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  1. Carol999

    need a driver that doesnt cost a bomb

    Thanks! Is there anything Im not thinking of that you might know about any other issues I might find using the taxis to go to the two places? I have a translator on my phone, and a GPS in case he starts to take a really different more costly route. (I heard they do that in Lisbon)
  2. Carol999

    need a driver that doesnt cost a bomb

    I read that they also include time stuck in traffic, not just the kilometers, and on a site it said 24.00 euros from port to the sagrada. Do you have a website link I can look at the has those prices?
  3. I will be in Barcelona on the MSC in March. I need a driver that will go from the port to Sagrada Familia and then Camp Nou and then back to the ship. So far I cant find anyone for a decent price. Anyone have a suggestion? We want to spend around 100 euros at most
  4. Carol999

    Trivia language

    perfect! Thank you, thats the one we are doing .
  5. Carol999

    Trivia language

    Thank you! And that was for the Mediterranean?
  6. Carol999

    Is Seaside a fun ship overall?

    Were you sailing in the med? we are going out of rome
  7. Carol999

    Trivia language

    We are planning on going out of Rome in March. When they do trivia, what language/languages is it in? Do they do the silly events in multiple languages?
  8. Carol999

    Is Seaside a fun ship overall?

    If they had the trivia..how did that work? did they repeat the questions in a few languages? (We need English)
  9. Carol999

    English speaking

    Thanks! (and thanks for the idea , I plan on bringing a translator too )
  10. Carol999

    English speaking

    We are thinking of costa out of Italy in October. Will we be isolated from most due to only speaking english. Did anyone find there was a decent enough amount of english speakers?
  11. Carol999

    Pullmantur Review: Monarch 3/24/14-3/31/14

    Thank you! the review was so helpful, even yrs later. I was having problems finding info.
  12. I beg to differ as the tourists feeding the tiny fish the dog biscuits have been doing it there for years with never a word about sharks or barracudas. They sell them in the little shops on the beach specifically for this purpose. But you should always be aware when snorkling and scuba diving of all marine life. Worse I have seen personally in the area are the sea urchins.
  13. Get a ziplock bag of dog cookies and go snorkel with the fish hand feeding them the biscuits . We like doing this at Coki beach. We are not a fan of emerald.
  14. Carol999

    Taxi/Beach Chair Prices at Emerald Beach

    I felt awkward when I went to that beach. I felt like I was invading the hotel's people's beach. It was dead quiet, and not many people were there. Megans bay and coki beach I found to be much better/livelier . The taxi driver upped his cost on the return as well. It is right beside the airport and you can watch the planes come in. Maybe go to trip advisor and look up best western hotel for more details about the place. I got extremely ill after eating their chicken sandwich and lost three days of my cruise due to that. When I contacted them about it, instead of simply saying sorry, they argued I cant prove it was them.
  15. Carol999

    PICS and Review of the Boatyard / Barbados

    We have been to the boatyard twice now and loved it both times. Once with teens and once on our own. Can anyone suggest a different beach that would have a similar set up? Something with bathroom facilities, somewhere to eat and loungers with umbrellas? Someone asked can you walk to it. The answer is no. One year though we walked from where they dropped us off in town. If asking for directions, some people called it Browns beach.