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  1. FWIW, we were on the Horizon 7/18 sailing ( 1st ship to visit Bimini. ) We got off the ship(which is already docked in Resorts World) hopped on the tram to stop #3 which is Beach 360. No admission charge. We didn't inquire about chairs and umbrella but they were available to rent. This spot is the exact place that they are selling as an excursion for $64 per couple which nets you an umbrella 2 chairs and a watered down Bahama Mama.. We were more than happy to put out a towel on the sand to sit on, but spent the better part of 4 hrs in the water anyway. Some folks we knew from the ship paid for their spots and left early and gave us their chairs and we still didnt even use them. There is a restaurant right there along with bathroom. The food was costly. We got some wings and quesadillas with 2 cokes for like $50+ with tip. The water was phenomenal and the sand was soft and pure white. (better than Destin and if you've been there, you know what its like there. My vote, go check it out and make it a beach day. The tram was right there when we were ready to head back, as it swings around roughly every 20 minutes.
  2. Yes, they are The blackjack tables are all automatic shufflers.
  3. We just got off the Horizon at 70% capacity and never had trouble finding loungers. That being said we always hang by the aft pool. Main pool seemed to have spots too though
  4. The stingrays just came in off the beach. Vaccinated simply had to show proof(vax cards). And the new muster is awesome? Simply go to muster station and they scan your sail and sign card then show you how to put on your life vest,
  5. Other than it being slow, I was able to stay in touch back home, check emails as needed as well as play on cruise critic while lounging up on serenity area. It never felt crowded except late night pizza runs, lol. Anytime fining was never more than 5-10 mins. Specialty restaurants were available and chairs ez to find on deck except for sea day # 2 when they decided to paint the aft pool. I was told it was scheduled maintenance, but damn weren’t they not sailing for over a year???
  6. There were, but we did a Lyft which was 18 to the airport… BTW, we did go to Bimini as our 3rd port, and had a great beach day. Just leave the shop , hop onto the tram, and exit at 3rd stop. Totally free. You can rent chairs and umbrella although I didn’t get price. It is beach 360 , which they sell as an excursion onboard. But we wound up there for free, and spent the day in the water anyway, there is a restaurant there. Quesadillas, jerk wings and 2 cokes for $48 including tip. Highlight of the day, was having to stingrays come visit us while swimming in the water. Awesome day, so happy we decided to get off the ship and visit this new port.
  7. Thanks. We certainly are. We had 2775 on board which they said was 70%.
  8. If you turn platinum during the cruise that you are booked on you automatically have those benefits available to you on day one. That being said there is no priority embarkation for platinum. Them allowing you to check in two days ahead of the general population will allow you an earlier arrival time to the pier.
  9. It is single row. They were sold out today, luckily we weren’t wanting one
  10. the night club shares the comedy club. They move the DJ to various areas of the ship, but there’s no dedicated “club” like on most ships Internet is Definitely not super fast, but for emails, and iMessages/FaceTime, it’s money we’ll spent IMO. crowds definitely not bad for main shows. Comedy shows for sure arrive early. What’s good is on several nights they have had comedy in the main lounge. off to Half Moon Cay…
  11. Cleaning like crazy for sure. Lido deck between guys, pizza, the deli plus lido buffet, everything other than the pasta with red sauce(tasted like ragu or fat sauce…sorry ragu fans). Has been great.
  12. Yes indeed. And I am for sure in airplane mode, so I know there won’t be surprises later 😎 and in between posts, we enjoyed pasta at cucina capitano which is free at lunchtime as is Mongolian wok.
  13. We had checked all luggage, but all passenger areas were blocked off til they announced they were ready. $20 was for zip line. There’s no ride over to Amber, you just walk off the ship and walk the pier.
  14. There are plenty of bar servers. You should have no problem. That being said, it is reduced capacity now, and these folks are hustling since we have been out of work for 15 months,
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