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  1. 1918 Spanish flu epidemic was 18 plus months. Even in this modern world and free society the response to covid19 is not even close to any end in sight. I just can’t see cruises returning until 2021 and it might be later in the year. If you can’t fight it on land how can you manage an enclosed ship in the ocean. History is repeating itself. Stay safe and carry on. It’s not worth the risk.
  2. Recent news articles are reporting airlines planes that are idle are experiencing problems with engines on restarting. Like cruise ships designed for constant use and maintenance sitting idle is creating problems. Many planes are parked in dry areas of the country to lower exposure to harmful environment but still having problems on restart. Same thing is likely for cruise ships in the ocean being idle. Plumbing is design for daily use. No way to maintain as usual. Point is on restarting problems will pop up with mechanical issues. Covid19 has many factors to restarting.
  3. This is the first wave of covid19 going through USA and each state is doing their own thing. Northeast was a mess and hunkered down and better now but so many deaths. Now flashpoint is Arizona California Texas and Florida still the first wave. If and when it calms down the schools are reopening and second wave will shut down the dense population states again. Unfortunately it’s inevitable. Supposed to be a clinical trials vaccine in Russia now. We might be writing off 2020 and into 2021. Wearing a mask and gloves and hunkered down. Covid19 is no joke and has taken 5 friends and relatives t
  4. Not flying anywhere. Thanks for making my point. Stay safe and carry on!
  5. Norwegian Cruise Line warned of a potential bankruptcy, saying that there’s “substantial doubt” about its ability to keep operating amid coronavirus. NCL is borrowing money to stay afloat and just issued statements about potential bankruptcy. Ships are built for running daily now shut down the mold /plumbing Failing. Effects of salt water and salt air are a recipe for disaster. Each month of lack of use accelerates the rust. Skeleton crew are only capable of so much maintenance. Where do cruise lines borrow money in another 4 to 6 months. Vaccines not possible until February not to mentio
  6. We’re social distancing wearing masks and just surviving. Age 65 high blood pressure and compromised immune system from stage 3 cancer were not going on a cruise ship anytime soon. We’re looking forward to Bermuda this fall and Europe too. Plus transatlantic and Caribbean February. Now not even sure about just going to Florida this winter. Survival is key
  7. I agree on trinity reservations and the hotel is best western plus on Dorsey rd recently renovated and the stain glass pub next door is excellent. $139 included shuttle bus ride to and from cruise plus parking and breakfast. Used it twice now. Bruce at trinity is excellent
  8. We enjoyed our land based Europe experience in October 2018 a couple of weeks in Portugal and Poland Italy then transatlantic from Barcelona to Florida. Wonderful way to recover from our experience on land. Bonus is you gaining a hour extra sleep every other day on way back. Flying out to Lisbon was first thing in the morning and we enjoyed our sleep and recover nicely there. We can’t wait to return. But for covid19 we’d be going back soon!
  9. Cruise ships are meant for constant use and maintenance. Idle ships are a waiting disaster. Anyone who has had a boat in the water knows it’s a hole to throw money in! The plumbing will rot from lack of use. Salt water and air will corrode everything. Mold is likely. Bed bugs likely. Rust is inevitable. Something that is full and running everyday and being maintained is going to rot very quickly while idle for months and months. Many older ships are going to be scrapped. Skeleton staff onboard can only do so much. Restructuring is inevitable. Financial decisions are coming soon and the future
  10. Newscasts should show horrific experience of being on a ventilator. Show how your body is affected for the rest of your life following covid19 if you recover. Lungs and heart compromised not to mention the toll on your mind. Our doctor was adamant about how terrible covid19 can be to our age 65 plus. Yet my parents age 91 and 93 are still going out for lunch with friends and won’t listen to reason. Same for our doctors parents. People are going to do what they want. Wearing a mask and social distancing is our way of life for the future ....
  11. We’re both just over 65 and love younger active people. This would be terrible. But I can understand the logic. Over 65 higher risk factors. High blood pressure and cancer survivor and compromised immune system are key factors. Surviving covid19 can compromise lungs heart and the mind. Trying to avoid the risk.
  12. Month to month covid19 is fluid through out the USA. Some states doing their own thing. No mandatory masks for Florida statewide yet. Arizona cases exploded. Even in New England state to state variations of protocols. If you travel to Maine self quarantine for 14 days or negative recently tested for covid19. I’m not sure we’re going to Florida this winter. Just trying to deal with reality of covid19. Loss 4 family members and friends. Another healthy 68 year old friend in California was sick for a month. I can’t see covid19 being resolved because of USA being state to state and sometimes city
  13. Boatyard has been our favorite for years. $20.00 each and chairs and umbrella ride back free drink and boat ride to snorkeling sea turtles and ship wreck. Crew usually are there too! Happy hour prices like 2 for $4 rum and coke’s. Only draw back no longer the Banks excellent beer. Rope swing off pier. Music. Our place in the sun for Barbados Fun. Clean bathrooms!
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