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  1. The thermal pool is a wonderful things for aches and joint pain! I just purchased a one week pass online to make sure I had it available to me when I'm on our upcoming cruise. HAL says that the amount of people they sell it to is limited, so I do purchase ahead of time to make sure I have the thermal pass. Not sure if that is just a "Marketing" ploy to say that space is limited in order to entice us to purchase prior to sailing, but I don't want to take any chances of missing out on that wonderful thermal pool. If you do purchase on line, the HAL website still stupidly still asks you for a time, which is as stated above in a previous post, is a glitch in the system. And yes, you can go anytime they are open and use it as many times a day as you would like.
  2. Thanks RocketMan, I would be very interested to hear about Club Orange on the NAM. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Enjoy your upcoming cruise!! 😊
  3. Glad to hear you did not have difficulty getting a table for 2 in the main dining room. I am sure the key to this is eating early as you did, which I can see we will have to do. That will make DH very happy as he loves to eat early! 🙃
  4. Thanks so much for the additional info, I will check that out. Sounds like a great way to spend the day!
  5. Where do you rent a golf cart and approximately what is the cost? That sounds like an interesting idea.
  6. Currently waitlisted for Early Dining (requested a table for 2) and I am not holding out much hope for getting early dining as booked this cruise very close to sailing date. Last time we sailed on the NA we had Anytime Dining and wanted a table for 2 and pretty much every night there was quite a long wait for seating. I guess we were “newbies” on HAL and didn’t know we should come at 5:50 😱 for dinner. So.... this time around I am trying to minimize the wait for dinner and was **considering** springing the $$ for Club Orange so that we could have dinner without a wait. Yes, I do understand that the NA does not have a dedicated restaurant like her larger sister ships and on the NA you just get a different menu for CO. But, I thought (????) if you purchased the CO deal, you would have preferred seating in the main dining room no matter what time you showed up such as between 6 and 7. When I spoke with my PCC he said that CO people have access to a concierge on board who would make these reservations for you. But I am not sure that is really the correct information that I have received. So, if there is anyone here on this board who has had experience on the NA with Club Orange, it would be great to hear from them regarding preferential or quick seating at the main dining room. Or their experience in general with Club Orange on the Niew Amsterdam. Of course, the other alternative for us is to just do specialty dining instead of CO. Anyway, just curious if there is someone who has experienced Club Orange on the Niew Amsterdam. Thanks in advance for any comments!
  7. Thanks so much for everyone’s opinion. Still trying to decide between NA and Kdam. Reading the Cruise Critic reviews of Kdam, they seem to be a mixed bag. It looks like a beautiful ship. (But I think I would miss the full promenade like the NA, as I think that is missing on the Kdam). I guess more people probably complain when writing reviews as opposed to people who had a good cruise and just choose not to review it. 😉
  8. Thanks! Good to hear. I enjoyed the NA and that was our first HAL cruise and we really enjoyed it. LOVED the therapy pool. Only problem we experienced on that NA cruise was we had anytime dining and we ALWAYS had to wait for a table in the MDR. We only wanted a table for 2 and no matter what time we went between 6 and 7 there was a wait with a beeper. ☹️
  9. Considering a future cruise on the Koningsdam but am concerned that it might “feel” more crowded as opposed to the slightly smaller NA. Sailed on the NA 1.5 years ago and did enjoy the cruise. Relaxing and never felt crowded. Sailed on several Celebrity ships and sometimes the ships felt VERY crowded. I know this is really a very subjective questions as feeling crowded can be a very personal thing. But any comments would be welcomed. Trying to decide to sail the K or just go back to the NA for a cruise. BTW, the time of the cruise would be wither October or December. And I would **think** that those times of years would not be incredibly crowded, but who knows!
  10. New to HAL and thinking of sailing on the Koningsdam but do not see a causal outdoor AFT dining location. I have sailed on Celebrity Solstice class ships and they have a lot of out door space that you can simply plop down in a chair and enjoy the scenery. At the aft of the Celebrity ship, you can eat your meal outside as the area is adjacent to the buffet. I have been looking at different websites to see if there is such a place on the Koningsdam, but I must be missing it. So.... does anyone know where your casual outside dining would be in the Koningsdam? It looks like she has a lovely promenade deck that you can walk around on, but I did not see any chairs or loungers where you could sit and enjoy the ocean view. Where would one just sit outside to enjoy the views? Other than my balcony - which I do love to do! She looks to be a beautiful ship and I like the itinerary better than the Celebrity ones to the Caribbean. So thinking of going on HAL for the first time.
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