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  1. I would be interested in this information as well as we will be flying this exact route post cruise on August 21st.
  2. Hello Chuck, Thank you for the in depth information, it is very helpful. We are scheduled for the August 14th sailing and it will be our first Celebrity cruise, first time in St Maarten, and also our honeymoon so this information definitely helps ease the anxiety of sailing from St Maarten vs US ports. We are definitely looking forward to this cruise for a number of reasons (too many to mention here) but let's just say it's time!! We are flying in a day early just in case and I have arranged transport with a local tour company to our hotel on Friday. Then on Saturday morning I arrang
  3. You are correct, I had the Classic package so that all makes sense. We are really looking forward to this trip as we have never visited St Maarten either so we are going a day early. I know it's not a lot of time but I have a morning island tour booked on the day we embark and chose a 2pm boarding time which will work out ok, hopefully. The only thing that is a bit nerve wracking is the testing and the changes that keep happening, just keeping track of it all. Maybe we'll get lucky and it will have all gone away by the time August rolls around!!! Thanks!!
  4. Ah, good point. I believe it was the Classic package that is part of the AI promo.
  5. Hi Seany, first off, thank you for all your postings from the Millennium, we are booked on the 8/14 trip (now Summit) so all your information was very helpful. On to this subject, I wish I would have waited to purchase this package as I paid $21 pppd I beleive, total was $294 for 2 of us. I purchased the upgrade thinking it was a good deal considering all that was included and the regular price was $76 +/- pppd. I am hoping they get things straightened out prior to our cruise so we can enjoy it as this will be our first time with Celebrity. Thanks again, Perry
  6. Here is another strange thing I just noticed when logging in again. Now there is no option showing to "upgrade" from the Classic drink package to the drinks and more package, only one price of $76 +/- per day pp. That totals over $1200 for 2 people but when I purchased it earlier today the upgrade option was available and it was $21 per day pp or $295 approx. total for 2, huge difference!! Not sure what's going on but I'm glad I purchased already, hopefully they don't change the deal on me.
  7. FYI for everyone, I logged in to my account to check on things again and noticed the "smaller" print at the bottom of the image, so I guess this answers my original question.
  8. We are currently booked for the 8/14 (now on Summit) out of St Maarten and I was thinking of upgrading to the "Drinks and More" package. Would I be able to upgrade for the same cost on board, which would help the crew member, as I can online now?
  9. I have to say thanks for posting too, this definitely helps ease the anxiety a bit. We are on the August 14th sailing, now aboard Summit apparently, and flying in the day before staying at Little Divi Bay as well. If you want to share your hotel experience that would be appreciated too. This will be our first time in St Maarten and also our first time on Celebrity. Hope you have a great cruise!!
  10. We're on the August 14th sailing and just received the same email as well.
  11. We watched it as well and I agree, it was well done. It brought the reality to the screen of how this "shut down" has and still is affecting more than just the cruise lines themselves. CDC needs to wake up and get "on board" with resuming cruises out of US ports, it's time!! Ok, enough of that! Has anyone been able to find a schedule for the next 4 episodes? It wasn't shown and I haven't been able to find a schedule yet. I'm looking forward to watching the others.
  12. Hooray, another "Live" review from Sid, if it's anything like your Encore Live it will be great!! Thanks in advance for taking the time out of your vacation to share with us. I certainly appreciate it and it will give me some incite on what to expect on our May 2022 Bermuda cruise on Joy. We've been on Bliss and Encore so this will be the trifecta for the plus class!!
  13. The US NCL site shows the same icon as well but I really think it is a mistake in their system because, as you mention, there is no indication of anything different on the exterior from photos posted. The photo I have attached was sent to me by the NCL rep I spoke with about this and as you will see it is definitely NOT the Joy but Epic. If the balconies they are describing as "privasea" were actually were on Joy they would certainly stand out in any exterior images. privasea image.pdf
  14. First question is where did you get the information that this was a "privasea balcony cabin"? I ask because I ran into this same issue when doing a mock booking for cabin 10296, (10208 is a mini suite in the same general area) the reservation had a warning in RED at the bottom stating it was "obstructed view". I thought that was very strange since I had been on both the Bliss and Encore and all the balconies have glass panels. So I called NCL and the rep confirmed that it was showing the cabin as "privasea balcony" which, according to her, means there is a metal/steel plate surrounding the ba
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