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  1. OK. Hypothetically speaking I transfer $100 to my casino account. If I don't use it at the casino, can I transfer it back to my original account to use for other purchases????? Thanks Heimey
  2. I had to call to get it done. Our perks weren’t showing up on our planner yet. She said she could see we had them but they weren’t posted yet. She brought them forward so they show up and did the upgrade. heimey
  3. Hello Chippy. I just upgraded for our 8 day cruise. The total price was $96. heimey
  4. Hello again all. We are going to be on the Reflection in 5 days. I’ve searched the deck plans and can’t find a sports bar. Can anyone tell me if there’s one on this ship. thank you all for your help Heimey
  5. We are sailing next week on the Reflection. We will have the drink package while on-board. How is soda dispensed. Do they have a certain style cup or can we bring in our insulated cups for them to fill. Thank you all in Heimey
  6. Is this craft social on the reflection? thanks Heimey
  7. Hello all. My family and I are boarding the Reflection in 29 days. My son loves chicken wings. Can anyone tell me if they are offered anywhere on the ship. Not afraid to pay for them if need be. Thanks a lot in advance Heimey
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