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  1. Book the cabin you really want.
  2. I think we will be on the cruise prior to yours, Trans Atlantic from Rome to NY on the Epic. We are hoping this cruise will sail but are not holding our breath. Probably make our minds up in July before final payment. If the epic does not sail from Rome at the end of November it will sure mess things up on this side of the Atlantic.
  3. The issue would be if we cancel, (and probably will as things don't look real good for a November sailing right now) that would be final and we would look forward to next March hoping that cruise actually sails. A lot can happen between final payment and the departure date, hard to outright cancel then watch the ship sail. As we get older it is harder to plan ahead, not knowing what is around the corner. I have given the same advice as you in other posts and yes we have already canceled three other cruises and received our deposits back in a timely manner along with cruisenext credits. Many ot
  4. We have a cruise out of Rome to New York booked for the end of November this year, we are doubtful this will sail. Final payment is due at the end of July, should we decide to pay in full at that time and the cruise gets cancelled by NCL can the FCC be used to pay for other cruises already booked for 2022 or later. It should be a no brainer however, who knows. We may be required to cancel and rebook.
  5. Hopefully NCL chose a decent hotel in Panama, we will not know until later in the year. We have been happy with the hotels they have used in the past on other itineraries so we will wait and see. If in fact things are back to some kind of normal by March 2022 and the cruise actually sails.
  6. Sailed through the Panama a number of times but as you pointed out never out of Panama or Colon. Be interesting to see what they come up with as far as hotels go. I’ll check in a few months, let’s hope the cruise actually happens and things are back to some kind of normal by then. I see that Crystal are requiring vaccine two weeks before boarding.
  7. I wonder if other cruise lines will follow this example.
  8. We have a cruise booked out of Colon, March 2022. We hope it sails! What hotels do NCL use in Panama City or Colon? We are using the NCL air promotion again as in the past we have been happy with the flights.
  9. I just did this, I called and make the booking with a NCL agent, state the options you want as far as extending the trip and hotel accommodations if any.
  10. Not to be argumentative but will passengers prefer to board a ship knowing all other passengers and crew have been vaccinated? Personally I would feel safer bellying up to the bar and exchanges pleasantries with someone alongside me who hopefully is not infected. We know not everyone is eligible for the vaccination and yet if not the cruise line other countries may not allow non vaccinated folks off the ship even if the ship is allowed to even dock. Will insurance companies charge a premium for non vaccinated individuals when it comes to medical travel insurance the same as they do for smokers
  11. No need to book at the Haven restaurant, at least for now. Who knows after cruising restarts what the new restrictions will be.
  12. It did last March, we were on just before the lockdown, small elevator to the left of the dining room reception desk.
  13. We are booked for the November 2021 too. Holding our breath. Final payment not due until mid summer. Things will have to change somewhat before we pay it though.
  14. They fill up the coffee machine with water and keep the supplies up to date. They deliver treats in the afternoon, usually when we are on the balcony or trying to take a nap. The constant door bell can be a pain, do not disturb works well.
  15. Just go do it. Or look it up on u tube, lots of info there.
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