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  1. Those tiny, narrow balconies on Royal class are awful! The proper balconies on the Grand class will win for me every day!
  2. I live in Potland Maine. You will likely get cold rain and some gusty wind. I doubt they will need to divert. Fall, once this far into October, is typically cold and windy here.
  3. We're just off the CB today. We actually were late leaving both Antigua and St. Maarten. About an hour late from Antigua and three hours late from St. Maarten. Both evenings it was described as "glitches" and "issues" that needed to be resolved before leaving dock. In both cases the captain kept us apprised of the work and was very professional and re-assuring.
  4. In July I did expedited for DH because he was traveling out of the country solo before our cruise. His was back in two weeks. I sent mine non-expedited at the same time and mine came back four or five days after his. I am in the northeast and went through the Philadelphia processing center.
  5. We too board on Friday and will look for this wonderful bartender!
  6. Why are you all letting this thread get you all jacked up? You do realize this was a one-time poster who has not come back to comment. Clearly this post has done what it intended, which was to create a bunch of nasty name-calling.
  7. So Snikrap, I'm surprised/puzzled by the fact that this is your first post after having been a member of CC since 2012 (per your profile). :confused: I'm even more puzzled that you didn't know about the 15% gratuity on drinks or about the daily service charge. Apparently you've now become aware of it shortly before your cruise and decided to post about it. These are the threads that I find curious. ;)
  8. We book suites, so get double credits. I don't feel the least bit guilty about reaching status more quickly, since I pay essentially double what a standard balcony or mini-suite pays. I appreciate that Princess reccognizes this appropriately.
  9. What, exactly is to be compensated for? Why is any OBC expected?
  10. Why would there be any compensation? There has been no "loss" this far out.:confused:
  11. They certainly should have some sort of obligation to the cruise line in this sort of situation.
  12. Thanks for the info Barb! In St. Lucia we may head to one of the resorts to do a day, though my DH is not a huge fan of just hanging on the beach.
  13. I hear ya Thrak. I'm always inclined to pronounce Antigua with the "u" in there and have to over-ride it. Don't want to offend locals. For the Mexico port, Princes, of course, specifies the actual town of the port stop, which makes planning so much easier. For the Caribben islands, they are much less specific on the port towns.
  14. Well aren't you kind and helpful. ;) I'm not a novice cruiser (elite on Princess) and have certainly tried to ascertain on the Princess site which town we dock in. While suggested, it wasn't explicit, which is why I asked here. I know there are Princess cruisers here who have experience in these ports, so I asked. No where did I suggest anyone was being deceptive. By the way, unhelpful and veiled nasty responses such as yours are why many novices don't come back or post again here on the Princess board.
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