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  1. Month to month covid19 is fluid through out the USA. Some states doing their own thing. No mandatory masks for Florida statewide yet. Arizona cases exploded. Even in New England state to state variations of protocols. If you travel to Maine self quarantine for 14 days or negative recently tested for covid19. I’m not sure we’re going to Florida this winter. Just trying to deal with reality of covid19. Loss 4 family members and friends. Another healthy 68 year old friend in California was sick for a month. I can’t see covid19 being resolved because of USA being state to state and sometimes city and counties doing and not doing proper social distancing masks testing to flatten curve.
  2. Boatyard has been our favorite for years. $20.00 each and chairs and umbrella ride back free drink and boat ride to snorkeling sea turtles and ship wreck. Crew usually are there too! Happy hour prices like 2 for $4 rum and coke’s. Only draw back no longer the Banks excellent beer. Rope swing off pier. Music. Our place in the sun for Barbados Fun. Clean bathrooms!
  3. Premier cruise lines old ship outa Port Manatee near Tampa Florida circa 1995! Old wooden tub of a ship. My very first cruise. Age 40. I thought I died and went to heaven. Great food. Pool was as small as hot tubs now! Remember eating and enjoying entertainers in small dining room. Bored to death at night. Every 2 feet another old folk. They all keep saying I looked great, my wife laughed as these people were in their 80’s plus. Needless to say 40 plus cruises and 25 years later things have progressed. Hitting golf balls off back of ship too! $$$ made of fish food. Yes skeet shooting off front of ship port side 3 for a $1 USA cash. Enjoyed it!
  4. Thanks! That’s my argument first 7 night on NCL bliss and then a 11 night celebrity reflection.
  5. Please help me out buddies? I love celebrity cruises to the point of Elite status but my wife of 42 years is now in love with NCL because of activities and dancing opportunities. Our last 2 NCL cruises 14 nights on the Bliss in February 2020 and Same for Gem for Halloween 2019 were outstanding in activities but I’m missing that Celebrity food and service. Our last 2 celebrity cruises on their Equionox and eclipse were boring but the food and service were excellent. Personally I find a silent disco fun once but a cheap way out of providing alternative to live band and dancing activities.That was in 2017 and 2018. Have activities gotten Any better on Celebrity? Any recent activities schedules would be appreciated. My wife has stated we’ll return to Celebrity and HAL when we’re older. NCL has a wonderful Sugarcane mojitos bar with live Latin music and dancing every night and dedicated comedy club and the Cavern with Beatles tribute band and packed every night. Celebrity should take notes fun is missing. We’re age 65 but active. Thanks.
  6. How much activities were going on? Zumba? Dancing. Theme parties? I love celebrity and we’re at the elite level but my wife is disappointed with activities. It’s hard to get her to go back to celebrity as she loves NCL and the activities and dancing. Please let us know if you found any activities Thanks
  7. I’m hoping to be able to cruise again only once a vaccination is actually available. I can’t see cruises again until 2021 possible in the fall. 1918 Spanish flu epidemic is being ignored. Unfortunately each state is doing its own thing. Not to mention the rest of the world. Covid19 is going to persist and re-emerge. Glad we enjoyed the bliss in February and gem last November. Age 65 and both of us have health issues that add to being vigilant. But if I was young and healthy then it would be a different story!
  8. Mask are mandatory in Massachusetts in public. High rate of deaths from covid19. Right behind New York and New Jersey. We’re not cruising until a vaccination or later. 5 friends and family have passed away from covid19. Second wave of covid19 this fall is inevitable. Stay safe and carry on!
  9. We loved the bliss a sister ship. Tons of fun. Dancing in sugar cane mojitos bar was a blast every night. Many theme parties on pool deck and in h2o bar area in back of ship. Great chicken wings in pub place. Comedian 2 each week in dedicated bar area. Beatles band in cavern. Excellent activities staff. Also activities in atrium area. If you’re into the activities nightly are happening in decks 6,7 and 8 plus pool and h2o outdoors. Elevators are tight fit seemed small but we took stairs a lot. Excellent shows and singers and bands. If you’re active it’s wonderful. Enjoyed the steak and Italian food at specialty dining. Buffet was crowded and we only went once. Observation lounge area was avoided as people were sleeping in many chairs.
  10. Asking how things are in our area? Only going out for shopping once a week. Had take out food 3 times since covid19 or March 2020. Last cruise ncl Bliss got off in NYC February 16. Feeling blessed we dodged the virus. Enjoyed Ncl gem 14 nights October 2019. Glad we enjoyed our cruise and lesson is go when you can. Now June 16, 2020.In New England each state is different. Massachusetts high covid19 rate and deaths are 3rd highest in USA. Limited openings. Take out or Outdoor only eating. Many restaurants staying closed. Mask are mandatory. New Hampshire more reopened. Maine has beaches reopened but might be for residents only. Quarantine of 14 days recommended for visiting. Connecticut a little more reopening than Mass. Rhode Island allows out of state visiting to beaches. Vermont a little different too, recent spike in covid19 cases after reopening somewhat. Relatives in Arizona were excited about lifting restrictions and now a spike in cases. More cautious now. Same thing for California. Colorado seems to be cautious. 5 relatives and friends of our family have passed due to covid19. One young friend of daughter from college has passed too age 30’s. History of 1918 Spanish flu pandemic might be repeated in USA. Second wave of covid19 this fall. Stay safe and carry on!
  11. Age and health restrictions on opening cruises could be a great way to restart. Less liability and risk. Shake out the new normal. But which Caribbean ports are going to be open. Don’t all cruises from USA except Hawaii have to visit a foreign port. Canada has closed its ports. How’s Alaska possibly without the Canadian port. Bermuda doesn’t seem interested in cruise ships yet. Hospital facility and capacity on any island is limited.
  12. Sign me up. But I’m 65 and healthy. Love to be on a ship like this. Maybe a waiver.
  13. Act of God defense works everywhere but California. Things are different in CA. When cruising restarts signing a waiver for covid19 might be a thing.
  14. A huge concern is the maintenance of ships in the ocean and being unoccupied. The salt water of the ocean causes rapid deterioration of ships. The normal full maintenance crew is lacking so deteriorating conditions are likely both Inside and out on ships. Anyone who has closed up a house or business knows this. You return from Florida from your winter escape and things are needing tons of care. Imagine the plumbing in a ship that is constantly running and being maintained. Stopping that for an extended period of time is going to cause glitches on reopening. Machines used to constantly running and being idle often have many problems on restarting. Closing my seasonal business for the winter often involved extra work getting up and running in the spring. It might take a while for restarting cruise ships to run smoothly.
  15. Hospital beds in The Caribbean are very limited. So it’s a big concern for a possible outbreak from cruise ship passengers and crew. Economic issues are being weighed versus cost of an outbreak. It can be a horrific experience on a ventilator. We know 3 friends who have passed away from covid19. One a healthy girl in her 30’s.
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