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  1. It depends on the company. I would say 2 1/2 hours is a good average. However, on my last one on Mariner last month, we were there for a full 4 hours.
  2. My pick would be Odyssey. 1 more day is always good. Personally, I have found the pace on the Quantum Class to be better than the Oasis Class. I kind of feel like there's TOO much on the Oasis class going on at once and 7 nights is not enough.
  3. Doesn't the spa sell product that is supposedly pretty good. I had an ex who bought a LOT of stuff there. Fortunately, her card was the one on record for the room expense account. Ironically, it was also on the Jewel, which is a sister ship of the Serenade.
  4. I sailed last month on Mariner. It was only a 3 night cruise, but they only gave me 6 points. When i called C&A, they fixed it while I was on the line. I refreshed my account and the 12 points appeared. I sailed on Sept 24th.
  5. I made reservations onboard when i found out i had My time, but given that they were on lower capacity, I don't think it was necessary. Unbeknownst to me, they also made my first reservation at 8. But only the first one. As i said, it was only 3 nights, and 1 night, i went to Chef's Table.
  6. I was on Mariner a couple weeks ago. I had confirmed late seating dining before i left. When I boarded and got my seapass card. I noticed it said "My Time Dining" and went to the MDR to fix. They told me that Late seating dining had been removed due to low capacity and I was relegated to My Time dining. This is my cruise compass onboard. I noticed now that there is late seating for "everyone" but not vaccinated folks, which is..pretty much everyone above 12. It was only 3 days and I always said I've wanted to try My time, but meh, didn't like it. Here's hoping that my next cruise will have late seating.
  7. You probably will not be able to make voice to voice phone call over surf easily. Surf and Stream is already slow coupled with huge ping times. Oasis has the new system so its "better", but only from what it was. Facebook and web surfing will be available albeit slow. If you're looking to save a couple bucks, you could do it here, but the frustration over the already slow system coupled by a further throttled systems using just Surf will probably not be worth the money you saved. However, that's up to you. I've also noticed that with the slow speeds, some sites (like Cruise critic) tend to glitch. Can't speak for other sites, and this is with Surf and Stream.
  8. I was on Mariner two weeks ago. It appears you can only make reservations for the Escape room when onboard. There were very limited spaces, but then again, I was on a 3 night cruise that had no sea days. I think that by itself limited the number of reservations available. When i looked on day 2, all the reservations were gone (out of 3). Activities on board felt a little light, but then again, activities on board has always been light on a port visit. When i was on Anthem in 2016, we had to make reservations onboard as well. We got the reservation, but only by making it as soon as our RC app connected with the wifi when we boarded.
  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that!! Not that it mattered.
  10. Nice! I heard people getting discounts onboard because not enough suckers like me book early because we're neurotic about it being sold out and having it on a specific date. I should learn by now. No, this was around the time the unlimited dining started. I liked the idea of the discount with the UDP, but at the time, there wasn't enough specialty restaurants on the ships i was going on to make it worth my while. I can't remember when that was.
  11. Didn't they used to offer you 40% off Chef's Table if you had the unlimited dining package? The only reason I haven't gotten the unlimited dining package is because I will always do Chef's table which actually kind of devalues the unlimited dining package by a meal i will still have to pay for.
  12. I got off the Mariner last Monday. Coco Beach Club was offered prior to the cruise at about 87 but then went up to about 95 just before locking. Also, no one mentioned this. You can get funnel cake at the Snack Shack next to Oasis Lagoon!!! Its complimentary! I think I'm the only one that's excited about funnel cake.
  13. @jam19872016 Didn't you just get off the Mariner last week? Too bad I didn't get to catch up to you. 3 nights is like a whirlwind.
  14. The next cruise for her is October 29th out of Galveston, I think. We had bets on whether or not it would get an amplification, but sailing to Brest, means less time in drydock as opposed to staying in Bahamas. I *think* it takes about 10 days to traverse between Brest and Galveston, so she should leave around the 19th ish...
  15. You would think so, but no. We did it on the Allure. They had it on the second floor of the Diamond Lounge. At 6:30. What's going on at 6:30? The Diamond Happy Hour. It was loud until the end at 8. You're right that on the Voyager class, they have it on the landing between deck 4 and 5 of the dining room, but on Mariner last Saturday, because of reduced capacity, noise level was minimal. It was awesome.
  16. I did it on Saturday night on the Mariner. I did note that it was the same menu as when I was on Allure in 2019. This I linked page 4 of my live thread that has the menu and food photos. If it defaults to page 1, go to page 4, and its the first message i think. I did it on Anthem and they have a room in Chops where Chef's table is held. Also, when i was on Grandeur, I did it with my sister in law who has a host of allergies (peanuts, tree nuts, strawberries, glutten, and that's off the top of my head, she has more). And the Chef took it as a challenge and gave her one of the most memorable dinners ever.
  17. One more major thing to add. Onboard Safety I felt totally safe onboard. Even though every one 12 and older had to be vaccinated, there is still a separation of vaccinated and everyone events. MDR seating is separated. If you are a fully vaccinated party, you ate on deck 3. If you had any children who were unvaccinated, you ate on deck 4. Same thing with the main theater. Vaccinated on deck 3. Unvaccinated on deck 4. The events and activities throughout the ship were marked *E* for everyone or *V* for vaccinated. Because of this, I feel more safe here than I am at home. I live in Maryland. My county as of today is 67% fully vaccinated, on board, at least 95% fully vaccinated. The mask thing is a little annoying, but ya know, its what we have to live with these days.
  18. Final Thoughts and review of September 24th's 3 night cruise on Mariner of the Seas visiting Nassau and Cococay, Bahamas. Universal's Halloween Haunted Nights. I count this as my major excursion pre-cruise. If you don't like crowds, avoid this. If you don't like getting scared, or scary movies and theme. Avoid this. But if you like them, this IS the premier event. It is not cheap. But it is worth the expense. This blows every event I've ever been to out of the water in terms of production value and quality. The planning that must go into these houses every year is insane. Its WAY more than just some guy in a costume scaring the heck out of you. Safety. Meh. It may not have been full capacity for the Park and ride times showed it, but that's due to the amazing crew here that process people, not the lack of people. Its still crowded. Masks are "strongly encouraged" but they take no enforcement of it. Kids running around unmasked worry me, but its not my kids. I masked up going into the houses and in line, but a lot of people didn't. Embarkation: 45 minutes is a longer time than I'm used to. However, given the new protocols, I will not fault the port for this. Given what they are doing, its downright amazing. The line was moving, but everyone had to double and triple check more documentation before you even get to check in. This primarily made me feel safe for the entire cruise. Food: This is always subjective. But my impressions. I did not like being dumped into My Time Dining. I'm glad this happened now, but now having tried it, i can definitely say...I do not like it. I don't like messing with reservations. I don't like not having the same guys, even though we requested it and got it. It just seems too much for me. I get that if you have kids or have unpredictability, it might work for you. But for me. I don't like it. Give me a set dining time and the same guys each time without thinking. MDR. There is nothing new about this. Its the same menu they've had for years. Some of it is good, and some of it is okay. By this point in my cruise career, I know what i like and I know what i avoid. What I got was great. Other than Chef's Table, no other specialty restaurants were tried. I kind of wanted to try Jamie's but my friend's never been on a Royal before, so i didn't want to spoil her totally. We did Chef's Table. Chef's Table. Still the amazing experience as always. My *only* issue with it is that it was the same menu as I had in 2019, and probably the same wine pairing as well (i will have to look it up). I remember Conundrum, but i'm not a big wine person, so that's a blank. If you're on the fence about doing it. DOOOOOOO ITTTT!!! I've had some highs and lows with Chef's Table, but i have NEVER been disappointed with the food. See my Allure review for the issues as that's when it happened. Also, attitude helps. This crew made the dinner an amazing exeperience. Activities: I'm a little dismayed here. Not as much as I would like, but granted, we had no sea days, so usually on port days, the ship has a paired down schedule. This is why i like sea days. Sea days is when you connect with people. I met some great people on the first day, but with two port days, i never got to see them again. I didn't try the water slide, but I looked at it, and it looked kind of tame to me. I told this funny story to my friend while we were at Universal. You can plop me on a roller coaster that has a 300-400 foot drop, 90mph, multiple inversions and high g turns with airtime, I'll be like LETS GO!!! Then we come to Jurrassic Park, maybe a 45 foot drop but you will probably get wet...I'm like ...eeeeh, let me think about it... For the record, I did do the Jurrasic Park Ride. Same here. I didn't get the drive to try it. If i was on this ship for 7 nights, I probably would have found time. But with so little time, i skipped it. Internet: This was pretty good, but i suspect its good because we're at 1/2 capacity. Usually, I complain like hell about it, but despite it being slow, it was actually consistent. But oddly enough, each cruise is unique as @jam19872016 reported the week before that it was inconsistent. Entertainment: I saw the ice show and the welcome aboard show. I saw Marcello, the cruise director that one time at the welcome aboard show. ..and then never again. I don't think i saw him at the Ice show. Granted, it was a whirlwind of action with ports and stuff, so that's understandable. I would not have been able to pick him out in a line-up. Ports: Nassau. I was about to go out Nassau and explore...and then that storm rolled in at about noon after lunch. Then i took a nap and next thing i know, it was time for dinner. I've been to Nassau before, so I'm not fussed I missed it. Cococay. I'm not a fan. I'm not big on their private island stuff. I don't care much for the activities. I *might* be interested in the waterslides, but at 90 bucks they wanted to charge, i'm not that interested. As I noted before. Funnel Cake is available complimentary at Snack Shack!!! Debarkation. 7 and a 1/2 minutes ship to door? Thanks facial recognition. With this, i'm now thinking what did those Immigrations guys do before? So, what do i think. 3 days is too short. Its not even 72 hours (you're on at 1:00 and your off at 9:00). That's closer to 68 hours of cruising. And the parking charges you for 4 days...and then does the same thing with the next guy. I don't think i will ever do another short cruise like this again unless special circumstances provide. Here, 3 reasons. I was already in FL. The price was amazing and I got 12 points. (pending). However, the cruise itself was great. 1600 people onboard. Amazing service everywhere. Low capacity. Never really waited for an elevator. It felt longer, and rushed at the same time. Does that make sense? Couple of other things. Economy Car Rental. USE AT YOUR OWN PERIL. Yeah, i paid 14 bucks for the car. But if they can tag you somehow, they will. I was there for 2 hours. If i had read the reviews before booking, I would not have booked with them. There was 3 people in front of me in line. There was sooooo much administrative things and they were so slow about it. I rented a car from the legacy agencies and was in the car in 15 minutes at most. Here, they just drag everything out. At least when i turned the car in, the shuttle was already there. If you can rent from the airport, do that. It costs more, but your time maybe more valuable. Live threads. I couldn't find my live threads from 2018 with the search. So my future ones like this one will tag my live threads so i can find them later. This is how i relive my own cruises. So that's it. Thank you everyone for riding along with me. Next trip is the first Brilliance revenue cruise fate willing. December 16th. 79 days and counting...
  19. I have made it home. It was quite an adventure visiting Halloween Haunted Nights and the cruise on the Mariner of the Seas. I will take the night and return with my final thoughts as I’m exhausted from the travel. I am deeply humbled by 6000+ views on a simple 3 night to Nassau and Cococay. Thank you for tuning in.
  20. Made it down to Cocoa Beach. Found this Of course i got Key Lime Pie And this gem Its actually not bad despite the name
  21. My guess is that in vaccinated venues, they are more relaxed. They separate vaccinated and non vaccinated. Like the entire 3rd deck of the dining room was vaccinated only (adults only) and the theater was the same way.
  22. My friend had to bail on me early. I have a 6:50 flight. So what to do. I decided to rent a car. It cost 14 bucks?!?! for a midsize. I added the surcharge of $10.00 that includes tolls which i figured i will need. Economy rent a car. They are seriously slow and you get what you pay for. It took me almost 2 hours after prebooking it on Travelocity. I got a Hyundai Elantra. Its got dings and scratches on it which they know about. The car has 78K miles. But its cheap. So i’m wandering around. Then i realize i wanted something i can’t get at home. Yup White Castle!!!
  23. Its the snack shack next to the oasis lagoon. I don’t know of another one
  24. Back in the real world. Ship to door time is impressive. This is a new record but with lower capacity, the don’t think this should count. But with the facial recognition system, there’s no talking to a immigration agent. Vancouver did this as well.
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