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  1. Some people are more guarded when meeting strangers because they've been burned in the past and don't wish to repeat the experience, but do open up as you get to know them. And your turnoff is my turnoff, I once experienced a nitwit who not only hit on my husband while we were all standing together (and we'd introduced ourselves as married) he actively insulted me more than once. My husband, bless him, put his arm around my shoulder and said, "Pardon, there are some people over there we'd like to talk with" and off we went to a large circle of strangers and introduced ourselves while Mr. Nitwi
  2. The walls and ceilings, too. Never underestimate human ingenuity.
  3. 11:53 PDT, no Med voyages on the website yet -- strange, since I've already received an email from VV touting their Med cruises and inviting me to book. The linI'k in the email takes me to this years Caribbean itineraries. I'm sure it's something they'll fix, but it doesn't leave a great impression when a company can't coordinate its own website with their sales department.
  4. I was hoping for better, but not surprised (which is a sad thing to say). I just received an email touring Mediterranean cruises in April of 2021, but those cruises are not available to see on the website; April 2021 consists only of Caribbean outing, nothing at all on the Med at any time. They sent me an ad for something they're not sellilng at the moment, and that's... sloppy.
  5. The husband and I did a renewal of vows ceremony on Queen Mary 2 a few years ago, with the captain officiating. Not a problem anywhere along the way, all the staff we worked with were incredibly supportive. One of favorite cruise memories.
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