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  1. thanks, your approach sounds like a plan
  2. OK, if you insist on this approach, simply highlight your CC number right click and copy on the first time entry and then paste it (ctrl V) into the subsequent bookings. Viking has probably set it up this way because many pax may want to use a different CC for excursions or at least to provide them the option.
  3. To my knowledge, mini-bar replenishment has never been part of the package, only daily replenishment based upon your cabin category.
  4. Doesn't really need to be. If you know what you want before hand (we just make a list and pop through them, whole process for us a week or two ago took less than 5 minutes), you can load up your shopping cart in a matter of minutes and just check out once.
  5. The card you have registered with MVJ is not used for excursions. You will be prompted at check out to input a card number. Your reservations will not be secured until you have completed the check out procedure and made payment.
  6. For anyone that has participated in the Iceland Extension, approximately how long is the stop at the Blue Lagoon? We don't really have any interest in partaking in the "waters" and was wondering if there is enough to do there other than drinking at the bar (wander the grounds, etc.) to fill the time.
  7. maybe it was her!!!
  8. Sometimes it can be a bit sluggish, but we have never had any trouble connecting or checking our email. Never tried (or wanted to) streaming, but I gather you might be disappointed if you try.
  9. Also strange given how early final payments are due even when taking into account that most current cruisers are not yet affected by the new 12 month final requirement. They should know by at least 120 days out and any empty cabins booked after that would require immediate final payment.
  10. Just curious, did your wife actually create her own account? Wondering because as I recall, "signing in" was just a basic last name and cabin #, don't remember setting anything else involved. Only reason we would want two simultaneous devices with access is for a occasional text to coordinate meeting place and time if we are doing something on our own.
  11. Take reviews for what they are worth, but at least for Stockholm, the reviews on TripAdvisor and other sites for Stromma are horrendous. I have never seen such a slant towards 1 star (near 50% with 400+ reviews) and a smattering of 5 stars and the rest in between. They were bad enough that it changed my Stockholm strategy for our upcoming cruise. May be different in other ports, but I was only looking at Stockholm.
  12. I believe you have posted this in the wrong forum. You will need to start your roll call here https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcalls/?cruise_line_id=203&ship_id=993&sailing_date=202006
  13. Another tip. We are preparing for Viking Homelands the end of May. If you haven't visited the CC Northern European forum, there is a lot more specific info regarding Baltic ports there. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/116-northern-europe-amp-baltic-sea/
  14. From Vikings FAQs "Guests traveling to Russia on Viking Cruises organized shore excursions do not require a Russian Visa provided their stay does not exceed 72 hours in Russian ports, and private tours are available that do not require a separate visa. If you intend to step off the ship alone or to explore independently, you MUST obtain a visa before your cruise commences" In other words, if you book with a licensed Russian tour company you do not, if you want to grab a cab and see things on your own, you do.
  15. I would like the option to fill out the current hardcopy cruise survey either on MVJ or online. Paper surveys in this day and age just don't make sense.
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