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  1. I haven't watched the show, but it is common in Australia to move houses to a an area where the land value isn't as high. A new house is then built on the original block. Earlier this year the house next door to my son's house was moved from an expensive area to Russell Island where the land is very cheap.
  2. What Annastasia is saying is a logical start - everyone vaccinated; passengers from one state only; and start with short cruises within the one state. At least this would be a start. It could be viable for P&O. They had ships here that did either Aust coastal or short (7 to 9 day) cruises to nearby Pacific islands. They could be interested in having one ship here that could do coastal cruises confined to one state only. Forget the islands for a while.
  3. At least that is a start, even if it is trialling small (does she mean short?) cruises for fully vaccinated people. The mention of 'Queenslanders' indicates that she means the cruise would be restricted to Queenslanders.
  4. GUT2407 is simply reporting that overseas pax can join the Shine Lawyers class action. I am sure he doesn't work for Shine so therefore he isn't soliciting.
  5. Surely you don't resent the fact that we don't (currently) have any COVID infections in Qld?😁
  6. As to what to do on hot sea days - the interior of the ship is air-conditioned. You can get in the pool or hot tub, just don't put your head under water. That way you will avoid having the bacteria entering your ear canals. An alternative would be to use ear plugs.
  7. Yes. NZ imposed a lockdown as soon as the Delta virus was detected.
  8. That wouldn't stop a cruise from Brisbane to North Queensland - the standard coastal itinerary. If the state border is closed, it would be limited to Queenslanders only. A problem I see is whether they could find enough passengers if the ship is limited to the coastal itinerary with passengers also restricted.
  9. There was a suggestion that people who have the AZ would have a booster of an mRNA vaccine - maybe Pfizer or Moderna. People who have Pfizer as their first shot might need something else because research in Israel indicates that Pfizer give limited protection after six months.
  10. If you book either with an Australian travel agent or directly with one of the cruise lines, the pricing has to include all fees and charges. The trap is looking at prices with US travel agents. Prices in the US are advertised as the base fare only but port fees and other taxes are added later.
  11. Maybe with COVID many people prefer a balcony (or an oceanview) rather than an inside making a greater difference in price.
  12. We found that the price of an inside cabin did give us an idea of the overall pricing for the cruise and we would then check the pricing on other categories. We usually got an oceanview on a 7-night cruise on P&O for the $100 a night. BTW, we hardly ever booked at brochure price.
  13. Our benchmark a few years ago to determine if the pricing was OK, was $100 a day twin share for an inside cabin, even if we booked a different category.
  14. We usually cruised on Princess and occasionally on P&O when the price was right. I don't think prices have risen significantly. After all, we have two or three years' inflation to factor in. Maybe there aren't many 'specials' at the moment because the cruise lines don't have to offer them to fill up their ships. The cruises are too far in the future and too uncertain for them to have to do that. If people claim prices have doubled or tripled, I suggest they are not comparing 'apples with apples'. The only way to be sure is to compare brochure prices from the two time periods. I have booked a long cruise as a solo because my husband doesn't want to go. Princess charges nearly double. You 'save' the port fees that would be charged if a second person was in the cabin.
  15. Thanks for the suggestion of an anti-inflammatory. Glad your sons have been able to their their shots.
  16. She has that also. She knows the side-effects can last a couple of days. I have heard that the second Pfizer shot can result in worse side effects. If that is the case, she will probably schedule it near the end of the week so she has a few days to recover before work on Monday. That was her plan for the first shot, but when the appointment became available, she grabbed it.
  17. Thank you. I will pass that info on. She works part time but this morning she told me she re-booked the clients she had for today. They all understood. She just didn't feel she could work. I told her to 'listen to her body' and rest.
  18. My 43-year-old daughter had her Pfizer shot late yesterday. She had an appointment with a clinic around an hour's drive away for 21st September. Last week she put her name down on a wait-list with her own GP, hoping to get an earlier appointment. Yesterday afternoon they phoned to say they had a vacancy. She was absolutely delighted. This morning she is quite unwell and last night her arm was so sore she couldn't even have the doona on it. She followed the advice an Immunologist gave my sister-in-law - drink plenty of water before and after and take an antihistamine and also Panadol. Anyway, she is all up-beat because she knows these side-effects are temporary.
  19. Maybe because if the cruise line has a lot of cabins available in a particular category (not the one you booked) they might drop the price. A person who booked in a category that wasn't offered as a special deal, couldn't expect a price drop.
  20. They are probably pretty safe booking January 2023. If it was January, 2022, I would say that don't have much hope.
  21. Having done a lot of touring, I know what you mean. A slow vehicle, like a car towing a caravan, becomes more of a problem when there is a hesitant driver behind it. Like a filtration system, all the more confident drivers have overtaken the van and got away.
  22. From what I have read, you would need a booster shot earlier if you have a Pfizer vaccination, compared with the AZ. Here in Aust, not many over 60s have had Pfizer.
  23. My husband had used Efudix a couple of times, with most dramatic results. The first time he used it he went back to the doctor after a week or so because the reaction was so extreme. He was told to stop using it. I was surprised a few years later when he came home with more Efudix and said he had to use it again. A similar reaction, but maybe worse. I won't ago into the details as it would put people off their dinner. On one of these times, he was left with a swollen line under his eye socket that only reduced (somewhat) when I used some very expensive face treatment on it. I keep saying to him "NO EFUDIX".
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