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  1. Another whose May 7th request for refund was processed 🙂
  2. Have a great cruise and hope you win BIG!
  3. Yes, non smoking was more spacious than smoking
  4. I was on the Encore and I would say the casino size is comparable to the Escape. If you’re a smoker, the smoking room was NASTY. Even though I tipped for each drink, service was spotty/fair; one time a server totally forgot my order and another time accidentally spilled a drink on me. A host did stop by to say hello one night but I didn’t catch her name or where she was from. I had a couple of good hits (including a 10 cent royal) but came home a loser. I did notice a number of hand pays during the week.
  5. @mking8288 awesome info! Thanks so much!
  6. Do you have any experience or feedback with the Sushi restaurant on the Gem; I'm not finding much info on it. Specifically - Are there tables or is seating at the sushi bar only? Was there a good variety? Were there any cooked/hot food options? Tasty?
  7. Thanks for the info! Unfortunately, this will be of no use to me since I usually have comped cruises through land-based casinos.
  8. Anybody know what this is? My last cruise disembarked on December 8. I was looking at my NCL account today and I noticed that I have a $200 “Casino Reward” that is valid from December 10 to March 1. It is listed under “My Coupons and Credits”. I have received no communication about this and am wondering 1) why I got it and 2) what can it be used for.
  9. I usually get the email confirmation however, I submitted a request a few weeks ago and didn’t get the email but the OBC showed up in my online confirmation/cruise docs.
  10. Even though I consider myself a “meatarian” (opposite of vegetarian), I would drop Moderno. Really wasn’t impressed with it.
  11. thanks for your reply. Do you find that there is a company whose shuttles run more frequently than the others? To get on the shuttle at the port of Miami, is confirmation of my car rental sufficient, or do I need to arrange port pick up with them prior?
  12. I was surprised that my upgrade bid was already accepted for my December 1 cruise on the Encore...48 days away. OV to a balcony for $35 per person.
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