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  1. Here's the excursion list from the boat: All the no extra charge excursions are normally around $80 each person.
  2. All the staff and most of the guests were very friendly. I think you'd have an awesome time sailing with the Countess as a single. My mother-in-law loved it.
  3. The covid test was really, really easy. First they sent a link via email where you set up a sign in and filled out a form for a covid test. On arrival at the hotel there was check in with American Queen in a little convention meeting room area. As soon as we were all checked in we went to a room where they took samples for the covid tests. They were doing the rapid tests were really easy on us. It was a little tickle-y and that's about it. Later we got an email when our results were ready with a link. You signed into the website where you'd set up the sign in to get your results. You could just take a screen shot of your results. They even had the link set up so it signed you right in to your results without having to navigate around on the website. The next morning you just signed in and showed them your results said negative, or showed them the screen shot. Only people who showed a negative result could join the rest for breakfast. When you showed them the negative result they gave you your cabin key which was also your boarding card.
  4. I've posted more over in the American Queen Steamboat forum here. I do wish I was a better writer and photographer. Or at least had remembered to take some good photos of our cabin. If anyone wants any more particulars like photos of menus or our closet on the boat give a shout out.
  5. Just posted up a bit there, and there is more over in the American Queen Steamboat forum as well.
  6. We joined those who had boarded before us in the Grand Lobby to sip our champagne and enjoy the view. After a bit of chatting with new friends we decided to have a walk around the ship. We got to see the beautiful Grand Dining Room all set for dinner that night. And the Theater was ready for our evening show.
  7. Warning - I'm a terrible writer and my photos are no better. But I wanted to share a bit about my first post-pandemic cruise experience. We were originally supposed to do this cruise on the American Duchess in March of 2020, but sadly our cruise was the first week cruises were cancelled so we had to rebook for this year. My husband, Mother-in-Law, and I boarded the American Queen Steamboat Company Company April 25th Lower Mississippi cruise of the American Countess. We were so excited to be out and about now that we are all fully vaccinated. We boarded in Memphis after the overnight our package included. We were so disappointed to find out we weren't at the Peabody as we'd originally been assigned, but we made the best of it. The Sheraton was clean and comfortable, just very plain, and we did have a good night's sleep prior to boarding. We did end up heading over to the Peabody after finding out there wasn't really anything much available for lunch at the Sheraton, and we loved seeing the ducks and eating lunch there. One of the staff told us we got shifted because they had limits on capacity during that time. Here's hopeful with everyone getting vaccinated those will go away. The boarding process was smooth and carried out well. They gave us all our bus assignments and room keys as soon as we showed our negative test results before we could enter the breakfast buffet. The buses were timely and so spotlessly clean! When we got to the boat they passed out champagne and we finally felt like we could believe this cruise was really happening!
  8. Found a different version of the Complimentary Wines and Spirits list. I'm afraid I thought this was a copy of the Premium Spirits menu. Sorry.
  9. I am so so sorry to hear about your sister and I hope her treatment goes well.
  10. Yes. I don't actually know all the charges but I think I have a copy of the Premium Spirits list. I'll check for it and post if I have one.
  11. They normally have a Hop On Hop Off bus at each docking which allows people to visit whatever they like around town which they aren't doing in the circumstances. They also normally have for fee premium excursions. They arranged with some of the premium providers to be tested regularly and only have those who had tested negative interact with the passengers. Those were the only available shore excursions and they included them no charge since there was no Hop On Hop Off. I'd say half the usual shore excursions were available but they made sure there were plenty of opportunities for everyone to enjoy all of them. As far as what actually went on during shore excursions, all the cities we visited masks were still required so of course the cruise like had to ask us to comply. The cruise line's agreement with the CDC to sail meant they had to keep the buses used to get to all the shore excursions to 50% capacity. We didn't do all the shore excursions, but we did a lot and had a grand time. So good we're doing another cruise on the American Countess in the fall.
  12. Up until July you can sail on American Queen Steamboat Company sailings with just a negative test. After they're requiring vaccines. American Cruise Lines may allow you to sail with them on a negative test only but it will depend on date of departure and where it departs from, or so I read. Double check that with the cruise line, though. They may have updated to requiring for all 2021 cruises. Cunard according to Travel & Leisure Magazine: Cunard's initial cruises will be open only to UK residents who are fully vaccinated at least seven days before boarding. Voyages departing on the Queen Elizabeth after Oct. 2, departing on Queen Mary 2 after Nov. 13, and departing on Queen Victoria after Aug. 28 will not carry the vaccine requirement. Could only find where Norwegian is requiring vaccines through October 31st so far but they could always expand it. Couldn't find anything on Princess other than vaccine required for cruises this summer. Seabourn is requiring them for cruises out of Greece this summer. Silversea is requiring vaccines except on cruises from Australia currently and UnCruise is going to require them except if you sail the Galapagos. Celebrity, Victory Cruise Lines, Crystal, Virgin Voyages, Grand Circle Cruise Line, Windstar, Regent 7 Seas, Saga, Lindblad Expeditions, Oceania, Viking, Royal Caribbean, and P&O as far as I could find will require all pax be vaccinated going forward.
  13. Just getting out and about is a real treat right now. Just returned from sailing on one of the first cruises allowed in the US. I was on the third sailing of the American Queen Steamboat Company's American Countess. We were all so thrilled to be out of the house again and the crew was so happy to be back at work. It was one of those my isn't this a great time to be alive moments for sure. We had such a good time we'll be back aboard in October. Now we're starting to think about what we might want to do next year. Really tough deciding what to do right now, though. We had a wonderful short stay in New Orleans at the end of our cruise, so we want to go back for a longer visit. We've wanted to do an Alaskan cruise for a while. We also have some international destinations like Croatia and Italy on our wish list right now. Decisions, decisions. But oh so happy to have travel decisions to make again all the same.
  14. This is the only sad photo I have of Tuesday's Breakfast Menu Egg Benedict - you could ask for two if you wanted: This is Brian, the best Breakfast waiter ever. He says honey that serving is too small so order another one! Bet you can guess why I liked him best! 😄 My husband's omelette plate looks more substantial
  15. Forgot to take a photo of the dinner menu on Monday, but did get some photos of our food: And the best part:
  16. Lunch on Monday: Grand Staircase near the Entry Library Bikes waiting to be checked out Game Room
  17. What the ramp looked like at this Port: What the dock looked like from the end of the ramp Countess with the Golf Cart waiting from the top
  18. Day Two - Monday Breakfast in the River Grill View of the Port at Terrene Landing: Exploring the top deck before ship's crew got the shade awnings up Premium Spirits List is Up
  19. For those who want to bring their own equipment, the TV's don't move. My husband was able to use his phone to take photos and find the HDMI plug to set his equipment up. In our room this was the bottom left side of the TV.
  20. Check out these gorgeous chandeliers in the Dining Room: Dinner the First Night: Fried Green Tomato Appetizer Prime Beef Tenderloin Cornish Hen Chocolate Cake Bourbon Pecan Pie - Yes, it was very decadent!
  21. First Sunset On The River This photo was taken from our Veranda. Desk with Coffee Maker and Water Bottle on Wall Shelf: View of the Veranda from Inside the Cabin: Some of the papers waiting in our Cabin:
  22. Maps of the Boat in the Entry Area: View from the Grand Lobby: View from the doorway of the Grand Theater: The Stage:
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