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  1. We are scheduled to arrive between 2:30-3pm. Will there be anything open to get something to eat?
  2. I'm on the Edge in August. Will I be able to get off the ship on my own in St Thomas and St Maarten?
  3. Looking for a nice hotel on the water with a balcony. Any ideas?
  4. With 15K+ posts you certainly have a big mouth. You must know everything about everything!
  5. Same way I feel about car dealers!
  6. See....you don't know what your talking about. The famous artist who did the hulls for NCL was the world famous Peter Max........and he's very well connected with Park West. I've met him several times at Park West events on land. Through Park West Gallery I've had the pleasure of meeting many famous artists........and I'm sure they are not laughing at Park West as you claim.
  7. Thank Goodness cause you don't know anything about art!
  8. Have to agree with this statement. I'd rather be at an art auction than playing a trivia game. Have been on 70+ cruises, various lines.......every ship has things I don't like........I just don't go and I DON'T bust on the people who do go!
  9. Are there art auctions on the Celebrity Edge?
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