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  1. Carnival Destiny April 2001. My wife and I on our honeymoon. My first cruise, her second. I didn’t want to go, but after that I was hooked! We have been on 20+ since then...itching for another right now!!! Booked for December and it cannot come soon enough.
  2. Various photos.....wish we were there now!!!
  3. We have never had a drink we enjoyed at Alchemy, but maybe just our experience. The few we tried were not worthy of trying again. Never met an Alchemy bartender that was close to personable. After trying Alchemy several times, we avoid it and go to RFP instead. YMMV.
  4. According to the website, still included.....
  5. On our FOS cruise in summer of 2017, we had them approach us everywhere, while on the promenade, outside the Windjammer, outside the MDR, relentlessly! To the point where two different waiters were talking to two members of our party, they argued as to who actually talked us into the specialty dining! I hate that it has come to this!
  6. After booking a Carnival cruise, the first thing we do is make Steakhouse reservations. Most likely twice in a 7 day cruise. We enjoy the food, service and ambiance so much better than MDR it is a no-brainer for us! Our daughter, who is now 18 has been enjoying the experience for going on 10 years! Always ordered from the regular menu and enjoyed every bit of it. We have always in invited our friends to join us and never have any of them say they would rather eat in the MDR. Worth every penny to us all. We have had good, better and excellent experiences, but never regretted going there. If your son likes steak, and an enjoyable meal, he will love the experience. Take him and enjoy the meal! Pay the extra and allow him to order anything he wants. I am certain you won’t regret it.
  7. Unless it has changed, this is not true. Simply call room service and order any bottle of liquor you want. I called and ordered a bottle of Crown several cruises ago, and within 15-20 minutes, they were knocking on the door. Charged to your on board account. If you but the liquor in the on board shops at the cheaper price, you don't get it until the last night, or debarkation morning.
  8. In our experience, sail away parties are not what they used to be. When we first started cruising, we loved sail away on the open decks, but lately, they are not as fun. Unless thing have changed since June don't expect "calypso" music, or Caribbean music, as it will be a DJ blaring his choice of dance music, which will likely be at twice the needed level and mostly rap and hip-hop music. (I am not opposed to either, but at the volume level they play it, it is not a fun place for us) The cruise director and staff will be trting to get people dancing, and they will have the obligatory line dances that lots of people will join. I feel like they should have the steel drums, or a Caribbean Band playing, mostly to set the mood for the cruise. If I could change one thing about Carnival, it would be to eliminate the DJ's and bring back the Caribbean Bands and steel drums. They are moving a little in that direction so one can hope.
  9. Thanks so much. That worked. After several calls and many tries nothing they suggested worked, but that did!!
  10. We are frequent cruisers with many lines, but without fail, RCL has the worst website. Why can they not get a person’s status and personal information right? Our last cruise on Royal was June 2018, which made us Diamond. When logging in more than a year later, it shows the last cruise, but still lists us as Emerald status. I have called them several times and they recommend refreshing my browser, telling me to try again in a few days, but nothing has changed! Our TA says when she looks at our C&A numbers it shows us as Diamond. No matter the computer we use, it’s the same. Has anyone else had this issue and what was the resolution?
  11. The excursion desk is normally not open until later in the day, I have always went to GS, and they signed me up and printed the tix. They have started taking up to two groups per cruise if there is enough demand. The group size is a max of 16, or it has been in our experience.
  12. As has been stated, it is either $95 or $99/person. Totally worth it to us. It takes place on the last sea day. You will meet in the Steakhouse early that morning (8am?) and start there. Closed toed shoes, no cell phones or cameras. You will be searched and security will use a wand on you prior to beginning the tour. I have done it on the Magic once and on the Breeze twice. (Daughter, father in law and then a friend accompanied me). Go to Guest Services on embarkation day and sign up. Don’t wait, it may be sold out.
  13. We had a very similar issue 2 cruises ago. A family friend booked a cruise for him and a lady acquaintance. Prior to the cruise, the relationship soured and she did not go. We simply told them at embarkation that she didn’t show, and her port fees and taxes were refunded. They had not pre purchased cheers, so he had to go to guest services and say she was a no show so that only he could purchase cheers. They confirmed that she did not check in and allowed him to purchase cheers as a single cruiser. Everything else was smooth as silk....
  14. Carnival calls on LaRomana and Amber Cove (Puerto Plata), two completely different ports. LaRomana is a horrible port which should be removed, we did not exit the ship at that armpit of DR! Had friends that took an excursion and were almost lured into a scary situation while on a boat tour. The thugs dressed like the tour operators and tried to get them to take a wrong turn, which could have gotten ugly fast! Heard too many bad things about LaRomana, and will try to avoid at all costs, but as long as Carnival is making $$, they will continue to go.
  15. I won’t say it’s nickel and diming, but they certainly removed a very popular free venue which we enjoyed to add a “for fee” venue that we will never use. But it won’t keep us from booking Carnival. I can only hope they lose money on this, and replace it with something useful!
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