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  1. Ok thank you! I hadn't looked at that yet, but I did go back to the AQSC forum after seeing your remark. Thank goodness I did! You may very well have saved our cruise. I had forgotten we were supposed to get an email about a SafeCruise health survey we needed to fill out prior to the cruise. I saw something about it in the CC story linked in the AQSC forum which reminded me I hadn't seen it. After searching my inbox and spam folder and coming up empty I texted my TA. She's usually available at that time but wasn't replying, so I called the cruise line. Come to find out
  2. Floriduh who replied it is free was on the Sampler cruise in early April. I'll be boarding this weekend and just wanted to mention while the pre-boarding test is no extra charge / included in your fare, you must book your test in advance. They provide the link in the letter they send you in your cruise packet about the safety measures they're doing to make your cruise safe. The link to schedule your pre-boarding test is also provided at the end of filling out the SafeCruise health survey everyone must fill out beforehand. American Queen Steamboat Company sends an email
  3. Hi, Floriduh! Thanks again for all the great info you posted about your cruise!
  4. American Queen Steamboat Company is already sailing 2 ships on river cruises in the US maintaining pax and crew at less than 250.
  5. Wow! 81 days will go fast! Are you also sailing on the Countess or are you on the Duchess?
  6. News reported in Conde Nast Traveler April 19th, 2021. From the article: Rejoice if you’re vaccinated: French President Emmanuel Macron is “finalizing” plans to allow inoculated Americans to visit this summer as part of a broader tourism reopening, he told CBS on 'Face the Nation' this Sunday. Macron also said he has briefed President Biden’s administration on the move, even as France is currently undergoing a third national lockdown that has closed schools and non-essential business, set a 7 p.m. curfew, and prohibited gatherings through the end of April.
  7. I laughed at a lot in this thread, so thanks for that. However I'd like to present an alternative viewpoint. The CDC is doing exactly what we paid them to do. Present the safest option medically, present information about the disease and the situation, safekeep data pertaining to all of that, and offer the most scientifically sound advice based on all of it. The awful truth at the moment is even in the US where vaccinations are rolling out pretty effectively at this point, only about half of adults have received even one jab so far. Less than 27% are fully vaccinated.
  8. I live in Texas. We have no state-wide place to sign up for getting their jab. Everyone was encouraged to sign up everywhere and hope someone got back with them. I don't know anyone who hasn't traveled at least 30 miles to get theirs. I myself traveled over an hour for one jab and then ended up getting my second about 45 minutes from home. I know multiple people who traveled in excess of 2 hours for each shot. All that to express my lack of shock people are traveling to other countries to get it if they have to. I'd do it if I had to. I think we should focus our energies on making
  9. If it means cruises roll out this summer I am down for it. I'm fully vaccinated and anyone who really wants it can get vaccinated within a 500 mile radius of where I live for certain, plus I know for a fact there are many other areas where this is also true. I realize there are other places which are struggling to catch up, but I think rolling out travel based on proof of vaccination can only push those places to try harder. Just let me know where to make certain my vaccination is registered and I'm all set.
  10. When I visited Weather.com to check the weather yesterday it had a clickable link to a story saying the State Department in fact has designated most countries do not travel. The State Department website is showing level 4 Do Not Travel for an extensive list as of April 20th and April 21st.
  11. Here's hoping it goes well so they let more ships start cruising. Someone has to be first, right?
  12. I took one on 2 cruises on Royal and one on MSC. No issues.
  13. If you can book your specialty dining and any entertainment that needs booked in advance. I can't speak to NCL myself but I'd check whether it can be done by phone, online, or via an app. If these can't be done in advance divide and conquer. Talk over option before you board with your spouse or whomever you cruise with beforehand so that each of you can handle one of these. There is no reason you cannot grab a cocktail first and sip while you are waiting, and you may be surprised. Sometimes I've walked on and to my surprise found there wasn't even a line to book. Remember you'll li
  14. Congrats on rebooking! As far as hotels go, the Garden Hilton Inn Downtown is nice. I was there for work a few weeks ago and had a great stay. Looks like the reviews are pretty positive, too. Not as good access to the trolley, though. Hotel Indego Downtown is another good choice with some fun design. Better access to the trolley and the rooms have always been clean and comfortable when I've stayed there. I haven't been there since December 2020 but I see it is still well rated.
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