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  1. Oh yah for sure! Just a bummer there was no backup option since everyone was all dressed and ready
  2. Another bummer. Pj party didn’t happen. It was raining. Would have been nice in the app to have said. “Hey we’re moving it inside” we’re guessing it was just cancelled? Saw some fellow pj-Ers sad to discover no party
  3. Wifi didn’t work last night. Hardly working for me today. Haven’t been in the app in 24 hours. Would like to see my bar tab…. Beds not comfy. My back is killing me. I ended up sleeping in top of the duvet. Did I mention there’s no sheet. Very odd. I’d say 50 is the average age. We’re few in 30s. The show last night was very target to our age maybe 20-35.. so the crowd wasn’t feeling it. We were though! I think they need to bring in more 40-50 age groups music to tend to them. I wonder if it’s older now because of the line being new. I wonder if the age will stick. The galley is amazing. I will try pics in another post. Wifi hasn’t been liking that though.
  4. Soo the app won’t work and sucks hah. We’re exhausted! Todays been great, but we’re so tired. We went to the unnamed dance thing.omg what an experience!! It was so cool but impossible to explain… pink agave was great. Ship is impossible to navigate. Will post more details later 🙂 the free internet also won’t allow me to upload pics here 😞
  5. Eating at the galley!! Seems a bit slower than a normal buffet because you have to wait on a server etc. but food is great!
  6. Waiting on test results now… feels like forever so anxious!!
  7. They have an area for earlier times open of course
  8. Words of wisdom. Arrive 1 hour before your boarding time. Otherwise you just stand outside for ages…
  9. 1:22.. they are moving the 2:30-2:45 line now
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