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  1. I did try. I read that they should not harm you, but never read anywhere that they don't harm you.
  2. EVERY activity, and all food venues daily. That is what I understood from this video. That is why I started this thread.
  3. Maybe it is something that should be debated, as we are doing this to millions of school kids every day.
  4. This is what I was hoping for, but it seems Royal is shooting cruisers with a temp gun whenever they go to eat in a buffet, line up for a show, sports, or any other activity on board.
  5. Oral? In the ear? What about the scanner that you don't even know it is there?
  6. Brilliant! Thak you! Laughed so much. There is nothing more important than a good sense of humor, and you sure do possess one.
  7. I will take my own oral, hope that is accepted. Our school uses laser on all the kids. Some request wrist, but wrist isn't accurate. I really hope that we are not damaging such a sensitive area of or children's bodies. There are not supposed to be negative affects, but who is 100% sure? I would rather not take the chance of damaging someone's brain, or eyes. Also I am not attached to my Cell phone as are the majority of the world's population.
  8. Can't wait to get back cruising, but I refuse to have a laser shot into my brain multiple times every day to test for temperature. There must be another way.
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