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  1. A perfect ending to an excellent review Sid, I tip my hat to you!! Your review allowed me to become familiar with the ship we board in 56 days I believe so I feel like I can navigate her with ease now, for that, I thank you again!! It also conviced me that the best place for me to enjoy the OL will be either in a bar stool or a nice comfy chair, no couches or loungers for this guy!!! I hope our paths will cross someday, until then, be safe and stay healthy!
  2. Great!!! Really is too bad that a great review like Sids can get locked out over one persons negative comments, seems a bit unfair to me but I'm new to this too so what do I know!!
  3. I was starting to get a bit nervous about flights but yesterday, 58 days out, I received another notice that edocs were ready. I logged in and had the same odd pop up window come up again asking me to log in again but this time it worked and all the docs were there including flights, which I am very happy with. We opted to do the 1 day deviation at the beginning just in case, details are as follows: Outbound Flight Home Departure City - PWM - Portland, ME to LGA- NY 7:00am/840am Arrival/Destination City - LGA to MIA - Miami, FLorida 10:44am/2:01pm Airline -Delta Number of Connections 1 Return Flight Departure City - MIA to LGA 12:27pm/3:28pm Arrival/Destination City - LGA to PWM 4:25pm/5:49pm Airline -American Number of Connections - 1 I would definitely choose the NCL flight offer if it ever becomes available again for a future cruise. Thanks NCL!
  4. Sid, as others have said over and over, I have really enjoyed following along with your review. So appreciate you taking everyone along, it's obviously a lot of time and effort you could have spent on your own without us!!! This has definitely added a huge amount of information for our February cruise and for that I thank you Sir!! Hopefully someday our paths will cross and we can share a cocktail or two, or a shot or two (maybe 3)! Thanks again and safe travels home.
  5. Great review so far Sid, some great perspectives and comments, keeps me entertained for sure!! (great shirt yesterday too!) Only going to be my second NCL cruise, did Bliss last Feb, looking for Vibe this Feb, do they sell them in the Social or Guest Services desk?
  6. Especially when you consider the photo directly above that one!!!! Totally oblivious to anyone else around them, society today, makes one wonder doesn't it?? I know where I will not sit in February!! Good thing they can't sleep in the bar stools πŸ˜‚
  7. Sid, as many, many others have said, thanks for taking us along on your vacation. Pretty cool that you just left Miami and your post is already near 15 pages!! 70 days for us to leave on her so following along with great interest. One question though, this will only be our 2nd NCL cruise so no real status other than being a CAS guest, do you think we have a chance at Vibe passes or should I not even bother? I know, kind of a loaded question but being new to it all I thought I would ask. Keep up the great work, it is appreciated!
  8. Found this thread and checked my Sept 25, 2021 Bermuda sailing on Joy and with the same choices and same balcony category it appears that the pricing went down approx. $100 total. So I have reached out to my NCL rep to ask. Will see what he comes back with.
  9. Just called the CAS line as we booked through a certificate because my account said the edocs were ready for download but I cannot get them. I assume this is due to the flight bookings which have not been confirmed yet, we sail on Feb 9 as well. The person I spoke with said the system might be backed up and to check it again Monday as they "dump" on Fridays and it takes 24-48 hours to access. So we'll try again next week.
  10. HI, I decided to give it a try as well not really knowing if it was going to be worth it or not. There hasn't been much discussion about this program from what I have been able to find anyway so not really sure how it is working. Hopefully someone reads this post and enlightens all of us! We're going February 9th on the Encore so still some time to get some feedback.
  11. Makes total sense, since I requested the specfic cabin we have due to its location, I like the mid-ship balconies that are at either end of the "bump outs" next to the angled balconies. These provide unobstructed views (either forward or aft) without having to look passed your neighbors balcony. Just a personal preference. I'll most likely stick with what I have until I can actually afford to pick my own Haven cabin someday!! Thanks again for your responses, always appreciated.
  12. You basically said exactly what I was thinking I would get for responses due to it being a pretty "common sense" post so I do appreciate it. I guess my thought by posting the questions was due to my wondering if bidding on a spa balcony or lower end Haven would be worth it. I suppose I probably should have worded my OP better!! Thanks again, pretty new to CC postings as you can tell!!
  13. We just recieved the upgrade email yesterday, 90 days out, for the Encore sailing. We're already in a midship balcony on deck 10 so I'm interested to ask for opinions on if to bid at all and if so which option to try it on, not wanting to spend a crazy amount on top of my already somewhat pricey cruise. Thanks in advance!
  14. Doug, I can't tell you how valuable this and your "Everything" threads have been to a somewhat new cruiser like me. I tend to "over-research" things like this so when I get on board or at a particular spot I can make my fiancee' feel a bit more comfortable since she is not when she's out of her element. We are sailing February 9th on Encore and with all the information, photos, and videos you and your friends have provided I feel confident that I will already know my way around the ship. Thanks again for taking us along throughout this journey, we certainly appreciate all your hard work. Now go get some needed rest!! Maybe someday we will meet, until then, happy cruising! Perry
  15. Great pics, looking forward to your updates once you get on board. Have a safe and enjoyable trip back the the USA!! Hopefully the weather improves for you all! Oh and of course really enjoy the District!!
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