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  1. OC today for lunch today he promised to make us something special for DH's allergies...can't wait to see what he comes up with!
  2. Oh my...all I can say is Arthur is FANTASTIC just as you said!
  3. Thanks! We made to to Orlando and board the Divina tomorrow! We will definitely try for Kunal and Paris! Looking forward to meeting the famous Arthur! Are you going to do a formal review?
  4. Thanks for that...I was worried for a second 😊
  5. Haha..I answered my own question! I just checked MSC website and they changed the wording from "taken 48 hours before departure" to "taken within 2 days of departure."
  6. Hey Dex! Question for you about the covid test 48 hour timing. Are they strict on the time we test 2 days before...ie boarding at 1pm, but test 2 days before at 11 am? Also, does MSC test pre boarding at the pier? Hope you are having a blast!
  7. ⚓ Hope your last night aboard the Meraviglia is a great one! On to the Divina soon for you guys. How does it feel to be back to cruising?
  8. Oh...too bad we will miss you on the Divina! What other cruises do you have booked in the future? We have a B2B NCL Bliss in April. Thanks for the tips you gave. There is one RS still available (16008) on our cruise. The upgrade bid is higher than booking outright. I keep toying with booking it, but not sure we really NEED it, lol. Hope you are having a blast!
  9. Yes...I am here! Fun to be back on CC again. Glad I saw you were cruising this week. Are your kiddos onboard with you and DW? So fun to be in the RS😉 We will be on the Divina on Oct 3. First time on this ship. Would love your "secrets", lol. We grabbed one of the YC Deluxe square suites! Sure hope your week goes by super slooooow for you 😁
  10. Bon Voyage! Hope you have a fantastic time. Looking forward to your photos😊
  11. Just talked to MSC and no shuttle transports until November,lol
  12. Hey Dex! First cruise back after all of your cancellations? Hope it's a blast! We are going on Divina for the first time in October. Any tips for the YC? Also, do you happen to know if MSC has a transfer from MCO to the port?
  13. WOW WOW WOW!!!!! You may have company on this one 🤗
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