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  1. We HAD a btb on Apex for May 3rd and 10th with r/t flights thru Celebrity on AA. The day after X cancelled them, that was on March 24th, we opted for the refunds. * Airfare was completely refunded on April 19th. * May 3rd trip was refunded on May 3rd, but short $423.00, however that was covered on May 6th. (4 separate refunds all together) * May 10th cruise was refunded May 6th but is still short $1,200 out of $6,600. (4 separate refunds, so far) I never called or emailed Celebrity for updates. One other tidbit - The May 3rd trip was booked
  2. Just received our May 3rd Apex Norway refund except for the port taxes and fees. Maybe our Apex May 10th trip will show up next week. 😳
  3. Reading thru these recent comments does get you wondering what is really going on. I cancelled our BTB Apex cruises the day after they extended their cruise cancellations thru May 12th asking for the refunds. Counting the flights thru Celebrity I have $21K "hanging out there". The anxiety is ramping up but I'll give them another 10-14 days before I take it to the CC bank. 😞
  4. Having endured both The North Sea and The Tasman Sea during their uglier days, (2 days each time BTB) on Equinox and Solstice, I can honestly say these Solstice Class ships beat anything I've experienced when it come to "rocking and rolling". I wish I could find my video taken from the Sky Observation Lounge of the ship's bow crushing 35 footers while crossing The Tasman. You'd thought it was the dead of winter but it was only a week after their 1st day of summer.
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