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  1. I have a sailing April 23. Paid in full. If we cancel within the 75% window (march 24th)- I am understanding that i'd get 75% FCC, 25% back on Credit card and taxes/port fees on credit card as well? Or since I'm past final payment is it 100% FCC and taxes/port fees on credit card? So confusing! Fingers crossed we don't need to cancel, but grandma (healthy) is 77, so probably not wise....
  2. Hi there, I have a group of 4 cruising in April out of Miami. We are looking for a hotel that has a suite style feel (layout wise. Not price). We are a group of 4 women and the more space the better. We know embassy suites has rooms like this at a low price point. Any other options? We are willing to be 15 minutes or so away from the port to save money
  3. Anyone else just depart from the Majesty and is experiencing Noro like symptoms? Excessive vomiting and dihherea. My friend just cruised and wanted me to ask on here (as she doesn't have an account). She was pretty sick the last 36 hours of the cruise (thought it was from alcohol, but hangovers don't last 3 days...) sounds like Noro to me. Now her family members are all experiencing the same symptoms (mainly vomiting). Who can they call at Royal to report this so they can at least deep clean their room.
  4. Hi There, I Can't seem to find any 3 day oasis compasses. Most are for longer sailings.Anyone have one? Going on a 3 night (4/23/20) sailing! Thanks!
  5. Hi there! It’s officially pre cruise and I’m riding shotgun heading to Miami. I figured, what better time to post! Cruise details: This is my first trip with my boyfriend of 2 years that is just the two of us. We travel often, but it’s usually him tagging along with a work trip, family trips, or trips with friends. Two years in the making it is finally just us two!! My birthday was yesterday (April 6), so this cruise is a semi birthday trip/adult spring break. Man I miss the days of a given spring break, summer break, holiday break..We’re sailing on the Mariner out Miami and heading to Coco Cay and Nassau. Boyfriend (Brad) has never been to Nassau, I informed him he isn’t missing much, but he’s still excited. I’ve never sailed on a Mariner Class ship, most recently did the Freedom class, but I’ve heard there is hardly a difference. We have an interior deck 6 room. Tried to book a promenade, but we decided the noise might be annoying, plus nothing beats the sleeping darkness of an interior room (and the price!). (Below: our last cruise- Independence with family) Pre-Cruise: Since I travel often with my job I’ve earned quite a bit of Marriott points. I’m using those points for our pre-Cruise hotel. I was going to use the lowest tier of points and book a simple hotel, but then I had a Yolo moment and used almost all of my points towards the W in Brickell. The hotel has a 50th and 15th story pool! I guess using all of my points is better than letting them just sit there. The goal of today is to enjoy the pool, so we hit the road at 7am from Orlando and should be in Miami around lunch time. I’m so excited about this hotel! The concierge even emailed me yesterday to see if I had any special requests... talk about service.. cheapo typical me could get used to this... We don’t have an internet package on the ship because I love disconnecting (and cheap remember)... I’ll post boarding and such but then I won’t be back until post Cruise. If if anyone has any Mariner requests for me to take note of please let me know, and I’ll do my best to find them!! Fun extra note: Five minutes into the trip I realized I left my toothbrush. Whoops! Cvs here we come! To be continued....
  6. Thanks so much!! We are on a 4night sailing. Will it be $22 x 4 or $22 x 5? Thanks!
  7. Hi There, I am trying to take my photo for the check in. Would I be able to take a photo of my passport picture? Any tips on this? What has caused your photo to be denied at the pier? Thanks!
  8. This is my first time cruising out of Miami! We will be terminal A (Mariner). Does anyone know the parking rate? What is the setup with this terminal? Is there a shuttle involved like in FLL, or do you walk right to the terminal from the parking lot? Trying to get any tips and tricks on this terminal! Thanks :)
  9. Asking for my mom... She booked a cruise for January 2020 a few weeks ago (Mariner). $200, non refundable deposit..My step dad just found out work wise there is zero way they can cruise that date (and its because of promotions, so it isn't like he can argue it at work). Of course my mom is super upset, having saved up alot to take this cruise to begin with. Has anyone ever had luck getting their deposit back. They are picking a sailing 2 weeks later, and were even willing to use the $200 towards an upgrade so it didn't go to waste. She is so so so upset! Any ideas? Also, I know she could have booked a refundable deposit, but at the end of the day, for the money it costs...she'd still only be ahead $50 or so.... so not worth the lecture on that one 😉
  10. Paper straws fleet wide? Or just a private island thing? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. sneaky sneaky of them- im sure a mojito in boleros should be covered..it always has been....fingers crossed!!
  12. When I have seen recent bar menu photos (Mariner) it seems all drinks are $13- Lavender Daiquiri, Mojitos from Boleros etc etc....doesn't the package only cover up to $12..Hopefully my info is wrong because the extra $1 will be annoying 😕
  13. Hi There, I saw a picture in a trip report thread of a woman wearing a white Oasis of the Seas Spirit Jersey. Do you all know if every ship has their own available in the gift shops (we are sailing Mariner)? Or are there generic Royal Caribbean ones? Here is the photo of the shirt style I am referring to! Thanks
  14. I've been to Nassau countless times, and I'm embarrassed to say I've never been to Junkanoo beach! I'd love to try it out on our next sailing. I have heard it is tricky to get there. Any directions recommendations? Also, any general info/tips & tricks? Thanks!
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