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  1. I have the opportunity to book a sky suite (S2) on the Constellation. The only S2 cabins left are handicap accessible rooms. Has anyone stayed in these cabins and what are the differences compared to a regular S2? Thanks.
  2. I called Celebrity CC and they say no such email was sent out stating we would receive pUp Points following the spa reveal. i suggest calling Celebrity as they didn’t believe I received such an email and I am forwarding my email to them.
  3. I watched it too and never heard anything about PUPs either.
  4. Just got more points added but still is incorrect. We should have had 2+2+5=9 and we received 8.
  5. We did two 2 pointers and one 5 pointer. Should have received 9 total points but see that only 3 points were added and we never even did a 3 point Power Up.
  6. i just called Celebrity and the representative said there will be an announcement about the Constellation coming this week. She said she wasn't at liberty to discuss right now. Does anyone have a TA that may have the information?
  7. Constellation is unavailable to book for May and June 2021 and not available May 2022 either.
  8. Has anyone heard when the 2022-2023 Europe itineraries will be released?
  9. I just checked our CC accounts and my husband and I are both missing the 5 points for the Galapagos webinar but did receive the points for the other October activities we participated in. Hope they show up or I’ll have to contact CC as I’ve had to do before.
  10. If I’m in a B3 is there not a hot breakfast room service menu available?
  11. Would like some opinions.We are new to Oceania and currently are in an A3 Concierge cabin (deck 9) for a Mediterranean cruise next October . Some of the B3 extended cabins have now opened up. Is the more expensive A3 category worth it? If I decide to move to the B3 cabin (deck 7) which one(s) would you suggest? Thanks. Julie
  12. There were three of us logged in under our own email addresses and watched the whole thing. Two of us got the email today and one did not.
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