amiss either as with every day being a sea day i'd drink a fair bit more than i normally do.
  13. What is it the QM2 did different entertainment wise to P&O ? Longest I've done sea days wise was 4 days transit between Los Angeles & Hawaii with Carnival. The sea days flew by because there was constantly something going off, was dashing from one venue to the next just to keep up with it. P&O has never been as good when I've been on as they've had a few things going on through the day but not consistently like Carnival did.
  14. I'm open to other lines for the right itinerary, have already done a Carnival cruise for the Hawaiian Islands, Princess for a Scandinavia itinerary & Royal Caribbean for a Italy to the Greek Islands as well as P&O for the Norwegian Fjords & Caribbean cruises. Did briefly contemplate the Hawaiian cruise on Holland America from Vancouver as that was around the same time as the Hawaiian one we did with Carnival but I ended up backing down on that as the rest of the family preferred going from LA due to it being warmer than starting in Vancouver.
  15. Last cruise was on Royal Caribbean's Rhaposdy of the Seas out of Venice to the Greek Islands in October, for some reason we were delayed out of Venice and didn't end up arriving in Kotor until the evening meaning we were walking around at night. Quite scary climbing up the fortress steps in the pitch black as there's no lighting but a stunning view with everything lit up. Rest of the cruise was nice but that was the standout moment for me. Also going up the Acropolis in Athens was another for the memory bank, hard work though as it was sweltering. Have actually
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