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  1. ropomo

    Tonic Water

    Assuming it is not available on Oceania, I'm not sure how this is relevant, but thank you for the opinion.
  2. ropomo

    Tonic Water

    I am psychic and have mystical powers. Actually, your post showed up as a response at the bottom of the screen as I was typing my response to mmssnb and I thought your response was applicable to my response as well so I quoted it..
  3. ropomo

    Tonic Water

    Actually, my underlying question was whether to bring both or just bourbon. With regard to the "diet" tonic its not so much the diet aspect, but I just think it tastes better. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Simple question for in cabin beverages. Is tonic water available for stocking in the in cabin fridge for in room enjoyment of Gin & Tonics (or possibly from bars)? If so, is there any possibility of diet tonic? I assume there would be no issue with getting a glass with a few lime wedges at any bar to take back to cabin. Deciding whether to bring bourbon or gin for in cabin libations for an upcoming cruise.
  5. I echo Nippy Sweetie, we did not encounter any restroom facilities that required any payment at all.
  6. Yes, all you need is their booking number. There is an option when making the reservation to "Invite" them.
  7. There has been some discussion of "evacuation" coverage in several of the posts above. Not to be repetitive, but this is an area that you really must read the fine print. The term "evacuation" may not mean the same thing to you as it does to the insurance provider. Many travel insurance policies provide for evacuation only to the nearest "licensed" or "appropriate" facility which is not the same as being repatriated to the facility of your choice near your home (repatriation is generally provided only for your remains if you should die). As example, the link provided above for the sapphire card only refer to "evacuation" and show general descriptions and do not represent the actual contract (the term evacuation is not defined or explained). In this example, it may only provide service as I mentioned (it may be repatriation, but don't rely on generalized summaries of the coverage or assume that you know the legal definition of the term they are using). The actual insurance terms and conditions (contract) will have a definitions section that gives precise meanings of the terms used if not laid out in the coverage section of the T&C. The approach we have taken for trip insurance has been to focus on adequate medical, basic evacuation that gets us to a local facility and stabilized and cancellation coverage if desired. We have layered on MedJet which is a service, not insurance and will, once stabilized, get you and your travel companion home or to the facility of your choice. MedJet can be purchased for a single trip, annual or multi-year subscriptions and is very reasonably priced. The annual subscriptions will cover you for all travel, domestic and international that is more than 300 mile from your home during the subscription period. With this combination, you can then select a less expensive trip insurance policy and wind up with more comprehensive coverage and a lower net out of pocket cost.
  8. The cut off for online reservations for you has not passed yet. Why not log in to My Viking Journey and look for availability now and book. You can always change your mind once on board.
  9. In answer to your question regarding just picking up your luggage later, that would not be possible as you will be required to claim your luggage and pass through customs/passport control as you disembark.
  10. A lot of discussion of this in other threads, but we were on Homelands earlier this year and only had a few Euros left over from a previous trip. Spent the Euros just to get rid of them. Did not ever get any local currency or need it. Credit cards accepted everywhere, including street vendors. The only reason I would see to get any is if you want to collect some as souvenirs. Also, all tipping of guides was done in USD and always accepted with a smile.
  11. my bad, missed that 😵
  12. Just looked at the itineraries. I guess we should have gotten more info from the OP. There are two Eastern Seaboard itineraries, the Explorer and the Discovery. Only the Explorer has a call in Boston. Regardless, the info provided here should be useful to those stopping in Boston.
  13. Black arrow on map near corner
  14. Also, the shuttle stop is right where you can catch the water taxi (we did this and it worked out quite well) for a convenient trip over to see the USS Constitution (highly recommend)
  15. We were on this cruise last Oct. Gaspe - about a half mile walk to town, but a shuttle is available that runs every 30 minutes or so Halifax - docks downtown but about a half mile to areas you might be interested in. included tour was hop on hop off bus which can serve as a shuttle, which is what we did (did one lap to see area) Seguaney - again about a half mile from city center, don't remember if there was a shuttle. We only got off the ship an visited small visitor center at pier and did included excursion (show about history of region) Boston - there is a shuttle running every 30 minutes with pick up at the water front near Fannial (sp) Hall. Quebec - about a mile to town, shuttle to town every 30 minutes Montreal - walk across street NYC - somewhere in the neighborhood of 50th street on Hudson River
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