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  1. Cruise withdrawal. I got it. All inclusive options exist many places. Many places have fast trains to travel between cities, too. If cruises ceased to be a thing we'd just go back to using other options like that. Not as comfortable as taking your hotel with you so you only have to unpack once, though.
  2. Our first tour we didn't book through the cruise line to get the in this particular case slightly cheaper tour price. Got off the ship and had trouble finding directions to the meeting point point which the website we paid our $10 reservation fee to had said would be easily located by asking the tour operators gathered at the dock. Eventually someone told us "Stand here" and we did. Got on the bus and were told you pay at the end. Finally at the end we lined up to pay and discovered this was not the tour we'd reserved but another operator giving the same tour. Still ended up cheaper than the same tour from RCI but my husband was a little steamed we'd wasted that reservation fee and hadn't confirmed we were getting on the right tour bus. Personally suspect some collusion going on there. Oops! Yeah I said that. Now we just wait to book at the dock. Never failed to get the same tours for less.
  3. Not what the order states. Order states the current expiration is now set for September 30th and will be reviewed prior to that date.
  4. Where I am the two hospitals nearest me are using a fast test before surgery. There are several available, most of which are not FDA approved. This is according to my doctor. For most of May and June elective surgeries were being allowed here. During that time it was confirmed the one they're using here has about 20% false positives but no confirmed false negatives were experienced. If you test positive they do the long version test. Had a work friend who tested positive on the first test but negative on the second.
  5. American Queen Steamboat Company Update: earliest sailings after: August 2nd, 2020. American Queen Steamboat Company has announced a new timeline with different sailing dates for different ships. American Empress: Suspension through August 2, 2020 American Duchess: Resume Sailings: August 17, 2020 American Countess :Suspension through August 8, 2020 American Queen: Suspension through August 8, 2020 I was able to change to cruises in the spring and fall of next year so fingers crossed for those.
  6. So there is still hope for our cruise in October.
  7. I'm wondering if they'll do something similar to what friends experienced at an all inclusive resort in Cancun last week. They said with cool things like desserts, salads, and even some hot foods like the carving station they had plastic covered pre-filled dishes. For some of the other items staff would give you the quantity you asked for on a dish similar to a cafeteria.
  8. I really hope they get to resume sailings to Cuba. I really want to go but my husband says he'd only feel comfortable with a cruise there, not going to stay on the island for a week.
  9. Oh that's interesting. Thanks for posting, A&L_Ont. A blogger I follow lives in Jamaica and has said the island is taking Covid very seriously because they have pretty firm limits to the number of care beds they have available. I think it is very reasonable of them to strongly try to keep it out knowing they have limits like that.
  10. Ships are probably better prepared to handle that then your condo association. At least they already have reservations software for other things they could just expand. Since that posting Texas has finally decided to walk things back which I think is a great idea. They did finally give some of the bars that were turned in by enough people for packing the place a 30 day temporary suspension of their liquor license. All the others took note and found loopholes. A lot of them went to selling tickets in advance so they can count as a reserved club instead of a bar. Yeah that noise you hear is my eyes rolling so hard it is audible. I wish people would just take this seriously for about a month so we can get things sorted but as it doesn't seem likely I'd settle for a cruise about now. I'm willing to wear a mask, wash hands hourly, whatever. And hey. Maybe if we reserve our pool time we can actually put a stop to the chair reserving nonsense. 🤔 🤣
  11. Glad to know some haven't lost their sense of humor in all that is going on right now, taglovestocruise! I'd just like to add while there is a limit of 12 bring sodas or water of your aboard, you can bring all the drink packets, tea bags, and instant coffee you want. You can also bring your own coffee creamer. I know several who always bring those little individual coffee creamers. If you're bringing them I would suggest you place them in a zip bag or even better a zip bag within a sealed plastic container. I have twice known of people getting coffee creamer on their clothing when they just tossed a few in a suitcase.
  12. Lexi, I am so sorry for your loss. I'm in Texas where everyone seems to be doing their best to pretend nothing happened. Last I checked bars were allowed to open at severely reduced capacity, and hairdressers were allowed to go back to work. Bars in my rural area and several cities nearby have been packed when I drove by. Not that I've driven by all the bars by any stretch but everyone I know says they're seeing the same thing throughout the state. Very few if any are getting any push back. If you wear a mask or try to clean your cart you will at best get people insisting they cannot hear you to see if they can get you to remove your mask and crowding you while you try to wipe your cart off. Except the Asian grocery which has been awesome. I'm buying all my groceries there now even though it means 3x the drive each way. Today I read several states are making anyone coming from Texas quarantine for 2 weeks. Good for them. Every state should be doing this. Testing is down yet we're posting new record highs daily for people newly tested positive. Husband and I were apparently lucky to have a mild case before shutdown. Or at least the symptoms sound right and we tested negative for flu, strep, and whatever else at that time. Now we test positive for the long term antibodies but negative for shedding the virus which should mean we had it and recovered. We still wash hands, scrub things down, and wear masks just in case. I recall reading there are some illnesses you can spread even if you are immune because you breath it in, then later the germs come out when you exhale elsewhere. With how little is known about this virus we feel it is better to be careful rather than possibly endanger someone else. Hope everyone reading this is staying safe and doing well.
  13. BRB. I need to go get another bottle of dishwashing liquid at the store. 😂
  14. Not in Texas. They'll just keep discouraging testing and taking longer and longer to actually run the tests on the samples in order to keep the numbers down. I have been hearing and reading typically taking 2-3 weeks for results to come back now through official channels although there are some private labs doing faster turn around.
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