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  1. Thank you for the information in advance. We would love to see Daily activities schedule. Specifically if there is Zumba or similar. Same thing for line dancing activities by pool. My wife and I are going out for 14 nights on the Gem in October to use up expiring credits. Also who’s the cruise director. How many themed parties. Food and service quality? Enjoy your cruise experience and thanks again for any information.
  2. The Quest is the Best. You never know what a person will do. My wife got a grandma to rip off her bra in 2 seconds. Old guy gave his set of teeth. Real thong not a flip flop. Older guys pants in seconds. We’ve enjoyed many quests and even on NCL. Many first time cruisers are fun to watch. It’s a tradition that I hope continues. Get rid of silent disco that cost nothing and is a cheap way for cruise lines to say they are providing a party. From 25 years ago the midnight buffet and deck parties are all gone. Steel drum bands by the pool are mostly a distant memory. Cruise lines continue to reduce cost and charge extra fees for many things.
  3. I agree with you 100%. We’re into quantity. Rcl and Celebrity gives us diamond and elite lounge drinks at night plus laundry etc. ncl has overpriced rooms for “free perks “ plus tip charge. So it’s a personal preference. Friends of our swear by free perks
  4. Great review. We’re going this fall. Question about any Zumba or other dance classes? Many theme parties? We’re going to use up expiring credits and are hoping for activity. Many thanks for information.
  5. Clevelander on south beach is a party place. If you’re young and crazy look it up.
  6. We were just in st Martin in January 2019 maho beach was pretty much restored from hurricane. Love that island. Supposed to stop again off Gem this fall. Hopefully
  7. We did Ncl Spirit out of NYC twice first time food was just alright but we had a great time. So we booked again the next year and the food was excellent. New head chef. On RCL Grandeur food was excellent and next time not as good. RCL Anthem food was poor. I really believe in the head chef has a lot to do with the quality. A great head chef will run a tight ship and service and food quality will show. Plus every one has their own preferences. We enjoy a healthy lifestyle more than ever as we’ve aged. Health issues will do that so we are picky now.
  8. If you’re new to cruises a tip I learned a while ago is to search cruise tt website for how many ships are going to be in port with you each day. When you know ahead of time you can plan on getting off early and beat the crowds to the beach. For example on an upcoming cruise we’re going to be in st Thomas with 4 ships for a total of 14,000 passengers and crew. So we’ll be off very early for a cab to the beach and return a little earlier than usually for the crowds. Many of the other ports are only us in port.
  9. Back in my days of being 40’s I gained 10 to 15 lbs. But after returning to my physical job the weight would be gone in a week. I even bought 34”, 35” and 36” waist dress pants for a Celebrity Cruise of 14 days. The pants were maxed out by cruise end. We were at a large table with our 2 kids and the rest of the people were no shows. So the waiters keep bringing extra soup appetizers and desserts. They were killing me with kindness. Reality now age 64 I watch what I eat and sometimes don’t gain any weight. Especially when my wife and are very active on RCL cruises. I would recommend anyone younger to live it up while you are young and can loose the weight after getting back on land. When you get older that ship has sailed. A concrete business is a daily gym now retired I do yoga daily.
  10. $2.00 bills USA cash. Spread them around as you enjoy your drink package. Servers will remember you as the $2 bill guy or gal. Service will be great. I usually bring $100 in $2’s. Cash is king.
  11. Sorry I don’t. We just showed up early. We were the only ship in port. Maybe an Internet search would help you.
  12. First cruise. Premier cruise line. $1.00 skeet shooting off port side bow of ship. With a very nice shotgun. Around 1990. I was 40. Every one else twice that age. Very old mostly wooden ship. Swimming pool was so tiny about the size about current hot tubs. I was in heaven great food. And it’s only gotten better.
  13. Thanks for sharing your wonderful information. Makes me want to cruise visions again in Europe. We enjoyed the Visions transatlantic October 2018. Loved Europe. Great posts. The activities staff was fantastic especially Talita who ran the stretch and Zumba classes.
  14. Many thanks for the info. Very timely as we’re looking at 14 night on Gem this fall.
  15. We are in the same situation. Next cruise credits expiring so we are looking at the Gem out of Boston for 13 or 14 nights. We’ve enjoyed the epic and Dawn quite a few times as well as the Spirit out of NYC twice. We’ve been doing RCL lately. But looking forward to the Ncl experience. Does the Gem offer daily Zumba or similar? Are there many dancing opportunities? I know Second City is gone but are comedy stand up in it’s place?
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