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  1. I think it all depends on what type of beverages you prefer. Last cruise, we purchased the Elite beverage package. It was well worth it for us for the higher end wine by the glass (including champagne, not sparkling wine), plus access to decent scotch and cognac for nightcaps. Plus it covered all bottled water, San Pellegrino/Perrier, and coffees from the cafe at the crows nest. Works out to $55 pp per day, which if you prefer the higher end wines/spirits/saki, is worth the price. Much more selection with the $15 per drink allocation. And no, we didn’t need to consume anywhere near 15 alcoholic drinks daily to make it worthwhile. If you’re more of a beer/generic wine/fruity cocktail person, either go for the signature drink package or just pay as you go.
  2. No, just need a regular North American outlet for the CPAP reasonably near the bed. USB query was for charging phone overnight on nightstand, as thats what I use for an alarm in the am.
  3. Cruising next month on our 5th HAL cruise, 14 days B2B Caribbean. Question for those who have already been on the new ship since christening last month. What is the status of the electrical outlets beside the bed? Are there USB ports bedside for phone/tablet charging? I have a new CPAP that will require a plug in reasonable proximity to the bed. Do I need to bring an extension cord or are there close outlets that will suffice? Any input will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. We’re just determining whether the number of higher end drinks will work out to vs buying as we go, in consideration of the elite package. A few weeks to figure that out.
  5. Last cruise (Eurodam Feb 2018 10 days Caribbean) we opted for the elite beverage package. Yes, it definitely did include special coffees at the explorer cafe, bottled water (between the 2 of us, at least 3-4L daily), Perrier/ san Pelligrino. Plus access to higher end drinks. Champaign vs sparkling wine by the glass, much more variety of wines by the glass, top shelf spirits, as well as availability of a decent variety of scotches/brandy/cognac for a nightcap. Doing a detailed analysis of what we might have in a day, was a much better deal than having the same higher quality drinks a la carte, plus having all of the specialty non alcohol beverages included made it worth r while. All depends on whether you want a package to access the higher quality items, if thats what you prefer. Currently debating what to choose for upcoming sailing next month.
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