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  1. Just checked. "There are currently no offers"😢
  2. I think he's more of a lets get to herd immunity and get on with out lives guy. IMHO And he isn't wrong.
  3. It's on my "don't forget to pack" list. We use one of the slots for receipts instead of having them scattered all over.
  4. As good as the good guys are, the bad guys are sometimes better.
  5. I read the article you linked. I just don't see this as anything new to get excited about.
  6. I am really surprised they haven't gone to this sooner as it is sure to cut down on waste and thus a savings on the bottom line.
  7. I do a mock booking then call my PVP and ask what she thinks and can she do for me. She ALWAYS comes up with a better deal or something extra I missed. She is excellent.
  8. What good is the testing? The President and everyone he comes in contact with is tested every day and he still got it. Food for thought.
  9. Very good question. Seems like there will need to be adjustments made. We always did YTD so we could talk privately and the wife could inform me how much I was allowed to drink and gamble that evening.😋
  10. I didn't read all the replies BUt I'm with the Op. It's a definite deal breaker for me. Heck, wandering around the ports is about the only exercise I get when on a cruise. Well that and 12oz curls🤳
  11. I've found the Indian casinos are almost as bad as cruise casinos.
  12. I've been around for awhile and know the ins and outs of booking online and picking rooms etc. I look at my PVP as having an insider. She often finds me better rooms, upgrades, discounts etc. Just wish we were able to share names here as she deserves recognition.
  13. There is zero chance I would cruise if masks were required. Zero!
  14. Ya know that big gold lion out in front of the MGM grand in vegas? They paid for that with my money😪
  15. Being a betting man I wouldn't put any money on any particular month. Way to many variables.
  16. Thanks, i think i just needed to be talked off the ledge😉
  17. Earlier in this thread I posted about buying an extra 100 at 32 and being happy, then bought 100 more at 25. I stopped buying out of fear and almost sold in June when it got up to 20. I'm now on the fence about dumping all but my original 100 and investing the money elsewhere. Hate to take a loss but.............
  18. In some hospitals you have to watch certain videos before the TV will work. Shouldn't be to hard for the cruise industry to figure out.
  19. $32 per person? heck, I spend that at the first bar.🍹
  20. Nice to hear some good news, even if it's not actually good news.😁
  21. I'll take some of that action.😉 I don't see how they can not extend the no sail order.
  22. One of the top things on my wife's packing list is "MY PILLOW" Just like that, in caps😁
  23. The only thing constant is change. Change and adapt.
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