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  1. Logistically - where are they going to get enough tests? We waited in line for five hours this week; the testing site closed when it reached 500. Our results will be in within 5 days. It would be a boondoggle!
  2. So what do they consider a "severe chronic" medical condition? It would be helpful to have that defined. It would also help to know if it applies when those conditions are controlled by medication. As long as ALL passengers who have a "severe chronic" medical condition are required to submit a doctors' letter, I can accept this. To limit it to the over 70s comes close to discrimination. I understand that a larger % of COVID patients are over 70, but we are now seeing more and more at younger ages. If the goal is to target groups where medical problems might exist, then be more inclusive
  3. So if I am over 70 and in good health because my blood pressure, cholesterol and or diabetes are controlled by medication [which I bring with me!], does that mean I will not be able to cruise in the future?
  4. Thanks for the update. We were on the last sailing of the Zuiderdam before this hit, getting off in FLL on March 18. We were lucky - no sign of the virus, but the crew really worked hard to make sure of that. Dinner here - a old fashioned New England boiled dinner! Corned beef and carrots in the crock pot, adding the cabbage later. I'll be making gingerbread and lemon sauce to finish it off - our 52nd anniversary celebration, just the two of us! No family this time!
  5. We got off Zuiderdam on March 18, the last group of passengers she had before the shut down. The crew was outstanding and were making the best of the situation, but you could tell they were anxious.
  6. We just got of Zuiderdam. Several of the people we talked to, including ourselves, increased the tips we left for the waiters and stewards, recognizing that their tip income was going to diminish greatly. It was a small thing for only a few people, but we did what we could.
  7. We just got off Zuiderdam. According to several crew members, this is what may/will be happening: The ship is due to be sanitized, then will sail to the Bahamas for 10 days; return to Ft. Lauderdale for restocking and back to the Bahamas. The crew must stay on board the whole time, except for one day when the ship will go to Half Moon Cay and the crew will have the island to themselves. Crew members will have assigned duties fro several hours a day; otherwise, the ship has organized activities [like Spanish classes, swim lessons] which they can participate in. They will have the run
  8. HAL Panama Canal partial transit on Zuiderdam, leaving this Sunday from Ft. Lauderdale. I called about Club Orange and my HAL rep got me a free [yep, I said free] upgrade to a Signature Suite. The following day we got the upsell offer to the full Neptune Suite. Since that price was close to the Club Orange price we were already considering, we took it.
  9. I don't know if it's coronavirus related, but we got a 2 step increase [veranda -> signature suite -> Neptune suite] for $299/person, so we took it!
  10. The website was being cranky, but I was able to call Ship Services and they set it up. Thanks your your help.
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