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  1. Good evening, fellow travelers.... Does anybody know anything about possible mah jongg games aboard the Eurodam? (or other Holland America ships.) My wife will be taking an eastern Caribbean cruise on Dec. 11th, 2010, and she would be very interested in any details concerning the above. (I will be holding court in the casino!) Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Yank.
  2. Good evening, fellow travelers.... My wife and I have signed up for a number of Crystal excursions on the Rome to London route and I was wondering about the following... 1. Would Crystal be able to pack a light breakfast or lunch for two if they are given enough lead time to prepare? Would there be a charge for such a service? 2. Being fond of dark roast coffee, I was wondering if the ship provides a coffee "to go" service for passengers leaving the ship for an excursion. Thanks for the feed-back! Yank. (A fellow who loves his "creature comforts!")
  3. Yank

    Poker Question

    Does anybody have any idea what "Ultimate Texas Hold 'Em" (one of the poker games played in the casino) means? I was wondering if Crystal is referring to the regular version of Texas Hold 'Em, or if this might be some new shipboard game that I am not aware of. Thanks for your input, fellow travelers! Best regards, Yank
  4. Hello again, Danny... My wife (Patricia) and I will be doing a back-to-back cruise and joining your group on June 2nd. As a reminder, we live in Austin. Sounds like we might have some fellow Lone Star passengers onboard. In any case, I'm sure we will meet plenty of wonderful folks. Glad to know we will have some single ladies joining us. Ouch! (My wife just punched me!) Be well, Yank. (a/k/a Steve)
  5. Yank

    London Tour Guides

    Happy New Year, Fellow Travelers.... Does anyone know of a tour guide that I could contact for a full day guided trip around London? If you might know what sights are generally included and a rough idea of the cost, that would also be quite helpful. Thanks! Yank.
  6. Yank

    Rome to port via taxi

    Thanks for the info, Mr. Buster Rob.... Just one question... you mentioned that you have taken Crystal's R/T transfer, but where is this listed? I did not find any regular excursions listed and was wondering where one would sign up for this transfer. Is this arrangement made by the ship? Thanks again, Yank.
  7. Yank

    Rome to port via taxi

    The ride from ship to Rome seems easy enough by taxi, but what about the return trip? Must passengers use a specific company? Where do we arrange to be picked up? Does anyone know if a return can be arranged with the same driver? If there is a central taxi area for port trips I would like to know where it might be. Perhaps a limo company would be more reliable? Any input would be greatly appreciated. One more question: Does Crystal ever provide complimentary transfers to Rome if passengers are taking a back-to-back voyage? Yank.
  8. Danny... Thanks for getting back to us about "Share The Experience." However, I did contact "Juneknee" first & she has agreed to sponsor us. I do, however, look forward to meeting you on board. Always good to have a fellow Texan in the group. (I also have two children living in Austin & attending graduate school!) Take care, and thanks for your great input. Yank.
  9. Good evening, Keith.... In answer to your question, I went on the romecabs.com website and looked under "transfers to and from port." The fee for up to 2 people was listed at 130 euros, which with tip, came out to roughly $185 one way. This would be for a transfer only, with no guided trip involved. Please let me know if I miscalculated, as I am still trying to figure out the best way to get back and forth to Rome without taking a full day tour. Thanks! Yank.
  10. Good morning, fellow members. (And Merry Christmas to all!) I just need a little clarification on one point.... would it be around $185 (for two people) each way? (Which would be about $400 plus tip.) If so, it might be wiser to consider a full day tour, which appears to average about $450 Euros, with both Romecabs and LimoinItaly. And since I'm asking, does anyone know if half-day tours of Rome are available? Thanks in advance for your input! By the way, any fellow Austinites going on either 0211 or 0212? Yank.
  11. Yank

    Athens to Rome, May 21, 2010

    Thanks for the great suggestion regarding the train. I will look into it shortly. If you can find the name of that tour guide who specializes in Vatican tours I will certainly contact them. I hope your daughter loves Austin. (We have two daughters, both attending St. Edward's University, who also live here!) Again, I appreciate your input! Yank.
  12. Yank

    Athens to Rome, May 21, 2010

    Good afternoon! Thanks so much for your quick response to my inquiry. I have just registered for the "Meet & Mingle" and we also look forward to meeting you! Since this is my first Crystal cruise, I am not sure what a sponsor means, nor do I know what "Share The Experience" involves. Perhaps you might explain. Look forward to chatting with you further. Yank.
  13. Well, as soon as I finished my very first posting I thought of one more question! (I'm sure there will be more!) Does anyone know if they offer any Texas Hold 'Em tournaments onboard the Symphony during the "days at sea?" If so, I would love to know some details.... such as when play usually begins, the typical "buy in," and whether players can come and go as they please. I will be doing a back-to-back starting on May 21, 2010, (beginning in Athens) and would appreciate any feedback. Yank.
  14. My wife and I are booked on back-to-back cruises (sailings 0211 and 0212) but I cannot find any shore excursion listed for Rome. (which is where the second leg begins.) Does anyone have any information about a Rome excursion for folks doing the back-to-back? Can anybody recommend a reliable tour guide who might be available? I assume that the cruise line will provide a transfer to Rome from the port, but any input is more than welcome. This will be our first Crystal Cruise (we are frequent Windstar travelers) and cannot wait to become "Crystalized!" Yank.