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  1. I've just looked at my cancelled August Magnifica cruise and it has also been changed to a 2 day 14th - 16th May. Chaos all round I think. I chose not to rebook on to the Virtuosa but am waiting for a fcc to be issued in May (this cruise was booked with a fcc from March 2020) When they applied my fcc to this cruise the balance was £43 which I paid and ever since it has always said the cruise cost was £43. I expect to have a lot of 'fun' convincing them otherwise when they issue my fcc. Happy days!
  2. Thank you for the link. I had done a search but it didn't come up with anything. All explained now. Thanks again.
  3. I have just booked for one of the UK cruises in July. Although it says Always Included, There is a section in my booking to add or remove the Gratuities. When I opened it up it said Pre Pay Gratuties and the price of £94.odd and you could then add it on to the price or remove it which took it back to the price I am paying. So it looks as though you could add Extra gratuities. I didn't expect to see anywhere to add gratuities, or at least to see it saying - already included. Odd don't you think?
  4. I'm sure your turn will come. I booked this with my fcc from the Grandiosa last March and it cost £43 more than the fcc. All my booking details say the cruise cost me £43. I can only imagine the fun I am going to have getting either another fcc or a refund. 😒
  5. Just received this from MSC for the Norway 28th August cruise. Dear Guest, We are excited to announce that MSC Virtuosa will perform her inaugural season around the British Isles, replacing MSC Magnifica to spend the summer operating the special range of sailings we recently announced. This opens up a range of options for your guest to rebook. MSC Virtuosa is our brand new flagship which features state of the art technology, fantastic dining options, extensive childrens’ facilities and an enhanced MSC Yacht Club experience. As your sailing has been cancelled, we would l
  6. I wonder if it will replace Magnifica for the whole season. I am booked on Magnifica to Norway at the end of August and would be more than happy to be transferred to the Virtuosa. Always assuming the Norway cruise doesn't get cancelled. I'd be happy enough just cruising up and down the fjords without any ports if that's what it takes.
  7. From an email received from Princess today.
  8. I disagree, we had a port side balcony - our first cruise with a balcony - on our West bound trip through the canal. We loved it and the sun sets were amazing. Perhaps it was just that this was our first balcony cruise, or that being from Scotland we thought the heat and sunshine were wonderful. Loved that cruise!
  9. They did have them on the Sapphire Transatlantic in 2019. It was lovely sailing into Manhattan at 4am with a mug of coffee on my balcony.
  10. Sorry no idea why there are so many copies showing. I just tried to upload the file I had saved. Hope you can do something with it and it helps you though. Good luck!
  11. Really enjoying this trip with you. I am hoping to be sailing on the Ruby in April out of San Francisco but who knows? This trip will keep me going till then. Thank you!
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