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  1. Not sure, but it could well be an old photo. It looks like P and O’s Adonia,( yellow funnel) before it was sold to Azamara as Pursuit. Also having looked at Deck picture, there is a lot of AstroTurf, which Azamara had to remove. Also luggage bed cover is P and O.
  2. Cheque received today for May 2nd, 4 nighter on QM2. Cheque from Carnival House, Soton, dated 29th May. Was £11 short of total paid.
  3. UKTog, My Credit card refund said Celebrity cruises, Paris and came in two payments, cruise price and port taxes. Cruise was 5th April Pursuit.
  4. Hi Blag, When we cancelled they said 30 days. It seems they have processed it in 30 working days. Can’t fault them really, although I did criticise them for not cancelling sooner than they did.
  5. Have today received refund for our 5th April cruise on Pursuit which was cancelled by Azamara on 15th March. Requested refund same day through travel agent. Have had full amount refunded, less £10, don’t know why but not going to argue. I did book the cruise on board Pursuit last November when I also paid the deposit for my Brother and his wife. I haven’t had that refunded but as they paid the final balance it could be that Azamara will refund them. Paid back through Celebrity as was the money taken. Stay safe. Julie and Les.
  6. Grandma, they are playing at keeping our money as long as they can in the hope that we all cancel and they only have to give future cruise credits. Our 5th April cruise is still on apparently, although where it will start from and finish is anyone’s guess. Highly unlikely that we will be on it now, we are in the process of trying to cancel our weeks holiday in Orlando beforehand. Thankfully BA will let us use any monies paid towards other flights within 12 months, which has more chance of happening than us booking another Azamara cruise.
  7. Sorry, should have said, for 30days.
  8. RCL have just announced they are suspending all US sailings from midnight tonight. Presumably this will apply to Azamara?
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