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  1. So, you never have to take the scooter apart at the gate? Just fold the tiller? The go go sport is the one I am considering but wasn't sure about getting to a plane with it.
  2. Are there any cruises to Alaska under 7 days? Haven't been able to find any. Everything seems to be 7 days at a minimum.
  3. My friend and I have never had a problem getting a table for just the two of us. We always do "your time dining"
  4. I always bring an over-the-door shoe holder with clear pockets for the bathroom door. The bathrooms have very little counter/shelf space and I can put all of my toiletries in the pocket ,easily viewable and reachable, out of the way. The shoe holder folds up and takes very little room in my luggage.
  5. Did you research ahead or do anything in particular to make sure the excursions would be accessible?
  6. Years ago I booked directly with the park. Might try that route
  7. Thank you for the reply. So one would need to physically stand and lift it through some cabin doors? If so, that is not going to be feasible in my husband's situation if I were not with him.
  8. Oh, was just asking in general. I cruise all different ships, mostly Carnival and RC
  9. Does this scooter fit through the doors on non-handicap cabins? Have you used it on grass terrain?
  10. Can anyone comment on scooters fitting through non-handicap cabin doors? Is this something that has to be carefully looked at when choosing a scooter?
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